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  1. pkita99

    Sitka and Eberlestock v69 pack

    is all the sitka stuff open country or are there some subalpine things in there?
  2. pkita99

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    Just out of curiosity, how do you usually get out there? Fly or drive all the way down?
  3. sorry missed that, sending pm
  4. where are you located?
  5. pkita99


    Sold pending trade.
  6. pkita99


    Picking up fresh tires over the weekend and will have a set available. They are currently on my Tacoma but will have them available for pickup Saturday. These are used, have about 55k miles on them and are 6 year old. Good but old set of tires, there is definitely still thread life left on them but wouldn't expect too much. The back have a bit more thread left then the front as you can see in the pictures. Was just gonna dump them but maybe someone needs them. Will trade them for a bottle of good whiskey or make an offer. 48O-298-639O - Paul
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  8. pkita99


    sent you a PM
  9. pkita99


    bump still available, open to offers
  10. Hey, What is the "go to" gun classifieds site these days to buy/sell in Arizona. I used to check out backpage back in the day but they got closed down. Anything pop up to replace it?
  11. In short there is no one best workout. It all depends what the issue you are currently having with your shoulder. Need more info on what specifics you are worried about so I am assuming you are shooting bow and are scared of screwing up your pulling arm. With that said to prevent injuries it is very important how you are pulling your bow back. A lot of guys pull the bow back doing sort of a circle with their elbow above their head, which is the worst thing you can do, puts incredible strain on your rotator cuff. When you pull the bow back it should be towards your chest, as natural as you would be pulling a rope or something. If you have an instagram check out an account called archery.strong lots of good exercises there.
  12. pkita99


    great shotgun. have the exact same one and never had a single issue or jam, unlike my 870.....
  13. pkita99

    Kifaru Muskeg

    got the 2800 muskeg and the new lite frame. They are both amazing. Very happy with the purchase.
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  15. pkita99

    Swarovski 15x56 bino covers?

    this looks like a pain in the butt if you are using the 15's with tripod (which i think everyone does)