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  1. RackTracker

    Hail Mary Elk Hunt

    Congrats Cole! Once again you made it happen in the final minutes of a hunt! Thank you for letting me be a part of your hunt
  2. RackTracker


  3. RackTracker


    Pictures added
  4. RackTracker


  5. RackTracker

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    That’s a great buck......and a great score. Love the big eye guards! Those of us in Arizona still call it a 2x2 though......nothing wrong with a BIG 2 !!!
  6. RackTracker

    Cuban Lunch Luck

    Congrats again to you and your dad Cole! You guys get it done year in and year out. You better save a Cuban Lunch for January!!
  7. RackTracker

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Great bull. Thanks for the story. Congratulations on a job well done.
  8. RackTracker

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    1 gallon per day per person has always been a safe measure for me.
  9. RackTracker

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Good luck. Hope you find a big one. Stay safe.
  10. RackTracker

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    That’s a beautiful buck! Congrats to both of you.......and what a great shot by Taylor. Safe travels home tomorrow !
  11. RackTracker

    2019 Desert Muleys

    Those are both great bucks. Cool to see two great deer that look so different from each other. Both true trophies for any hunt for sure.
  12. RackTracker

    7W Cow - Opening day success

    Great work by both of you. Sounds like everything worked perfectly. Lots of good meat for the winter !!!
  13. RackTracker


    A slow morning elk hunting sure beats working though !!!
  14. RackTracker


    Slow morning so far in 6A Where are you headed ?
  15. RackTracker

    2019 Antelope hunt

    Thank you for letting my dad and I be apart of your hunt! We had a blast!