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  1. Elkaddict

    Hunt Draw issue

    At least remember your credit card address while you’re filling out multiple apps.
  2. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    I can see all the forums, so maybe just the profile pages are the problem.
  3. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    I can see all the forums, so maybe just the profile pages are the problem.
  4. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

  5. Elkaddict

    500 error messages

    Page was blank to me all day yesterday, everything seems good today.
  6. Elkaddict

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    Wow Dave, it must really frost your butt to hear all the accolades for John McCain. What do you do, just sit in the dark and throw stuff at the TV?
  7. Elkaddict

    MVUM rant again... Still...

    Was walking a closed road in 5bs yesterday when a truck came by, I told him it was closed but sure didn’t blame him for being on it since it was obvious there had been a lot of traffic the last few days. I have a friend that got a ticket in 5a last year, $150 fine. He was told the next one would be $1000, at that rate you walk the closed roads and put up with the people that either don’t know or choose to ignore. I wish there was clear choice of what to do.
  8. Elkaddict

    Elk hide

    Pm sent.
  9. Elkaddict

    Elk hide

    Still available? Will you ship to Phx?
  10. Elkaddict

    Favorite dead head

    Found this dead head while javelina hunting early 80’s
  11. Elkaddict

    Forum software upgrade

    Yes the Camo one, didn’t show up till this morning. I like it.
  12. Elkaddict

    Forum software upgrade

    Works for me on iPad. Looks good.
  13. Elkaddict

    Forum software upgrade

    I can’t seem to click on a topic and go to the last place I looked at on that topic.
  14. Elkaddict


    What a confusing post.
  15. Elkaddict

    Coconino NF CLOSES certain areas