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  1. stalkincoues

    WTB #11 percussion caps for muzzle loader

    I’ve got a tin of #11’s I could probably spare for a bottle of H1000, Goex FFFG, or FFFFG
  2. stalkincoues

    ADG and Peterson 7 Rem Mag Brass

    Love Peterson brass! ADG is awesome too. If I didn’t already have 3 boxes of 7Mag Peterson I’d be interested. Interesting that you had wrong brass in the box. I may have to open up my unopened ADG brass boxes and make sure I have the correct cartridges in there (different cartridges). GLWS, can’t believe it’s still here.
  3. stalkincoues


    I’ll take them. Will send pm
  4. stalkincoues

    WTT/ WTS Glacier Pack

    I’ll take your pack. I’ll send you a text.
  5. stalkincoues

    Small rifle primers to trade for H1000,or CCI200

    WLR primers have been traded. Thanks Jeff!
  6. stalkincoues

    Small rifle primers to trade for H1000,or CCI200

    Dubby whip, yes I still have em, I’m wanting 1000 CCI250’s for them. @cohntr6 let me know. I’m on days off now and could meet up with you up here in Morenci or I can get with you when I’m in Safford this week.
  7. stalkincoues

    Small rifle primers to trade for H1000,or CCI200

    Bump, in Surprise till tomorrow
  8. Only looking to trade. Looking to trade 2 1lb bottles of H1000 per 1K of primers. I have the following for trade -Fed F205 -CCI 450 X2 -3 Wolf SRM ( X3 boxes) I would also trade for 1K CCI 200’s Located in Morenci
  9. stalkincoues

    Turkey Taxidermist - East valley perf

    Sven at Wildlife Wings (I believe is the company name) does a great job on birds. He does primarily birds. He did my Goulds and a buddy’s Gould a few years back. I have a couple Sandhill cranes I need to get to him.
  10. stalkincoues

    Remington 700 CDL SF 280 Ackley Improved

    Beautiful gun! She purty!
  11. stalkincoues

    No longer available Swarovski Z5 3.5-18 x44

    Central, Az? As in between Thatcher and Pima?
  12. stalkincoues

    Deer mount

    My, what big eyes you have
  13. stalkincoues

    Bell and Carlson LA REM 700 Stock Tan/Black web

    Bump, in Surprise through tomorrow.
  14. stalkincoues

    Glock 48

    Thank goodness lol! 😀