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  1. junior71

    Unit 10 early archery *story added*

    Way to stick with it...awesome bull!
  2. junior71

    NM Gila tag

    Man that's a good tag but I think you need horses or mules. A buddy and I packed an elk out of 16a with roads everywhere. It just about killed us and we were only a few miles inn. I can't imagine packing one out of b on foot.
  3. junior71

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    22 years old
  4. junior71

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Dates are 9/10 to 9/16
  5. junior71

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    He thought he applied for 23. Anyway I think he researched 22 late, and saw guys post about to many tags and going down hill. Early rifle is a totally different hunt. Yes, 20+, I think he hit the lottery! Keep on posting guys, he needs to see this! Thanks
  6. junior71

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Anyone have any info? I haven't been in this unit for years, and we just found out my son drew it, using the wrong hunt code. He has point guard if needed, I just hate to see him burn 12 points.