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  1. bigrax

    How long until cards are hit??

    Just got hit for sandhill crane. Still hoping for deer.
  2. bigrax

    6.5 PRC Ammo ELDX

    Would you be willing to ship?
  3. bigrax

    Weimaraner Puppies - SOLD

    Awesome puppies. We bought the yellow female and she is great.
  4. bigrax

    Weimaraner Puppies - SOLD

    PM sent yesterday. Really interested.
  5. bigrax

    2018 Ram 1500 Laramie

    Selling my 2018 Ram 1500. It has almost 41k miles. Runs great just want to eventually buy something else for the family. Looking to get $35K.
  6. bigrax

    Coati Finally

    Nice one. It has thick fur. The one I got was a male and he was all by himself.
  7. Finally found one today. Been going out after work and on weekends looking for one. They are cool animals. Taking it to the taxidermist tomorrow.
  8. bigrax

    Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Bipod

    If wbyfireman passes I will take it if you will ship to Morenci.
  9. bigrax

    Rigid Industries LED Lights

    Would you be willing to ship the rock lights?
  10. bigrax


    Not looking for trades at this time.
  11. bigrax


    Selling my Swarovski BTX with 85mm. It has the Swarovski stay on cases and Outdoorsman’s balance rail. Have only used it twice. Would like to get $4100. Will post pictures with the cases and balance rail shortly.
  12. bigrax

    Tri Clawps

    Would you be willing to ship?
  13. bigrax

    Found soft gun case

    No gun in it. Just the case.
  14. bigrax

    Found soft gun case

    Found soft gun case in unit 27 around upper eagle creek. Let me know if you lost one so I can get it back to you.