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  1. Elkaddict

    Game and fish family portal

    Contacted Amy at Mesa G&F , had the boys added in a matter of minutes! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Elkaddict

    Game and fish family portal

    Has anyone tried setting up a family portal? Per their email last week it says the portal is the only way you can get results in the future and to set up a family portal for the kids. I’ve been on my portal and see nowhere that even mentions it. Trying to call is impossible. Direct from their email: Family account features are now available with a portal account, so everyone — including youth — can view their draw results online
  3. Elkaddict

    Good News

    Heading there today!
  4. Elkaddict

    My first tom

    Ok, I see it now. Congrats!
  5. Elkaddict

    My first tom

    What happened to the video? Or is my iPad malfunctioning?
  6. Elkaddict

    5BS vs 5BN

    If he’s renting a cabin in one of the Happy Jack communities he has better/ closer access to 5 BS.
  7. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Like someone posted, the rule was written when you could pay by check. You would need to put the higher fee in, makes sense. But now with all tags being online I think they need to change the rule.
  8. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Talked to G & F, they said I will get a refund of $600. For those of you that saw the same thing happen, it’s worth a call.
  9. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Seems selective for sure! I know in the past I’ve had the kids apply for a great hunt,” shoot for the fence” as someone said and draw the youth tag for $50. Maybe with their new system they set their computers to catch it. From what I’m hear a lot of people were surprised by it and for some it was the usual results. Congratulations troutman on your nieces tag!
  10. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    I said it was my fault for not paying attention to the footnotes. But it has always been my understanding the youth would be charged for whichever hunt they were drawn for. My mistake.
  11. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    I checked 2020 regs and that rule was there, but I’m pretty sure last year I put one of the grandsons in for a rut bull hunt first choice and youth cow second, was drawn for the youth cow and was charged $50 as expected. Hit me by surprise this year.
  12. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Check my post about rule 7, got you too .
  13. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    So my apology to G & F , my stupid mistake!
  14. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    I was just directed to this note by a friend. Didn’t know this rule. Note 7.
  15. Elkaddict

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Checked the bank account and was stoked! $650 charge! Put my non resident grandsons in for early bull 1st choice and youth cow second. Youth cow is $50, early bull $650, woo who! We're going to be buglin bulls! Now it comes down to which one got the tag, this morning the results are on the phone. First checked Trevor, you were drawn for elk- hunt # 3063. What? That’s the youth cow, must not have hit the bank account yet. That must mean Zach got the trophy bull! Wow, both boys have hunts! Checked Zach and got- you were not drawn for elk mid winter 2021! Happy for the one tag for the boys, and I got an archery bull tag, not sure how I’ll get the $600 back.