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  1. seek100plus

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Just checking to see if anybody interested in selling a pair Thanks
  2. seek100plus

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    You want a trophy hunt ,like 9 10 13 A&B , then go in like a trophy hunter . No cameras aloud in the units . Simple
  3. seek100plus

    Rainbow and Lake Trout..

    Nate , I see your fishing Cortez park again . Urban fishing is no longer a secret
  4. seek100plus

    Berger 30 Cal 210 VLD

    Cleaning out reloading 1 box 210 - 92 bullets left $60.00 I can meet at Cabelas
  5. seek100plus


  6. seek100plus


    After reading 25 pages and learning the amount of trail cameras out there . Now I definitely believe there is no such thing as Bigfoot !
  7. All take the 143 ELDX All send you PM
  8. seek100plus

    6.5 PRC Hornady match dies

    All take it all send you a message Thanks
  9. seek100plus

    So when does this trail cam ban go into effect?

    Looks like I will be enjoying 30 cameras on every water hole , during my muzzy hunt in unit 9 . I will also enjoy random guides throughout the day checking cameras! Whatever law will be decided,wont go into effect tell 2022
  10. Hey Siri what did the fox say ?
  11. I was hoping to get some reloading information. Spent a lot of time researching, just can’t find . Looking to reload , with few powders , I have . H 1000 & 4831 Need beginning to max load for 140 hunting Vld , 140 Nosler accubonds for 6.5 PRC ( Hornady brass ) . Need to use up a bottle of Super performance powder, if anyone has data for this powder  , for these bullets . Thanks
  12. I looking to see if anybody had a 6.5 PRC case gauge they would be willing to sell . Thanks
  13. seek100plus

    SLIK Caron Tripod. SOLD

    If it’s still available, I can grab it tomorrow
  14. seek100plus

    Who has a 6.5 prc for sale?

    I went with Christian Arms 6.5 PRC Trigger is the best and very lights Comes as a med custom build
  15. Seek I have 6 boxes of once shot PRC Hornady brass if your interested. Call 520 591 3006