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  1. pkita99


    What barrel length? 28 or 26?
  2. For sale used Mathews Web HD 4 arrow quiver. Sitka optifade camo, I think it is subalpine. A tiny bit of wear on the arrow insert but completely functional. Can replace it for $10 at a Mathews dealer. $100 located in Tempe
  3. pkita99


    second in line for the .44 mag ammo if the sale does not go through
  4. pkita99

    WTS Glock 17 Gen 4 Factory Gunmetal Grey 9mm

    Would also be interested in trade for over/under + cash on my end and sig's
  5. For sale is a excellent condition 9mm glock 17 gen 4. About 500 rounds through the gun. Only mods include professionally installed truglo tritium sights and extended slide release. Special edition factory gunmetal grey, color is hard to see on the photos but attached a photo with a black g19 side by side to see it better. Comes with everything when bought new, original box, 3 mags, manuals etc. Will include a matching color blackhawk owb holster. $500 located in Tempe Open to possible trades +/- cash = .357 mag revolver or other, g43, S&W concealed carry revolvers.
  6. pkita99

    Military surplus cases

    thank you sir!
  7. pkita99

    Military surplus cases

    Anybody been out there to see how it is? Panning on stopping by on Thursday so can give some feedback after.
  8. pkita99

    Wtb Mathews triax 60lbs

    I have a 70lbs on the classifieds if you are interested.
  9. pkita99

    Looking for input on Prime bows

    thanks for the feedback, that is what i have been basically reading about them, what did you shoot before if I may ask?
  10. Looking for some input on Prime bows. Was thinking of picking one up and just wanted to get some feedback from folks that have experience with them. Most likely looking at the CT5. Any issues I should know about? Is tuning them hard? Hows the parallel cam system? I am currently shooting a Triax and looking for something longer axle to axle, also really like a solid back wall so the Primes are up there on my list because of the limb stops. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!