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  1. longshooter

    Christensen Arms

    I have a Ridgeline in 300 win mag that I’m happy with shooting under a half inch group at 100 with hand loads.
  2. longshooter

    Meat processor west side

    Thanks guys
  3. longshooter

    Meat processor west side

    Anyone know of a good meat processor on the west side? thanks
  4. longshooter

    Rut Activity

    Great bull congrats
  5. longshooter

    22S Last Night

    Sorry, I call bs. hard to believe that many different bulls hitting same water during shooting hours in 6a during season with as much pressure that unit is getting. Also hard to believe someone is actually that stupid to brag about it in a group text I could be wrong but sounds fishy to me.
  6. longshooter

    22S Last Night

  7. longshooter

    Blessed NM Pronghorn Trip

    Shot a decent wide buck .
  8. longshooter

    Blessed NM Pronghorn Trip

    Awesome goat was just on the ranch that borders the Fort union Ranchon the north last week . Cool area
  9. longshooter

    Tall tripod

    Outdoorsman tall tripod with the extension post
  10. longshooter

    Gov tag buck

    Sure a lot of butt hurt in this thread congrats to all involved on a great buck
  11. longshooter

    My Wife

    Hope everything turns out ok Bob. Larry
  12. longshooter

    Remington 300 RUM

    How does it shoot?
  13. longshooter

    Wtb 300 win mag

    What’s your budget ?
  14. longshooter

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    Or just take a friend who runs slower than you do