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  1. narrox

    Lamp shades

    Ok, the name change has topped "Cornbagger" and the "Talking javelin"! Well played Casey, well played! Now we just have to see what the payback looks like? I hope Lark finds a couple granolas to let off some steam!
  2. narrox

    My 2015 Arizona Late Bull

    Great bull! Good job!
  3. narrox

    Rex Hubbard

    My condolences. My father thought a lot of him. Garron
  4. narrox

    Desert Sheep Hunt Video

    Jay, Beautifully shot. It is rare to be able to see such honesty behind the hunt, and the hunter. Thanks, congradulations to Shane! I will look up Shoveltail films. Garron
  5. narrox

    1968 Chevrolet C10 $9,500

    I am looking to sell and will entertain reasonable offers. Truck is currently in Tucson. Thanks.
  6. narrox

    1968 Chevrolet C10 $9,500

    Thanks for looking, it does turn heads. JD, it is a long box. standard springs under, has factory diamond plate step bumper in back.
  7. narrox

    1968 Chevrolet C10 $9,500

    1968 Chevy C-10 This is an Arizona truck; my Grandfather purchased it new in Phoenix it and spent the rest of his life in Avondale Arizona. I have had the truck since 1993. The truck is mostly stock: I have added much needed power-steering and a 350ci V8, with a Kenwood CD player. The odometer is over 15K and has “rolled over” once. The truck was purchased as a farm truck; no upgrades, three speed column shift, steel interior, rubber floors, and a aftermarket A/C unit. The 350 is fresh with less than 10,000 miles. The paint was sprayed in 2001 still looks very good still, fading on the roof and hood. Good rubber all the way around complete with clean chrome rims. This truck was my daily driver until 2003. The truck was/is garaged, and has been driven a few hundred miles per year for the last ten years. Just added power steering, new water pump and window regulators. The truck has been maintained and not been “Mickey Moused” and is a great platform for a build, or as a driver. Our family is now four strong, this truck has fulfilled is job for us and is now ready for a new caretaker. Thanks for looking, Garron
  8. narrox

    road hunters

    This late Bull season in 8 we saw a little white prop plane pulling slow circles around Mckracken knolls and Jackass, down to Wild Steer.... That has to be worse than cruising the roads right? So next year my hunting party is getting a hot air balloon! Carry on all y'all. Thanks, Garron
  9. narrox

    road hunters

    Not even a full moon and all sorts of people are restless! I watched the orange jeep in 36B run laps too, along with others, I hope they enjoyed their time in the field. Just finished up with a late bull tag in 8. Tough hunt! I came home to a bowl of tag soup. We got to see a lot of people move through plans "A' through "Z", some even hung out at camp during the hunt. Hunters were desperate just to see something. It is interesting, but I don't understand when the "other guy" became one of the priorities of a hunt. It is public land, we get to share with those who hunt like us and those who don't, sorry. Thanks, Garron
  10. narrox

    Unit 8 November Archery

    Jeff, Keep after it! prehunt heating pad and anti-inflammatory seems in order. If it was easy everyone would do it! Garron
  11. narrox

    Unit 8 November Archery

    Nice to hear Slummin. Share the tale with us. I know that the next week will be a grind until we can hit the field.
  12. narrox

    Unit 8 November Archery

    Reading this is making me start to pack all the gear early! Good luck.
  13. narrox

    Unit 8 November Archery

    Not the same hunt but, late rifle in 8 here. I took a quick drive up two weeks ago; it was the first time in the unit. It looked as though they were still at the higher elevations. Agreed on water. I found three dry catchments and lots of untouched red grama grass. Would really like to swap some unit information, you never know might even get my Pioneer Licensed Father on a bull, Please PM if you would like to swap some unit information. Thanks, Garron
  14. narrox

    Killing small bucks

    Some good points to ponder on this thread. I picked up a wee forkie this year and would do it again anytime. The idea "improved quality of hunt" is probably very different given what the view of the given hunter i.e. mature bucks, road access, time of year, tag numbers, and many others... Oh and wrap those backstraps with bacon, makes anyone look like a chef.
  15. narrox

    Amazing Year - Congrats!

    I am one of the first timers to post up a story and it was only because of the information that is supplied here! After my first outing for Coues I knew I was out of my league and needed serious help, this site delivers. Thanks. It is also amazing to see what others get done and hear from the hunting community on issues of the day.