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  1. BCD

    Cook / BBQ Trailer

    Used this for a couple of years, don't have use for it anymore. Lots of storage, well built. New Tires $2500 Bryan 602-616-2214 cell
  2. BCD

    Winchester Model 1893, 12 gauge, 18" barrel

    Sent another message.
  3. BCD

    Winchester Model 1893, 12 gauge, 18" barrel

    Interested, sent you a pm
  4. BCD

    Winchester 1895 for Sale

    Interested, what is your bottom line? 700?
  5. BCD

    Satellite Phone

    Looking to rent a satellite phone for a Canadian Fishing trip. Any suggestions?
  6. BCD

    FS Winchester 1895 30-40 Carbine

    Sent message, a Friend of mine is interested.
  7. I am looking to purchase a nice pair of 15x Bino's for the upcoming season. Please let me know if have any for sale. Open to all suggestions/options. Plan on having these for many years so prefer a quality pair. Only issue with any style is the kaibab's by vortex do not fit my eyes. PM me if you have anything..
  8. BCD


    have one, sent you a PM
  9. BCD

    Found Gun

    It's with the Scottsdale PD, hopefully it gets back to the original owner.
  10. BCD

    Found Gun

    Pistol in a holster. I'm not sure what to do, I figure I will call the Game and Fish Office this morning when they open.
  11. BCD

    Found Gun

    I found a gun up North (5B) yesterday. I would like to find the owner. Please call me with the description of the firearm you lost. I would be happy to return it. 602-677-3168