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  1. https://www.unknownmunitions.com/product/norma-brass/?attribute_cartridge=6.5-284
  2. Feel free to call or text. 62three 91o 37five3 Thanks, Christian
  3. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/84705 Great brass, good luck
  4. Bump. I found the flip caps for it that I’ll throw in. I’ll be in Surprise area for one more day through tomorrow.
  5. In Surprise through tomorrow.
  6. stalkincoues


    I’ll take the table. Can you pm me your details please. I have no use for the tripod or head.
  7. I’ll be in Surprise late tonight through Tuesday
  8. stalkincoues

    Bell and Carlson LA REM 700 Stock Tan/Black web

    It had a Remington #2 barrel in it and had plenty of room. Here are some measurements but I don’t know the actual size. If you wanted to meet up to try a barrelled action in it to see if it would fit, we could do that.