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  1. Elkaddict

    5bs Turkey Frustrations

    I had a couple of juniors up there last weekend. Looked at the areas between Starlight pines and Jacks canyon one afternoon, never saw a track. Surprised me, but that’s turkey hunting for you, I’ve seen turkeys in a few areas over the years in 5bs but nothing with any regularity. Good luck!
  2. Elkaddict

    Youth Turkey?

    Having fun! One of the grandsons rolled one at 30 yds, just hit the feathers, nothing in neck or head. Rolled then jumped up and flew across the canyon. That was on the second day, today the same grandson had three gobblers appear at 25 yds and didn’t take the shot, I was 4 yds from him and kept saying “shoot” but lots of things going on in his mind: 1- they were gobbling but when they came out of the canyon they weren’t strutting so didn’t know if they were Toms 2-thought the beard was on the chin and didn’t see one till they got close enough to see there chest 3- thought they were probably too far. He says he won’t be able to sleep tonight 😂
  3. Elkaddict

    Beyond the Strut: AZ Turkey Hunting

    Very good video! That’ll get your heart pumping!
  4. Elkaddict

    Roads Opened on Coconino NF

  5. Elkaddict

    Is Stoneman lake rd open?

    Looks like 5b is opening today. FROM THE FOREST SERVICE TODAY Hello all, thanks to the weather and to our staff, we are going to open some of our roads. Starting tomorrow, we will unlock gates on the north and west side of Hwy. 87. This will open our roads along the Lake Mary corridor, and Hwy. 260 corridor, between Hwy 87 and Camp Verde, plus north and west of Hwy. 87. The roads are still too muddy and wet south of Hwy. 87, and especially along the 300 Rim Road. We will keep checking on those to see when we can possibly open them. Until then, the roads opening tomorrow will be posted on our Forest Service website. A news release will come on Monday. Thank you, and stay safe everyone!!
  6. Elkaddict

    Effects of the virus scare?

    They’re always closed this time of year.
  7. Elkaddict

    Junior turkey tags/where to buy?

    Walmart this morning was no problem getting the tags, I’ve heard they were going to stop selling non essential items. Not sure if that’s true but didn’t want to take a chance.
  8. Elkaddict

    Junior turkey tags/where to buy?

    Getting time to pick up a couple of OTC jr.turkey tags, my question is where should I go to buy them. Waiting in line at Sportsman doesn’t sound like a good idea, Maybe Walmart? Any dealers out there that don’t have huge lines just to get in the stores? I messaged G&F to see if they could be bought on line and haven’t heard back, I’m sure the answer would be no. But seems like a good way to get them.
  9. Elkaddict

    Youth Turkey?

    Coconino typically opens roads around April 15, I’ll be in 5A with two of my grandsons. The boys have been practicing and are ready to go!
  10. Elkaddict

    Turkey sounds

    Can’t wait to get up there! The boys are practicing. IMG_1322.MOV 0C1567B5-DEE9-438C-BCDF-84AB21D973D9.MOV
  11. Elkaddict

    Hunt Draw issue

    At least remember your credit card address while you’re filling out multiple apps.
  12. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    I can see all the forums, so maybe just the profile pages are the problem.
  13. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    I can see all the forums, so maybe just the profile pages are the problem.
  14. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

  15. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    Page was blank to me all day yesterday, everything seems good today.