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  1. longshooter

    Looking for a couple hundred federal primers

    I have a couple hundred fed 210 primers I could spare I’m hunting and should be back in town by the 26th or 27th if you don’t get any sooner
  2. longshooter

    Rut Activity

    There are some bulls talking in the Gila over here in New Mexico unit 16A and lots of people.
  3. longshooter

    Would you shoot it

    With a paint ball gun again too I bet. wasn’t that you that caught a rash of crap for shooting Elk with a paint ball gun?
  4. longshooter

    Someone take my 3 girls hunting

  5. longshooter

    Poor man's Alaska fishing trip?

    Just go to Alaska . You only live once
  6. longshooter

    late desert muzzy hunt

    Congrats and Good luck on the hunt!
  7. longshooter

    late desert muzzy hunt

    Bruce, I have not heard of anyone this year. It has been taking 8 points to draw the last few years
  8. longshooter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Please explain
  9. longshooter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    im talking about unit wide landowner tags which means I buy a unit wide tag and can hunt anywhere in the unit being public or private. There are private ranch tags too but you are only allowed to hunt on the private land the ranch tag was issued to.
  10. longshooter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    So you think new hunter recruitment due to lack of opportunity is not in danger? I get private land in Texas but you also got unit wide Landowner tags as well Look at the increase in landowner tags in New Mexico . Unit 16A archery Elk $16,000 plus. Look at the increasing prices in Mexico on mule deer hunts. 10k to 17,500 plus Trophy fees . Mexican Big Horn tags 60k to 80k . Look at the increasing landowner tags in Nevada and Utah. It’s out of control from supply and demand obviously. And why is that? I personally have friends in Az and other states who have given up because they can’t draw a tag and can’t afford to pay to play . It is negatively effecting new hunter recruitment
  11. longshooter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Unfortunately hunting has been heading this direction for years thanks to social media. With draw odds constantly decreasing and prices constantly increasing new hunter recruitment is definitely in danger.
  12. longshooter

    NM 23/24 ELK Honey Hole , no joke

    Someone’s obviously butt hurt
  13. longshooter

    New bow or new strings?

    Smart decision
  14. longshooter

    SOLD Remington 700 BDL 30-06 PRICE DROP $475 SOLD

    Good looking rifle and cool Goat mount
  15. longshooter

    Get those apps in