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  1. Scope Cover sold. Still have the rings if someone needs them.
  2. bigrax

    300wsm Ammo

    Would you ship the fusion?
  3. bigrax


    Would you be willing to ship?
  4. bigrax


    Would you ship the BTX case?
  5. Leupold PRW2 30mm Scope Rings. Brand new $50. Leupold XXL Scope Cover. Brand new $20. Bought them and went a different direction with my scope.
  6. bigrax

    WTB 15x SLC carry bag.

    I have one.
  7. bigrax

    Marsupial BTX 85 Case

    It has the shoulder strap and has never been outside. Got it and my spotter won’t fit with the outdoorsmans balance rail. Would let it go for $100.
  8. bigrax

    Marsupial BTX 85 Case

    Have a brand new Marsupial BTX 85 Case if anyone is interested.
  9. Do you have any pictures?
  10. bigrax

    Winners Choice Strings

    Thank you. Just put a set on my Triax but wasn’t sure if I was going to like them. I haven’t shot it yet so thank you for the info.