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  1. Calebwalter

    Arizona Desert

    I have the first hunt also haha
  2. Calebwalter

    Arizona Desert

    It’s my first year hunting desert mulies and my second year hunting in general. I’ve got a 37b rifle tag so I’ve been spending my weekends out there. Got a couple spikes on camera and even a 3x3 coues, but no shooter bucks. not going to lie, getting a little discouraged, I haven’t seen anything moving. Is it pretty typical for deer to be bedded in cover all day because of the heat? Think they are eating or watering during the day at all?
  3. Calebwalter

    20gauge #8 shot

    It was nice chatting with you this afternoon. Hopefully we have a chance to shoot some quail soon!
  4. Calebwalter

    20gauge #8 shot

  5. Calebwalter

    20gauge #8 shot

    I’m located in Gilbert
  6. Calebwalter

    20gauge #8 shot

    I have some Winchester 20gauge that I won’t be using anytime soon and figured maybe someone needs it for dove season. $10 a box, I have 4 boxes left located in Gilbert
  7. Calebwalter

    Safe Cleanout

    I sent you a PM about the other 1100
  8. Calebwalter

    Cz 457 mtr

    I love shooting 22lr. When are where is the nrl22 match? I’ve been thinking about giving one a try.
  9. Calebwalter

    Remington 1100 12 Gauge

    Did you ever sell this gun?
  10. Calebwalter

    Spring bear

    Thanks. I was bummed because I missed the spring applications while distracted with my frost deer hunt. I’m bummed that I missed javelina but I’m glad I can go try my hand at a spring bear hunt! And if I’m not successful I can try again in the fall!
  11. Calebwalter

    Spring bear

    I just realized there was a separate book for javelina, bears, bison etc. It looks like you can hunt otc bear in 24a and 23n starting 3/19 through 4/29, good to know!
  12. Calebwalter

    Spring bear

    I’m new to hunting and have never hunter bears. Is spring bear OTC or on a draw? I’ve seen articles that make it seem to be OTC but the regs don’t show anything for the spring?
  13. Calebwalter

    Vortex Diamondback 15x56 hd

    I’ll take 1. Sending PM
  14. Calebwalter

    ISO Kodiak VX 10x14 tent

    I’m looking to buy a Kodiak VX 10x14 tent. The VX has the side windows. If you have one that you’re wanting to sell send me a PM. Thanks
  15. Calebwalter

    My brother's 600 yard kill shot

    I don’t see anything wrong with the 14 shots that were taken? There was an issue with the scope, nothing was wounded, they got it sorted, then drilled a nice buck! Great job