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  1. pkita99

    Santa Cruz Megatower Carbon Mountain Bike

    Bump for a nice bike. Suggest posting on Pinkbike, probably get more traction on there than coues.
  2. pkita99

    Any beekeepers out there?

    I really hope a bear shows up. Been itching to finally fill a bear tag
  3. pkita99

    Any beekeepers out there?

    I'm up in Flag so shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully they are also not as Africanized as down south. We will see.
  4. pkita99

    Any beekeepers out there?

    Thank you Sir! I have been watching a lot of beekeeping youtube but have not come across this series.
  5. pkita99

    Any beekeepers out there?

    Hello, Planning on getting into beekeeping this spring and looking for other local beekeepers to connect with. Would be nice to get some first hand local knowledge from folks that have been doing this around here. Thanks! Paul
  6. pkita99

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I personally think there is something to this and it is not a complete "nothingburger". China would not just shut off half their manufacturing indefinitely and weld people inside buildings if it was just a flu. Also I do not trust the media one bit this either. I really don't know what to think of it, one thing I know for sure, we are not getting the full story on this and what is going on behind the scenes.
  7. pkita99

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    did you build this one yourself? nice looking coop, would probably need a trailer and a football team to get it out of there
  8. pkita99

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    probably insulate but i don't think i will need to heat, from what i read if you get the right breed they should be good as long as the coop does not collect condensation
  9. pkita99

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    This is mostly for eggs, worst case if they become too much they'll end up in the smoker. Those are some nice coops. Do you have any experience with this company?
  10. pkita99

    Looking for Chicken Coop

    Looking for a chicken coop for 6-8 chickens or contact of someone who can build one for reasonable price. I know I can build one myself but just super busy with other projects at the moment. Located in Flagstaff but have a truck and could pick it up. Any leads would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  11. interested - do you know how much it weighs with the center post extension?
  12. pkita99


    with a threaded barrel and/or compensator you can press the gun against someone/something and still shoot, it doesn't move the slide back which locks the trigger. Beneficial for close encounters.
  13. pkita99


    you got any pigs? Looking for some good pork and it is hard to find around AZ.
  14. pkita99

    Glock 36 for sale

    where are you located?
  15. pkita99

    Unit 9 thoughts?

    Recently moved to Flagstaff from Tempe and wanted to get opinions on hunting deer in unit 9. I usually hunt unit 8 and know that unit pretty well but it is kinda far out there and looking for something a bit closer to home that I could do day/afternoon trips to. From my initial OnX scouting the unit seems like it definitely viable for glassing and such but maybe there is something there I am not aware of. With that said I usually hunt archery. I know people get their panties in bunch here so to be clear I'm not looking to get details on your favorite hunting spot, just honest option if it is worth investing time and effort into getting to know a new unit or if I should just stick with 8 and suck up the drive and distance. Also if anyone out of Flagstaff is interested in a hunting partner or even just shoot some bow hit me up. New to the area and know hardly anyone here. Thanks!