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  1. wannakillabigbull

    Best Backpack for late elk hunt

    Many many choices at pretty much all price points. If you're not backpacking in or expecting to pack meat that far then you could stay under $200 and be fine. I have personal experience with Kifaru, Exo, and Mystery Ranch and they all make good packs, but are on the pricier side.
  2. wannakillabigbull

    Cow Tags, Kids, and Time Well Spent

    I'm a sucker for bulls with crown points...great hunt Lance thanks for the write up.
  3. wannakillabigbull

    Velvet Bulls

    😯 Sweet jesus what a bull
  4. wannakillabigbull

    Elk unit breakdown

    To answer the unit question I think you've been given good advice already. If you haven't listened, check out Jay Scott's podcast. He has done a series on AZ elk units and where to apply when interviewing various industry types and guides. https://jayscottoutdoors.podbean.com/e/523-arizona-elk-and-antelope-regulations-breakdown-what-units-to-apply-for-with-justin-erhart-of-premium-hunts/ https://jayscottoutdoors.podbean.com/e/525howthe-az-draw-works-arizonaelkand-antelope-regulationsbreakdownwhatunits-toapplyforwith-steve-chappell-ofchappell-guideservice-and-elkcamptv/ https://jayscottoutdoors.podbean.com/e/527-arizona-elk-and-antelope-regulations-what-units-to-apply-for-with-jeff-lester-hunt-hard-outfitters/ https://jayscottoutdoors.podbean.com/e/532-arizona-elk-and-antelope-regulations-breakdown-what-units-to-apply-for-with-lee-murphy-and-craig-steele-of-exclusive-pursuit-outfitters/ https://jayscottoutdoors.podbean.com/e/535-arizona-elk-and-antelope-regulations-breakdown-what-units-to-apply-for-with-the-draw/
  5. wannakillabigbull

    Elk unit breakdown

    A 300 inch bull is a big bull, no doubt about it. I would echo the above and say that 300 inches is a bit big for a worst case scenario. What about the bull below? My dad's bull he shot in Colorado back in 2008. Would you be happy with him? He tapes out at 273 gross and I would shoot him before the last day on most AZ hunts, but that's just me. If you want a bull bigger then I'm not going to disagree with you but I do think that most people truly would be happy with a bull quite a bit smaller than an honest 300 inches.
  6. wannakillabigbull

    Elk Back Pack

    What's your budget?
  7. wannakillabigbull

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Another year of nothing for me or the wife, looks like
  8. wannakillabigbull

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    I ain't getting a dang thing done today
  9. wannakillabigbull

    Draw Question

    https://www.azgfd.com/PortalImages/files/licenses/residency/AZ Resident brochure_2016_nocrop_F.pdf
  10. wannakillabigbull

    22 Points

    23N would be my choice
  11. wannakillabigbull

    Elk palmation racks, lets see them!

    That thing is half a fallow deer!
  12. wannakillabigbull

    Elk palmation racks, lets see them!

    Ya know, on the packout it kind of felt like he was...hunting solo made for a rough couple days after I got him down.
  13. wannakillabigbull

    Elk palmation racks, lets see them!

    Just shot a bull in Colorado during fourth season. He's got crown points with some palmation in that area.
  14. wannakillabigbull


    Ive used a Kifaru for four full seasons now and dont at all regret that purchase. I backpack in frequently so having a pack that can carry camp and part of an animal at once is a must for me. If you intend to carry heavy loads (i.e. hunting solo or with only one buddy) then investing in a top notch pack is worth it IMO. I have tried Kifaru, Exo and Mystery Ranch packs and would recommend any of them. As HH said Stone Glacier also has a great reputation but I havent got my hands on one yet.
  15. wannakillabigbull

    CO tags

    I drew my third choice, a third season rifle tag that isn't very good at all. My brother hunted it last year and filled the freezer. Point creep got me on my second choice that I was hoping to draw...