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  1. Lazy-H98

    Massive Coues Buck

    +1. 34A
  2. Lazy-H98

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    I must have been mistaken. I thought the "zeroguidefee" services were for non-residents only. Wow what a deal.
  3. Lazy-H98

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Congrats-are you a Resident or Non-Resident, just curious?
  4. Lazy-H98

    Push Tanks - Where to set the camera

    Those are all solid plans. Yes stay away from water, lock boxes and locks only stop the honest people, to tempting IMO. I ran 8 cameras last year for my elk hunt. None were over water, but it was nearby. The bulls and bucks found my salt within days. Locate any trails in or out, and establish your brown salt lick just off the trail. Pinch points are also great locations. If cattle are in the area, forget about salt and cameras, find another spot. Moo cows will destroy it.
  5. Lazy-H98

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    +1 about Big Lake. We fished it 2 weeks ago from the shore for 2 days. Not a single bit for us or anyone we talked to. Watched boat after boat come in, they to were getting skunked. Except for one boat angler, who was parked just beyond our casting reach. I watched him reel in 3 nice ones in 60m midday. He was fishing off the bottom. Not sure what's going on there.
  6. Lazy-H98

    Beyond the Strut: AZ Turkey Hunting

    That was very nicely done.
  7. Lazy-H98

    New Mexico draw results

    Results out April 29th.
  8. Lazy-H98

    I HATE AZGFD online system!!!!!

    I do the same. All my app confirmation emails (wife and kids), goes into a separate folder in my email titled, "Arizona Big Game Draw". I also hate the order number thing.
  9. Lazy-H98

    Ladder test with a diy wireless camera

    Yes the DIY guys like me are interested.
  10. Lazy-H98

    Credit Card Hit

    It will hit Arizona Game an Fish Department $135 (per elk tag).
  11. Lazy-H98

    25 creedmoor anyone?

    Sweet! Thank you!
  12. Lazy-H98

    25 creedmoor anyone?

    Can you shed some light on the $10 Tikka spring trigger? Have not heard of this?
  13. Lazy-H98

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    +1 on the visit soon there after to verify all is good from CatfishKev. I also take along a plastic torpedo level, to make sure my box is on the level for stellar pics. I know, mas loco, my wife and kids remind me all the time.
  14. Lazy-H98

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    Cattle will be your Nemesis, if they are in the vicinity, the will find and destroy it. Nothing worse than a card full of cattle. When using salt, set it and forget it. They will find it. All game seem to always find mine, usually in a day or two. Set your time interval based on card size and how often you plan to check on them. Also keep an eye batteries. Dead batteries can also ruin your day. I've tried them all (water softener pellets, salt nuggets and trace mineral blocks). I prefer the trace mineral bricks (brown). I pick mine up at Cal Ranch or Tractor Supply. I usually break them into cubes with my mason chisel. I get 6 cubes out of one brick. For me they blend in much better then a bright white pile on the mountainside. When in cube form they pack much better too. Some deer and elk like to nose or push the salt blocks around, when in cube form not so much. Now is the time to get your salt and cameras out. Personally I wait until after the general javelina seasons are over, just to be on the safe side. When the bucks and bulls are in velvet, they seem to really hit the salt hard, once they shed their velvet, not so much. Good luck and post some pics of your set up. Al
  15. Lazy-H98

    Ted gets his shot

    AZ_SAWBUCK-well said sir.