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  1. jknister

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    Thanks everyone for all your input. Hopefully buying a 17 WSM soon.
  2. jknister

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    I'll probably end up doing this
  3. jknister

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    So it looks like Im going to go with a 17 something........Anyone have one for sale?
  4. Im looking for a good quiet (ish) rifle to use to shoot coyotes. Im currently using a .22 but they keep running off after being shot. I want to stay smaller and quieter so something like a 22Mag, .17, AR15 would be ideal. Dont want something super fancy and/or expensive as its just going to get knocked around. Longest shot will probably be 150 yards. What do you have?
  5. Up for sale is a very nice pair of Viper HD 15x50 binos. They come with a neck strap and lens covers and that's it. Ive spotted deer a long way off with these. You will like them $400 I live in Cottonwood but can ship for $10.
  6. jknister

    My cat with javelina

    When I'm trying to hunt but my cat wants to make friends.....
  7. jknister

    Vortex kiabab 18x56

    I'm confused...You first post says $750. Then this last post says: Price drop, $750 ???
  8. jknister

    15xs or 18xs

    I use a set of 15x50 Vipers and love them. I'm borrowing a set of 20x56 Kiababs and really really love them. Looking to get some of my own. The 20s almost eliminate the need for a spotting scope.
  9. I'm looking for a pair of Vortex Kaibab 20x56 Binos. Ive seen a few on this forum in the past for a good price, I just missed out. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  10. jknister

    6B Arizona Mule Deer hunt

    Did anyone ever help you out with this? I can point you to some decent areas around Sedona