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  1. AZontheRocks

    Late Rifle Bull Unit 10 - First Hunt in AZ

    I'm curious firstcoues...did you put in a lot of hiking or scoping, or both?
  2. AZontheRocks

    Late Rifle Bull Unit 10 - First Hunt in AZ

    Congrats on the Success firstcoueswas80. I figure cold is better than heat for many reasons, and if you body is freezing, you aren't dressed appropriately and that's our own fault 🕵️‍♂️
  3. AZontheRocks

    Late Rifle Bull Unit 10 - First Hunt in AZ

    Thanks Crazymonkey. The weather will be crazy for sure, which I hope will be a benefit becuase I am not a truck hunter and plan to walk miles. Looking to make sure those miles are smart and in the right spots.
  4. AZontheRocks

    Late Rifle Bull Unit 10 - First Hunt in AZ

    Thanks PRDATR...looks like I will be going with the Swarovski based on you and CrazyMonkey. Would love to just hunt north of Williams, but feel like I need to learn the entire unit...its a HUGE unit. Really looking forward to simply getting out in the country and exploring. Pressure from other hunters seems like a legit issue, but while a trophy elk would be nice, antlers are not the main goal, only a bonus. As with the draw, maybe luck will be on my side too.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new to AZ hunting...grew up bow hunting in Northern California (Klamath Area mostly); its been years, and this is my first rifle hunt. My family is hyped at the prospect of a freezer filled with Elk meat. Now focused and determined to make this Unit 10 hunt as successful as possible. I've heard that this group on here is top notch, and hopefully I can share as I go through the process. I've got my Flatline Map ordered and Google Earth Pro...going to get OnX or GoHunt apps (or both), just not sure which one is better suited for that hunt. NorCal hunting is very different that Unit 10...setting up to scope and stalk with plenty of trips to learn about Unit 10 (water, scope spots). I was considering an outfitter, but I think if I put in the work, I can be successful on my own. New Setup I'm looking at... Rifle (I'm LH): Christensen Arms Ridgeline TI 300 win mag. (5.8 lbs)------or---------Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300 win mag (6.3 lbs) Scope options: Swarovski v6i 2.5-15 x56 BT 4A-I reticle ------or------- V5i 3.5-18 x44. BT 4W-I reticle-------or--------Vortex HD LHT 3-14 x42 I'm looking forward to the journey over the next 6-7 months. I appreciate any advice you can offer (especially your honey holes ;-), and if it's in DM, any info will stay private...THANKS!
  6. AZontheRocks

    Draw Results

  7. AZontheRocks

    Draw Results

    Late Rifle Unit Ten...wasn't expecting it with one point, but I'll take it 😉.