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  1. AZkiller

    Card Hits!

    Somebody should wake up Punxsutawney Phil and see if he knows
  2. AZkiller


    Are you booking action? If so I’ll take $500 on 3/4 and over
  3. AZkiller

    target shooting in the desert

    You can’t target shoot between the 74 and 303 legally. It’s Peoria
  4. AZkiller


    Congratulations on the sale. You’re welcome for the bumps 😂
  5. AZkiller


    Well that would be why I don’t shop at the outdoorsman’s. Epic optics it’s $6050 shipped. No tax.
  6. AZkiller


    😂 class?!? Offering 1600 less than new purchase price for a 3 year old sight unseen product? If I at any point gave you the impression that I cared what the hero watching out for offers that he deems unworthy though, for that I apologize. Some ppls kids.
  7. AZkiller


    How do we get you to 4?
  8. AZkiller


  9. AZkiller

    Muzzleloader bullets

    Bullets are spf.
  10. AZkiller

    Muzzleloader bullets

    I have some precision rifle 50 cal bullets for sale. 2 doz 340gr 18 260gr 1 doz 175gr 2 doz 195 gr 1doz 300gr 1lb triple 7 $100 for all
  11. AZkiller

    Mule deer cape

    Hey there! Just wondering if anybody’s interested in a free mule deer cape. it’s been in my freezer since last August from a probably three year old deer in Utah. I need to make some room in my freezer.
  12. AZkiller


    You found the train station
  13. AZkiller

    Score help

    Sounds more like he needs help with finding a ram. Where is he hunting I may be available this weekend
  14. AZkiller

    Score help

  15. AZkiller

    Hunters Ed field day

    If they forget the class before or after the field day then what the heck is the point?! Just to get the point or to teach safety in the field!? The entire issue is once again the Governments fault. Should never have shut down the field days.