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  1. longshooter

    Berger 140 elite hunters at midway

    Thanks for the heads up
  2. longshooter

    RL 26 pressure spikes

    I reload 75.70 grains of Reloader 26 in one of my 28 noslers and have not experienced any pressure spikes.
  3. longshooter


    Could be
  4. longshooter


    Pretty sure bigbull is nature Bob on monster Muleys.
  5. longshooter

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Fact or opinion?
  6. longshooter

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Gotcha. Now it makes sense
  7. longshooter

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    So if a person hires a guide he is not a real hunter? Interesting.
  8. longshooter

    Going elk hunting

    That’s a great Hunt! Congrats!
  9. longshooter

    Guide Recommendation

    Might check with Hunter Weems with Arizona custom hunts. Not sure if they guide those units but a good group of guys that get it done.
  10. longshooter

    28 Nosler ammo for sale

    All sold awhile back
  11. longshooter

    How big is he?

  12. longshooter

    66 or 67?

    He has good taste
  13. longshooter

    Pressure washing skull

    Power washing works great one of the ranches i hunt in Mexico power washers the skulls and they come out pretty good
  14. longshooter

    Question about staying warm

    This^^^ all about the experience and having fun in my opinion
  15. longshooter

    Question about staying warm

    Road hunt with the Heater on. Problem solved.