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  1. seek100plus

    Mexico dead head

    Throw them over the boarder wall and ask for asylum .
  2. seek100plus

    Vortex Razor LHT scope

    Looking to buy Vortex Razor LHT 4.5 x 22 x50 Hoping some Vortex hater wants to sell
  3. seek100plus

    Long Range Pig

    Well done !
  4. seek100plus


    I bought my old 78 Bronco back from Highschool days Completely redoing it from frame up. Adding a Coyote motor
  5. seek100plus

    Rut report.

    Several big 4x4 mules, were pushing does hard in 36 A , glassed 30+ whitetail does per day , not even spike trying
  6. seek100plus


    36 A Well just got back , from my Dec hunt . 7 days , 17 miles on boots , through the mountains, covered the East and West mountain ranges , plus the flats . My eyes are burnt from glassing ! Normal day of 30 does , 4 to 8 illegals and 2 groups of heavy backpackers ! I believe, we have moved into scouts on American side , helping with passage , definitely not hunters ! 7 days saw one 75” buck and 6 spikes
  7. seek100plus

    Cbp shutting down ports

    My thoughts ! For every illegal entering the country, we send back an American jacked up on their drugs ! Mexico should build a resort for drug rehab and when they’re clean , they can return.
  8. seek100plus

    **SOLD** Minox BL 15x56

    2nd that ! Great glass . Definitely worth it
  9. seek100plus

    6.5 PRC BRASS

    PM sent
  10. seek100plus

    Sightron SIII 6-24x50

    Zero stop and SFP ?
  11. seek100plus

    H1000 new $55/lb

    I will take it , if still available all pm you
  12. seek100plus

    Reloading Room Cleanout Powder & Bullets

    Liked to have H1000 & N565 and a box of 143 ElDx If your in phoenix area
  13. seek100plus

    205 pieces of Hornady 6.5 PRC BRASS $50

    Second up ! If no movement Thanks
  14. seek100plus

    35a early December

    No bails anymore , now they get runners amp up on meth , like speedy Gonzalez and run Fentanyl Had some great talks with BP . Just remember! They have spotters , with great glass . They are always watching you