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  1. Never cut anything with, carried outside, or sharpened. Had less than 2 weeks. I’ve only opened/closed on the couch to work on smoothing it. In new condition, comes with everything it came with new. Unexpected taxidermy at an expensive taxidermist came up lol. Very nice and smooth action now. Located in Morenci area
  2. stalkincoues

    Fireworks for tonight

    It’s from Joe dirt. Hilarious part to memorize lol! Here’s a link… https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=joe+dirt+firework+stand+quote+video&view=detail&mid=400F4EBBAD79917CE379400F4EBBAD79917CE379&FORM=VIRE
  3. stalkincoues

    Items found

    That’s awesome, great job! Thank you for being honest and a stand up guy. Out of curiosity how did you find his name? Was it in his GPS?
  4. Was just there. Good luck!
  5. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018224991?pid=514273 Not cheap but available, limit of 1 box.
  6. stalkincoues

    WTB pack frame for hauling meat

    https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/49 Great price here while supplies last or till like 10PM since it’s Camofire.
  7. stalkincoues

    **SOLD**Zero Tolerance Knife: Price Drop**SOLD**

    Let me know if the 0770CF falls through, I’ll take 2nds on it.
  8. stalkincoues

    WTT 8lb Keg of IMR 8133

    I have 1 unopened 8LB Keg of IMR 8133, NOT FOR SALE. ONLY looking to trade, not for sale. Will trade for any of the following… 1-unopened 8LB Keg of H1000 1-unopened 8LB Keg of Retumbo 7-unopened 1LB bottles; any combination of H1000, Retumbo, or up to 2 lbs of H4831SC Located in Morenci
  9. stalkincoues

    ***Retracted, No longer available***

    I actually wound up keeping it and built a sweet little Kitty Kat type pistol with it. Thank you though. I’ll mark the thread accordingly.
  10. Have 3 bottles of H4831, NOT SC. 2 full bottles and 1 is approx 3/4 full. Forgot to weigh on my postal scale before I came to the valley. Just trying to help a buddy get what he needs more than his H4831 Looking to trade for BH209 (bottle for bottle) or Berger 195’s, would go 3 bottles for 2 boxes. Only trades he’s looking for now. Will post up a pic later. In Surprise through Monday afternoon then back to Morenci
  11. stalkincoues

    Small rifle primers to trade for H1000 or LR/LRM

    Bump, in Surprise
  12. stalkincoues

    Stolen archery equipment

    Bummer man, hopefully you luck out and find the crooks and your bows. Have you checked with your homeowners insurance to see if they’ll cover it? You’d be surprised what they can cover. A buddy had his vehicle broken into next to his house but on his property and took his stereo, and other valuables. They gave him a payout for everything. My homeowners covers a lot, even theft at my work house out of town on my policy.
  13. stalkincoues

    Reloading dies and case prep

    I’ll take the RCBS bullet puller and 4 collets if Nitemann doesn’t