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  1. coyoteexterminator

    Classic Firearms

    willing to take the scope off the Remington wood master?
  2. coyoteexterminator

    H1000 For sale

    It sold, so I guess it wasn’t that expensive , supply and demand, I made no profit off of it, at all… I was just trying to pass it on to the next guy that needed it more than me.
  3. coyoteexterminator

    H1000 For sale

  4. coyoteexterminator

    6.5 PRC Ammo ELDX

  5. coyoteexterminator

    H1000 For sale

    Located in Goodyear
  6. coyoteexterminator

    H1000 For sale

    I paid $65 a pound just wanna make my money back Selling 4 pounds for $260 firm. Will not break up. Prefer to keep same lot together, unless you have a buddy that wants to split it and buy together.
  7. coyoteexterminator

    6.5 PRC Ammo ELDX

    Yes As long as your willing to cover the shipping
  8. coyoteexterminator

    6.5 PRC Ammo ELDX

    $45 a box
  9. coyoteexterminator

    6.5 PRC Ammo ELDX

    $50 a box $145 for all located in Goodyear
  10. coyoteexterminator

    Primary Arms SLX 5X Prism

    good deal
  11. coyoteexterminator


    These groups are 156 grain bergers with N565 the groups are half a grain apart
  12. coyoteexterminator


  13. coyoteexterminator


  14. coyoteexterminator

    Kuiu Valo Attack Pants W34S

    Bump 80$