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  1. seek100plus

    Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor w/magpul stock

    I have exact same set up. Shoots lights out.
  2. seek100plus


    I searched all over for best deal on 2019 Polaris 4 seater 1000 , even up north stores . Iron city was hands down best to deal with . Asked for out the door price and got one in 5 minutes. Beat everyone by $2000.00 , plus test drive all of them . Going to wait tell 2020 are out to first . The 2020 have less HP , but more low end torque for pulling or working
  3. seek100plus

    Looking for a ladder stand or a self climber.

    I got both ! Let’s make deal
  4. seek100plus

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    Spill the beans on info. I'm a dreamer and like to learn all before I pull the trigger myself one day .
  5. seek100plus

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    heck I should do it for my cabelas habit
  6. seek100plus

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    Being in the construction trade for 25 years . Times have changed with work ethics. When I was starting , I drove jobsite to jobsite , begging for job at 16 . I'm a true believer Xbox and cell phones have changed work ethic. I am 54 now and I will work circles around kids, these days . My parents and grandparents taught me to work hard for a days pay . That's why I am now running 30+ million dollar projects . Good luck with the new generation .
  7. seek100plus

    White Mountain Lakes

    Any idea if they restock Sunrise ever ?
  8. seek100plus

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    What kind of water membrane used in the tree well ? Before or when you backfill . Just curious
  9. seek100plus

    Confidence building in teens, what have you done?

    I would put her in a small room full of liberals. She will be right where she needs to be. After !
  10. seek100plus

    Christensen Arms Mesa 28 nosler with Leupold VX 6 HD 3-18x50

    Trade ex wife + child support ?
  11. seek100plus

    Mormon Lake Lodge

    Watch out for the Washington Apples shots , they will put you in the spirit world .
  12. seek100plus

    Question for HAM Hunters

    Little trick , I learned . Go to home depot and buy flowers and plants . Plant them all and next morning everything will be gone . Pigs will be very close by . Works everytime ! Wish it was that easy to find them in my hunting unit
  13. seek100plus

    Cool Rocks Found

    Edge , I always wanted to know more about this rock . In my book very cool find . Over beers it is nice to tell people, I think it's a bone in the rock . If I find out it's not, then I can't anymore . Is this rock made by forced compaction or some other way ?
  14. seek100plus

    Cool Rocks Found

    Ok all you rock hounds . My dad found this rock in a mine shaft roughly 30 feet down . I have had this rock for 30 years and always wondered if this rock had a bone petrified in the rock . If you look close you will see it. This rock has several different kinds rock material mixed . Any thoughts
  15. seek100plus

    Late Season Unit 1

    Go to google earth and look for canyons for potential spot . Morning glass areas sun hits first and glass into the sun evenings. Big bulls = Nasty canyons. Have 10 friends on stand bye for pack out