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  1. AZkiller

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    What did I just read?
  2. AZkiller

    Are blowguns legal to hunt with in AZ?

    Hunting regulations only apply to "game animals". If you wanted to shoot a Eurasian dove with a blow gun you can. Just like you can LEGALLY bait and shoot ferril hogs here in AZ at night!
  3. AZkiller


    Didn't you have a strip tag?
  4. AZkiller


    Not sure what that means...
  5. AZkiller

    Kaibab Rifle Hunters

    Not yet but they push it hard.
  6. AZkiller

    Sheep charges

    No it sucks. You should never put in
  7. AZkiller

    Sheep charges

    Good one less person putting in. Make it 3k
  8. AZkiller

    2021 draw

    Such b.s.. 2 years in a row with no cranes. Most of these peeps don't know what is involved. They need to add tags
  9. AZkiller

    Fire behind BCC

    Lightning yesterday
  10. AZkiller

    Sunrise 3d

    How do you think it's spelled?
  11. AZkiller


    I didn't I just assumed since you were selling them 400 less than new. Ssooooorrryy!
  12. AZkiller

    Sunrise 3d

    With our money
  13. AZkiller

    Sunrise 3d

    Didn't they?
  14. AZkiller

    2021 draw

    I got an e-mail
  15. AZkiller

    Sunrise 3d

    That's Coconino. The ingins don't care bout no fire, heck they light it themselves for some OT!