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  1. stalkincoues

    WTT H4350/Primers for SRP & SPP

    Looking to trade primers only, will not sell primers. Wanted- *1-2K of Small pistol primers (all same primers), CCI450, or CCI#41 Trade SRP’s for SRP’s only (loading for AR) with the exception of F205’s, will trade them for SPP’s. Will trade WLRP, F205, F210 for SPP’s Will only consider trading the CCI#41 once all others are traded provided I don’t trade for CCI#41 Will trade the 8lb Keg of H4350 for 6K primers, not really looking to sell it as I have a lot into it with overpricing, tax, shipping, and Hazmat (Bout $360), but if you’re in desperate need we can talk. Hopefully I didn’t make this too confusing as I already have some CCI450’s and only trading so I can have all the same SRP’s to load a bunch of .556 for consistency, 2 different primers max (450’s and 41’s). I’m in Surprise today and tomorrow only. 6239oneo37fyve3 call/text
  2. stalkincoues

    WTT:1K Fed 210 for small pistol primers

    Bump. I’ll be in the Surprise area for meet up tomorrow and Thursday.
  3. stalkincoues

    WTB compound bow 70lb@29”

    I have an 06 Hoyt Ultratec with Spiral cams and 65% let off. One of my favorite all time Hoyts. Used to be shot on league 5 spot. Holds and shoots very well. Spirals are great cams but this is my back up of my backup hunting bow lol. Brand new 60X strings and cables and only shot to tune the bow. Comes with NAP Smart Rest drop away rest and fuse 2 piece quiver. $275. Strings/cables alone were over $100 installed/tuned I’ll be in the valley next 2 days. If any interest let me know and I’ll bring the bow with me.
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    Bump it
  6. stalkincoues

    WTT:1K Fed 210 for small pistol primers

  7. stalkincoues

    Rhino Rack X-Tray large roof basket

  8. stalkincoues

    Wtb Walther p22

    I guess I’m the lucky one. I have an older Walther and don’t have any feeding issues at all. One of my favorites and incredibly accurate. Nice thing about the Walther is the barrel is threaded, with about a $30 adapter/extension you can thread a 1/2”x28 can on it. Good luck on your search, love mine.
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    WTT:1K Fed 210 for small pistol primers

  11. stalkincoues

    WTT:1K Fed 210 for small pistol primers

    Scoot it to the top
  12. stalkincoues

    Swarovski 15X56 NEU with Doubler

    I’m guessing you missed a digit there? Lol
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    ***SOLD*** Great binos. Only selling due to having a pair of Swaro 10x42 EL’s. The reason I am pricing them so low is because I scuffed up the objective (exit) lenses pretty good due to being an idiot in the past. The ocular lenses are in pretty good shape though. I took short cuts and used my shirt to wipe off lenses with dust on them. Learned a valuable lesson even though I knew better lol. I am now extra careful with my Swaros and use a lens pen with a brush first. These are owned and serviced by Swarovski. If they get sent in, they go to Swarovski of North America and they do the service work. They still are very clear and crisp as is (have had people tell me that in this condition), just used them on a hunt a couple weeks ago and found game. I have priced low so they can be sent in and have them refurbished if needed. Here is a PM from another member who sent his in a while back and had his done so there are options to use as is or like new. Either way it’s a good price.
  14. $300. Will cost over $400 with shipping and tax. Local meet up only, UPS is brutal on these large shipments so I won’t ship. Only a few Months old. Great basket and only selling because I ordered a Victory 4X4 flush mount platform system that replaces the whole factory setup that I’ll need for a roof top tent. In great shape, I’ll be keeping the traction boards and mounts for them. Rack is currently on my 4Runner and will take off upon sale. Link to Rhino Rack for more info and specs. https://www.rhinorack.com/en-us/products/roof/platforms-and-baskets/xtrays/xtray-large_rmcb02