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  1. plang00

    43B Bighorn Tag

    I figured you’d chime in eventually a hole...Is your old lady going to let you come? I’ve already got my hall pass signed. Hahahahaha
  2. plang00

    43B Bighorn Tag

    Thank you
  3. plang00

    43B Bighorn Tag

  4. plang00

    43B Bighorn Tag

    My portal account says I drew tag #1. I'd heard a rumor, after cards were hit, that 3 of the 5 tags went to a party application. I just read that again here on a previous thread....unreal!!! Anyone ever hunted on the YPG?
  5. plang00

    Anyone else draw a 22 early archery bull tag?

    Late late late rifle bull tag for 22.....leave me a good one please.
  6. plang00

    Proghorn Horn Growth

    Sounds like genetics and weather are key to hitting a good antelope unit.....Genetics being the constant and weather being the variable......wish I had another goat tag. Good luck to all that do.
  7. plang00

    Once in a lifetime?

    TLH......That is the best idea I have heard yet!
  8. plang00

    Once in a lifetime?

    Given the declining numbers and trophy quality, does anyone else agree that antelope in AZ should become a "once in a lifetime trophy" like sheep?
  9. plang00

    End Bonus Points!!

    Excuse me, I've been drawn 9 times for bull.
  10. plang00

    End Bonus Points!!

    In the 27 years that I have been able to apply for elk, I have been fortunate enough to draw 8 bull tags........This year I did draw a 22N late tag. I have never liked the "bonus point" system.
  11. plang00

    End Bonus Points!!

    End the bonus point system!!....adjust the tag fees slightly for "premium" or "early" hunts and do away with bonus points!! Luck of the draw, if you aren't lucky then tough!! Everyone gets his name in the hat ONCE!!.......it's pretty simple......it would also end this "bonus pass" horses*#t for max point holders.......and do away with the one two pass then 3, 4,5 pass.......run an app 1 through 5 if you're drawn you're drawn if not then not.............maybe that way we can get some timely draw results! unlike this current bs system G & F is running.....2 weeks since the card was charged until I knew what hunt I had is inept as far as I'm concerned.
  12. plang00

    Elk Draw Question

    I say do away with the bonus point system all together!!....Luck of the draw!!....I don't care about the whining of those UNLUCKY soles who like to pitch a fit year in and year out about not getting drawn for bull. Oh and by the way, the bitching comes from those who put in for early rifle, muzzleloader or archery hunts in premium units. Bonus points just give them more reason to complain.......do away with it. If you are unlucky then tough S*#T
  13. plang00

    Time to learn unit 10

    My unit 10 antelope tip...........when they see the dust your truck is kicking up, they will start making their own. Leave your vehicle......and have good optics. Good luck to you. Let us know how you fare, that is a premier tag!
  14. plang00

    Just got my mount back 19A archery loper

    That is one heck of a buck!! Especially with a bow!! I tried hunting goats with my bow once.......Every time I made a stalk, I would get within about 100 to 90 yards and the buck would feed or trot off about 40 yards look at me.....and hand to god he would smile!! lol Some say a couse buck with a bow is the ultimate prize.......I disagree. It's an antelope. Congrats!!
  15. plang00


    I agree Greenback!! I showed her your comment.....she says watch it. She knows where you live. haha