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  1. Lazy-H98

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Nice ride! Looks like a 55-57 chevy stepside.
  2. Lazy-H98

    SPOT messaging service

    So most of my scouting and checking camera cards is done alone. The wife doesn't mind too much when I have cell service. The problem is alot of the time I'm in places that are out of cell range. I'm thinking this would make her feel alot more at ease if I picked up one and the service. Any thoughts?
  3. Lazy-H98

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Reminds me of the time my brother in law and I were hanging cameras in 23 one May. We just finished up the setup and walked back to the quad for a cold one. As we stood around the quad I heard the "rattle", and said did you hear that? He said hear what? We got about half way through the cold one and I heard the rattle. I again said, "did you hear that", hear what he said. This time I took a step back and found him coiled up and ready. I jump back and my brother in law hops on the seat of his quad! That day could have ended really badly, we were back there in "deep".
  4. Lazy-H98

    Trail Cam BAN

    Thanks for the update. I meant to tune into the webinar yesterday, but work got in the way.
  5. Lazy-H98

    Beetle Skull cleaning?

    We use Ben (AZ Skulls). Happy with his work. He is in the east valley. 602-769-7022.
  6. Lazy-H98

    Pics from Perkinsville/ Drake roads 03/28/2019

    Great pics! Browse looks fantastic.
  7. Lazy-H98

    Results are posted!!!

    Congrats. Heck of a tag!
  8. I'm another Nosler Accubond fan. They are lethal. In the past two years I've been the trigger man or apart of 4 harvests. Field reports on game coming out of 7MM RM's with MV 2815-3000 FPS. All one shot kills. Muley's at 702 yards (big body, 168gr LR) and 416 yards (age class 160 gr non LR) Coues at 400 yards (160 gr non LR) and 300 yards (168 gr LR)
  9. Lazy-H98

    CC Hit (First Elk Hunt) GEAR TIPS

    Danner Pronghorn boots have never let me down for both comfort and warmth. You can find them just under $200 if that's in your budget.
  10. Lazy-H98


    Sent you a pm.
  11. Lazy-H98

    Euro Mounts outside

    Yes they will turn white in the shade. I touch mine up from time to time with minwax wood stain (special walnut and/or dark walnut). Thin them down to adjust color to your liking. Apply with a rag.
  12. Lazy-H98


    Nicely done. Way to stick with it! Congrats.
  13. Lazy-H98

    Nosler LRAB

    Also need to add- 2018-I dropped an age class Muley with my 160gr AB (non-long range) load with one shot at 416 yards. These things are lethal.
  14. Lazy-H98


    Sweet deal. I love mine. My swaro 15X56's fit just fine.
  15. Lazy-H98


    Yo BOB! I tried sending you a PM, its says you cannot receive them?