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  1. hunter4life

    How old do you say he is?

    7.5 by my count
  2. hunter4life

    Doubled down

    Ages will be very young, probably <18 months. They don't tend to stick together with their mother very long after that. A mother with juveniles is pretty much the only scenario where you will get 3 hanging around together. I agree with AZBig 10. Young lions will be very good eating. Old toms will get pretty tough and are not even close to as good.
  3. hunter4life

    I've been blessed again!

    Congratulations, awesome buck!
  4. hunter4life

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    The only problem I see in your story is him telling you it was at the ruggers, when it was not. Covid shutdowns and supply chain issues have hit taxidermists hard. Tannery turnaround times got longer, form suppliers have nothing in stock and it takes forever to get the order filled, 2-part foam was nearly impossible to get for a while, the cost of foam, glue, eyes etc. has doubled or tripled. Before you guys come for me. No, I am not a taxidermist. However, I am related to one.
  5. hunter4life

    Another non-resident lion "expert" ...

    The article was pretty much spot on. Most lions are killed with the use of hounds and the sex can usually (not all the time) be determined when they are in the tree. Most females have kittens or dependent cubs even if they are not with her at the time. The male quotas don't really matter. They range much more widely than females and will repopulate an area where all the males have been killed quite quickly. They also will kill each other if there are too many of them. If all the females in an area are killed I have seen it take several years for a new female to move into that particular mountain range. I agree with a lower female quota and think that NM has done a relatively good job with their system.
  6. hunter4life

    Boots destroyed by Hydrolysis

    I had that happen while packing out an aoudad. The fronts came off both boots. All I had was dental floss. Amazingly it held up. Luckily I only had half a mile more to go.
  7. hunter4life

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Just to be clear, there is no such thing as "no man's land" underneath the spine. I hear it all the time but it is not anatomically possible. The lungs go up beside the spine on either side. There is no empty space, the projectile is either in the spine or in the lungs (or both). Take a good look at your next deer carcass and look at the chest cavity. All the smooth lining inside the ribcage is the pleural cavity and this space is entirely filled with lung tissue in a living animal. There is no dead space. Now above the spine, where the backstraps sit, there are the spinous processes and a projectile can go through this area without hitting anything vital. The animal can be stunned temporarily and then run off.
  8. hunter4life

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    Sad state of affairs. Makes me wonder what NM is up to. Usually our government figures out the most fubar way to do things. You hear everywhere about the terrible decrease in hunter numbers and that we need the three R's: recruitment, retaining and reactivation. I don't follow a lot of states but it definitely seems that it gets more difficult to draw tags in CO and NM every year. Hunters are idiots and think that we can win a numbers game against the anti-hunters. As your state population increases if you keep the same %age of hunters then pretty soon you run out of tags and can only hunt every few years. If you can only hunt every few years it will be really hard to recruit kids into hunting. The only chance we have is getting the general population who does not hunt to at least believe that it is science based, good for the environment and that it should not be outlawed. I actually have no interest in the general population hunting because that takes away the opportunity for myself and my kids.
  9. hunter4life

    How far would you pack out an elk

    If hunting alone I would not go over 2 miles. With one buddy, maybe 3 miles depending on terrain. I once packed an elk out 9 miles one way on foot. There were 3 of us. I would not want to do that again. After that trip we got some mules and now they go on all the elk hunts. My brother and I killed 2 bulls about 9miles in. With 4 mules we packed both bulls and all of camp in one load without a problem (we walked and led the mules on the way out). I would do that pack out again in a heartbeat.
  10. hunter4life

    The virus

    I am self employed but work at multiple hospitals and my own office. I am knowingly exposed to Covid frequently while caring for patients (while wearing PPE) and also likely unknowingly without the full N95 and other garb. I deal with the elderly frequently and do not want to transmit the virus to them. Hospitals essentially require the flu vaccine yearly with only a few exceptions. Prior to Covid if you claimed a medical or religious exemption to the flu vaccine you would have to wear a mask at all times while in the building during flu season. Under the emergency use authorization for the Covid vaccine I believe that an employer cannot mandate you get the vaccine (yet), but they can strongly suggest it and make you take other precautions if you don't.
  11. hunter4life

    The virus

    I work with it nearly every day. Do people die from it? Yes. Mostly they are elderly or have multiple other health problems with diabetes and obesity being some of the worst. Does it warrant the shutting down of the economy, lockdowns, and the destruction of small businesses. No. I will be required to get the vaccine due to my job and am scheduled to get it in 2 weeks. Do I have any worries about getting the vaccine? NO. If you are over 65, or over 40 with comorbidities I would recommend it. The last people in line to get the vaccine should be children and healthy people under 40 years old. They statistically do extremely well with Covid-19.
  12. hunter4life

    F New Mexico

    Our governor is crazy. We are pretty much in lockdown again and her new requirements to get out of lockdown are nearly impossible to meet, so it won't be changing any time soon. Kids have been at home doing Zoom school since this started, which is also completely ridiculous. I guess she never read the Danish masking study, which is the only randomized controlled trial on masking and did not show a benefit. Don't blame the businesses, they are just trying to stay open and not get shut down or fined. So yes, NM is pretty screwed up but it keeps the crowds away. Every time I visit my in laws in Arizona and see all the urban sprawl, people everywhere and horrible traffic I say " F Arizona, this place is too crowded".
  13. hunter4life

    Outdoor Writer - Best Wishes with Medical

    Some wisdom right there. I am a MD and work in the hospitals nearly every day. I have seen more bad outcomes and deaths from delaying care than I have from Covid.
  14. hunter4life

    New truck considerations

    You get alot more for your money with Ford/Dodge/Chevy. I like Toyotas (I own a 2019 4runner) but you get a lot more truck for your money with a Ford F-150 (I own a 2004 that is still going strong).
  15. hunter4life

    Load for 7mm Mag

    I have recently been using RL25 and 160 grain Barnes TSX. In my rifle it is very accurate with good velocity.