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  1. AZkiller

    Fire pit glass where to buy

    I was at cohills yesterday and they have it as well
  2. AZkiller

    ISO Outdoorsman panhead

  3. AZkiller

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Kill them all! I've even burned them out.
  4. AZkiller

    Turkeys gobbling

    Roads are closed in 5b as well
  5. AZkiller

    Ammo Brass

    I'll take the colt ammo
  6. AZkiller

    Injured hunter willing to sell his Mexico Gould's hunt

  7. AZkiller

    Unit 9

    I drove thru 9 last month varmint calling. Just off of the roads we probably saw over 100 antelope. There everywhere.
  8. AZkiller

    Where am I?????

    Kentucky lake Tennessee.
  9. AZkiller

    Where Am I?

    You should be on Twitter. I love and respect all of our members of the military even you, we disagree with the naming of a mountain and that's OK! Really I can disagree and it's OK. If that's not OK with you pound sand. Good Day SIR!
  10. AZkiller

    Where Am I?

    Got a heck of a lot more to do with the governor that did it than the soldier that took the wrong turn.
  11. AZkiller

    Where Am I?

    Yeah I'm not for re naming things illegally because it fits the progressive Janet Napolitano narrative.. Sorry has nothing to do with Lori.
  12. AZkiller

    Where Am I?

    Nope. It is Squaw peak to me.
  13. AZkiller

    Wyoming Guided hunt advice?

    Did you get your mount back yet? How much bigger was it after the drying period?
  14. AZkiller

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?