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  1. AZkiller

    Montana Sheep Tag goes for $440,000

    A friend of mine's son shot a 195 this year in The breaks with his bow. There is another alive similar. That's why this sold for so much. Arizona's tag was 315. There is a 185 desert that made it thru. We'll see what happens but great news for sheep!!
  2. AZkiller

    The next BIG thing?

    You can use them for hogs and other ferril game here in AZ.
  3. AZkiller

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

  4. AZkiller

    F New Mexico

    A place for a sh!tload of ingens to hitchhike.
  5. AZkiller

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

    Remember when AZ had lots of big antelope?
  6. AZkiller

    46A East?

    You can rent them
  7. AZkiller

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Ever find one of these?
  8. AZkiller

    What is it?

    DOUCHE and nozzle!
  9. AZkiller

    Hunters Not Voting

    Just voted. 1hr 15min in line. TRUMP 2020!!
  10. AZkiller

    I need a block wall qoute.

    $12 a foot? Don't think so.
  11. AZkiller

    I need a block wall qoute.

    😬 fence block? Right now that's probably gonna be $80,000
  12. AZkiller

    Corona palm tree

    I feel like this is a gag..
  13. There was a guy a while back that shot a "ram" that I don't think there was any possible way any human with a functional pre frontal cortex would mount. Maybe he has a cape from a 4yo "ram" for sale?
  14. AZkiller

    Tough archery hunt