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  1. stalkincoues

    WTB 62 cal smoothbore

    If it’s not for re-enacting, don’t limit yourself to just a Fusil or trade gun. Don’t waste your time with a kit unless they’re high quality components, ESPECIALLY the lock (Chambers, Davis, L&R). Here is my .62 cal English Fowler smoothbore (front sight only) made by tip Curtis who has unfortunately passed away. He used to sell completed rifles “In the white” that you would put a finish on yourself. Mine is not for sale but just for reference. IDK if Tip’s son is producing rifles now (possibly) continuing his father’s legacy? When I used to live in the valley, they would have a black powder club traditional muzzleloader shoot once a month at Ben Avery and another muzzleloader club would meet at Usery (maybe the same one?). I would look into those for contacts and show up and ask around. There was always someone selling or trading something or willing to. They have a NMLRA Rendevous at Ben Avery (or used to) and I met Tip Curtis there a few years back. You could also get on “Muzzleloadingforum.com” and ask or read about them. My pics are just for reference but flintlocks are a lot of fun whether shooting my .36, .45, or .62 Cal smoothie. .62 Cal smoothbore full custom pictured and one of my Javi’s.
  2. stalkincoues

    Manfroto fluid heads and tripod

    ^Hi, yes and yes for the Amvona CF tripod and 700RC2 fluid head that’s on it.
  3. stalkincoues

    Manfroto fluid heads and tripod

    Bump, prices reduced. Great heads, I’ve used and loved them for years. Been on many hunts.
  4. stalkincoues

    ***SOLD***Kuiu Verde DCS Guide Jacket XXl like new

    SPF to HyNoon
  5. Sold thank you! Worn a few times and in great shape. Has been washed in scent free soap and clean now. Kuiu sizes run big (at least in the pants and I order 2 sizes up) so I ordered a XXL as I normally wear XL. Fits well but the arms are a little long. I just tuck the sleeves in a few inches. Bought a new one in XL and still has long arms and STILL have to tuck them back in lol. If I woulda known that I woulda just kept it. All my other long sleeves I ordered at the same time and are all XXL, FWIW and fit well except for the long sleeve issue. May consider trades for other Kuiu clothing of equal value. 36 regular length attack pants in green or khaki would be of interest. $125 FTF. Located in Morenci.
  6. stalkincoues

    Manfroto fluid heads and tripod

    Picture with the detach plates included as well for the 701 RC2 heads 700 RC2 on Amvona tripod
  7. stalkincoues

    Manfroto fluid heads and tripod

    Manfroto fluid head 701RC2 x2 heads with quick detach plates. These are great heads and I have used them for years. Very smooth with an adjustable horizontal plate to keep optics centered weight, just used last weekend! Definitely seen some use, dusty, and paint scratched. $60 each Manfroto 700 RC2 with plate, has a broken tab on the handle side (doesn’t affect anything). With Amvona carbon fiber tripod. Got this years ago as well. Pretty decent tripod, same style as my buddies older Gitzo (one of the legs came out and is epoxied back in, exact same thing happened to my buddies Gitzo) a few of the rubber tightening bands have broke off or falling apart. Doesn’t affect function at all. $90 fior the tripod/head combo FTF located in Morenci Call or text six23 niner one o 3seven 53
  8. Just talked to a buddy and he said he lost his Sig Kilo 2400ABS last week around the 7th or 8th. Sounds like it was at Paseo archery range in Chandler, Az. If there’s a chance anyone located it please let me know. Thank you in advance, he would be very grateful!
  9. stalkincoues

    ISO Carothers DEK 1, 2, or 3 knife

    Long shot here I’m sure, but looking to buy a CPK DEK 1, 2, or 3. No scammers (obviously lol) Please PM me if you have one with pics, specs, and price please. Let the scammers commence…….
  10. Never cut anything with, carried outside, or sharpened. Had less than 2 weeks. I’ve only opened/closed on the couch to work on smoothing it. In new condition, comes with everything it came with new. Unexpected taxidermy at an expensive taxidermist came up lol. Very nice and smooth action now. Located in Morenci area
  11. stalkincoues

    Items found

    That’s awesome, great job! Thank you for being honest and a stand up guy. Out of curiosity how did you find his name? Was it in his GPS?
  12. Was just there. Good luck!
  13. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018224991?pid=514273 Not cheap but available, limit of 1 box.
  14. stalkincoues

    WTB pack frame for hauling meat

    https://www.camofire.com/index.php/Deals/49 Great price here while supplies last or till like 10PM since it’s Camofire.
  15. stalkincoues

    **SOLD**Zero Tolerance Knife: Price Drop**SOLD**

    Let me know if the 0770CF falls through, I’ll take 2nds on it.