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  1. huntlines

    Dating advice

    They still call and are shocked when they get arrested……
  2. huntlines

    Britney is almost FREEEEEEEEEE

    dang, assume you guys know each other……
  3. huntlines

    Oregon Frog Study

  4. huntlines

    Anybody know these thieves

    I agree climbers are the way to go for this exact reason. I own three of them. Only problem I have found with climbers is sometimes there isn’t a tree straight enough in the area you want your stand. Wasn’t the case in this situation because there looked to be plenty of straight trees. AAnother reason I like climbers is if the wind changes it easy to move the climber to get the wind right. I also take chains and locks with me and lock every stand. Heck I even lock my climbers to the bottom of the tree if I’m coming back the next morning. Hang on stands I’ve started locking the platform in the up position so people can sit in them and hunt either.
  5. huntlines

    Anybody know these thieves

    With the trail cam issue, things like this are going to be common. People out doing their part to clean up the forest.
  6. huntlines

    Something like this ever happen to you?

    He’s a member of this site, shocker.
  7. huntlines

    Something like this ever happen to you?

    From watching the video you posted this guy isn’t real bright. Elk monitoring traffic on a tank from 500 yards? I wouldn’t be flattered. Guy is just an idiot fraud. I’d give him heck or you can educate him on what real scouting looks like. His own video is juvenile so of course he steals….
  8. huntlines

    Great ethics to teach the kids, NOT

    I’m constantly reminded on this site, hunting ethics are in the eye of the beholder. Your hunting ethics are not gospel. Hunting now a days sucks due to all the people. Best bet, get OFF the dang roads! I thought road hunting was illegal but a lot of you do it.
  9. huntlines

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Restrict this, restrict that blah blah blah. Here we go again with restricting everything some of us feel is unfair. Keep pushing restrictions and see where it gets you. If your going to restrict things might as well throw in the optics and rifles allowing people to shoot 1000 yards and more. Oh wait, no can’t do that cuz it gets into your wheel house. Keep up the restrictions bandwagon, soon it will be something you love to use. What a freaking JOKE!
  10. huntlines

    Anyone know this guy?

    Still scratching my head wondering what this post is even about. This site has more drama than facechat and TwitterSnap.
  11. huntlines

    Where’s nobull?

    Tell her it’s an endangered species and she has to let it eat her garden. Or, Tell her to move back to LA California.
  12. huntlines

    Trail cams still legal here

    I still see them but I mind my own business cuz they are probably bird watchers. 😉
  13. huntlines

    Trail cams still legal here

    Decided to take my cellular trail cams to Kansas where they are still legal. I enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing sights like these.
  14. huntlines

    Good News

    Not a big fan of turkey hunting when I’m trying to hunt deer but I always have a turkey tag in my pocket just in case a nice Tom decides to stroll by my stand.
  15. huntlines

    Good News

    Heading to Kansas to scout out new farm land for November, life is good.