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  1. longshooter

    Gov tag buck

    Sure a lot of butt hurt in this thread congrats to all involved on a great buck
  2. longshooter

    My Wife

    Hope everything turns out ok Bob. Larry
  3. longshooter

    Remington 300 RUM

    How does it shoot?
  4. longshooter

    Wtb 300 win mag

    What’s your budget ?
  5. longshooter

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    Or just take a friend who runs slower than you do
  6. longshooter

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    General hands down
  7. longshooter

    Bullies of the range! Well written!

    There is a reason why they have been shooting wild horses on the Apache rez for years.
  8. longshooter

    Dental Work

    Another Vote for Keith at power ranch dental he is also a member here
  9. longshooter

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    The hook up guide service ..
  10. longshooter

    FS Marlin 410 Lever Action

    That’s a pretty cool gun
  11. longshooter

    Wyoming Guided hunt advice?

    I still have not got my mount back yet.
  12. longshooter

    Wyoming Guided hunt advice?

    Eli Grimmet with Pronghorn guide service does Wyoming too. I booked Eli last year for my unit 10 hunt and got nothing but great things to say about them.
  13. I have know Junior for years and got nothing but great things to say about him. Honest, hard working with a head on his shoulders. Good kid.
  14. longshooter

    Wanna see a huge buck?

    Is he road huntable?
  15. longshooter

    Would like to sale this very rare deer mule mount

    How is it rare? not many left that old?