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  1. Elkaddict

    Wait till the anti's see this

    Should work! The only time I ever tried it was at San Carlos in the early 80’s. Caught our first crappie and tied a bobber on, watched where it went and fished over it for maybe an hour with no bites. Seems the crappie went into a tree and escaped, leaving my bobber stuck. Pretty funny at the time, still think it’s a good idea😀
  2. Elkaddict

    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    Love it! Been using one since Christmas, they’re foolproof for steaks, pork chops, chicken, haven’t tried elk yet but I’m sure going to! Anyone that doesn’t know about it just Google it and watch some videos. Easy way to prepare dinners.
  3. Elkaddict

    My daughter got her first elk

    Good job! Great video!
  4. Elkaddict

    Youth cow elk success!

    The last week has been a whirlwind of activity around here. Picked up my Colorado grandsons last Wednesday at the Prescott airport, neat place. You go back in time there! Wednesday was Trevors 12 th birthday, so for the next 2 weeks he’s the same age as his brother! Thursday was a day of shooting the rifles, 270 wsm for Trevor and .300 win mag for Zach, Larry’s Blauser. Both boys felt comfortable so it was off to scout a bit. We had 4 juniors in our group, Friday morning Cliff’s jr., Brooke 15, got her cow before the sun hit the ground! The rest of the group struck out on the morning hunt. That afternoon Dusty’s grandson,Jake, tagged out chasing bugles. Saturday morning Zach missed a shot , and Trevor got to see a couple of groups spook after winding us. Saturday afternoon Zach got his at 225yds and Trevor missed one at 200yds. Now we got three down and Trevor is the lone tag holder. Sunday morning bulls were going crazy when we got out of the truck, after a half hour of keeping the wind right and enough cover to hide us, Trevor put one down at 200 yds! First elk for all four kids! Couldn’t have been better!
  5. Elkaddict

    Mormon Lake Question

    If you’re hunting N of Mormon lake Flagstaff is close. South of Mormon lake Clints Well has gas.
  6. Elkaddict

    Elk Rut

    Looks like you might need to start another one.
  7. Elkaddict

    Help sighting in

    https://www.facebook.com/273918959412518/posts/1791731494297916/ Fixed up my deer rifle but having trouble getting a group, ideas?
  8. Elkaddict

    Swarovski BTX Question

    So you just throw the 1.7 on to check out something, pretty much all your glassing is without it? I think I’m using the 85 now, really nice!
  9. Elkaddict

    Swarovski BTX Question

    A friend loaned me the BTX a couple of weeks ago, only took a couple of glassing sessions to get used to the angle. Love them! Might get one, just don’t know the difference between 65,85, 95. Don’t really know what I’m using now, 30x I’m pretty sure. Like most others I didn’t think the angle would be for me, but like I said it didn’t take long to get used to.
  10. Elkaddict

    good bull

    Some of the best big bull footage I’ve ever seen! Congratulations to all involved!
  11. Elkaddict

    Az 6a archery

    Hunted the unit several times, be aware if you find a lot of bull’s right now, you better start looking for the cows. Because when the rut gets close they will be looking for the cows, some will come back to where you found them in the summer, but sometimes they come back towards the end of the season. Seen it happen many times. Like everyone will tell you, there are elk throughout the unit. Spend the summer driving roads, learning how to get around. Good unit for lots of action.
  12. Elkaddict

    Don't laugh but does anyone have....

    That outfit works!
  13. Elkaddict

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Dusty’s right, Waters Edge Lodge is the place to be! It’s addictive. If you know how to operate a boat and enjoy fishing on your own terms self guided is the way to go. Going next week for my 8 th trip, we’ve got the new stabicraft this year and really looking forward to it. Here’s a couple of pictures from last year when we took our 11 year old grandson,Zach.
  14. Elkaddict

    Tonto National Forest Stage III in effect. (Closed)

    Interesting, I take the closure as no anything within the forest boundaries, except driving to and from open area ie: the lakes. Includes no walking, hiking, wandering around. That’s just my take.
  15. Elkaddict

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I’ve had the Green Mountain grill for a couple of years. I think you get more bang for the buck. Control everything from my phone. Smoked rib roast, ribs, pork butts, turkey , ham, fish. Not much I haven’t done. Set up profiles on your phone and let it go. I’d buy it again.