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  1. wannakillabigbull

    Counting down the days!

    I see what you did there 🤣
  2. wannakillabigbull

    To Soon?

    That's for the hunt expo tags. Well, I guess it could be for both!
  3. wannakillabigbull

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    7E. Not a lot of people I would recommend burn 20 years worth of points there, but Lance always seems to get it done.
  4. wannakillabigbull

    First AZ Bull Elk

    SvnW. Certainly not the biggest bull in the unit but one I was very happy with.
  5. wannakillabigbull

    First AZ Bull Elk

    I didn't really want to start my own thread but I haven't seen a meat pole thread all week to add to. I did want to thank the forum for all the help and advice, though. Being from CO originally I had a lot to learn about AZ elk when I moved in 2015. I drew my first AZ elk tag in 2017, a late rifle tag, and it's what pushed me to join the forum (thanks for the recommendation @cpugsie). I didn't fill that tag in 2017 and had to face the fact that I had a lot left to figure out about these elk. Drew the same tag this year, learned from my mistakes, and got it done on a bull I was very happy with. Thanks for all the lessons, guys!
  6. wannakillabigbull

    Tags in the mail?

    Got mine in the mail today!
  7. wannakillabigbull

    Need Your Spots

    Not looking for honey holes. Just spots where there are 360” bulls and no hunting pressure. DMs only thanks in advance.
  8. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

    Same or similar. I left for a different job coming up on 3 years ago. Gonna be weird going back as a nonresident!
  9. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

  10. wannakillabigbull

    How far would you pack out an elk

    Farthest I've ever done was 4.5ish miles, in Colorado. Like others said, it's not always how far it is that is the biggest factor. I'd pack one as far as I need to like most of the rest. I've always been a believer of doing multiple trips instead of trying to pack over 100 lbs at once; it's easier on the knees. As far as what to do/what not to do, buy a good pack. Below is a picture from that 4.5 mile day, of my dad. It was a 2,000 ft climb down then back up the other side. As poorly as we had that bull packed on his back he was pretty beaten down by the time we got back to the truck. I can imagine he would have felt better with a good pack.
  11. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

    Overall I've been pretty understanding about the delay to this point, but the fact that they extended the credit card update deadline and haven't charged cards over 2 and a half days later is just comical. Why would they extend the credit card update deadline before knowing when they would be ready? It doesn't make any sense. That's just poor management.
  12. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

    No charge yet. Better luck next year?
  13. wannakillabigbull

    Any portal updates

    Pretty ironic thing to say coming from the guy that posted about a credit card hit from someone he knew without offering corroborating evidence. That claim even made its way to other forums. Too bad there was no fire to accompany the smoke.
  14. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

    AZGFD after having a few years of smooth draws.
  15. wannakillabigbull

    Tick Tock

    That is where you're very wrong.