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  1. huntlines

    Coues deer capes

    I will take them either way. If tanned, I will pay the obvious tanning cost put into it. I will tan them if untanned. Is dickmans a meat processor?
  2. huntlines

    Coues deer capes

    I'm looking to purchase a few coues deer capes if anyone has any or knows who might have some for sale. Please PM me
  3. huntlines

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    davehc130 keep whining and crying about trail cameras and I'm sure you will get what you want, which is banning them. Good for you I hope you will finally be happy. One day, game and fish will decide to ban something you enjoy utilizing while you hunt. When this happens, I'm sure you will be on this forum whining and crying again about it not being "fair". "Fair chase" has a very clear definition and you wanting to blur the lines of what is considered fair chase and what isn't is just hurting everyone in the hunting community. If you don't like it, don't do it. Just because someone else does doesn't mean it is against the fair chase mantra. I am really having a hard time even responding to your ignorant dribble due to your profile. Your admitted interest is remodeling you single wide? You sir are more than likely a troll who takes extreme pleasure in stirring the pot. I think I will leave you to your bottle of lotion and box of tissues..................................
  4. huntlines

    trail cams...NOT FAIR CHASE

    Cry me a river, this is why I left this forum for a while. Bunch of whining cry babies always b*itching about something. For hells sake, just go hunting and have fun.
  5. huntlines

    Popcorn thread

    Can't let this thread drop below the fold............
  6. huntlines

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Red Sparky, I hope your right. Or maybe they got caught by someone stealing cameras and have already been taken care of. I checked all of them recently and they are all still there with nothing but elk and deer on them.
  7. huntlines

    2018 antler growth

    Got some great bulls on camera last weekend during a scouting trip. I don't think the drought affect antler growth at all.
  8. huntlines

    Popcorn thread

    Glad to see this topic resurrected
  9. huntlines

    Low life Camera thiefs

    I'm well aware the Cam bandit profile is just a spoof and for satire. However, my statement regarding my cameras not being messed with since posting on this thread is curious. It may just be coincidence but maybe not. There is a lot of satire on this forum and I have been the instigator from time to time.
  10. huntlines

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Cam bandit, Funny thing is, you have not tried again. Sure is weird, since this thread started my cameras have not been messed with. I didn't want to think someone on this forum would be a thief but sure has gone quiet around my cameras........
  11. huntlines

    Low life Camera thiefs

    I've had lots of cameras taken over the years but recently it has got out of control. I'm now putting out bait cameras with others hidden better and I'm using cameras which save pictures to a separate device also well hidden. Hope to get the people on camera who are doing it because their face will be plastered all over the internet.
  12. I found out today I drew a unit 1 archery tag. I've hunted antelope with a bow before and never been successful, I was young and had no idea what I was doing. I've never hunted unit 1 before and will be making regular trips up there to scout. My concern is access issues. Has anyone hunted this recently? Is there access issues or is this unit mostly hunter friendly?
  13. huntlines

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    First time in a long time no one in my extended family drew an elk tag. Only thing we got was my archery antelope tag in unit 1. I have my reservations about that hunt...... At least I have a November archery Kansas whitetail hunt to look forward to.
  14. I don't usually like to end my hunting season this early in the year but when I found this guy dogging a doe I just couldn't resist. I told myself if I can get to within twenty-five yards I will shoot him. Well I was able to get to within thirty and the doe ran him right to me at less than twenty yards. Tracking was easy due to the swacker broadhead and when I laid my hands on him I knew I made the right choice. Guess I'm just going to have to take the plunge and go hunt Kansas this year.
  15. huntlines

    Conner's First Buck

    Congrats I knew you guys would get it done. Love hunting with kids