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    2020 Javelina

    Great Story!
  2. NewlyMinted

    Ted gets his shot

    Newberg, THP and HUSH have yet to bag an archery Coues over the last 3 years, but show the duck, quail, rabbit, and javelina in the area which is very cool. I thought OTC Javelina was only in the metro regions and the 36s needed a draw or left over tag?
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    I don't have a dog in this fight, but read p25 onwards of this: https://collaboration.idfg.idaho.gov/WildlifeTechnicalReports/Elk Statewide FY2019.pdf Harsh winter made the big hit, but wolves taking young Elk are clearly cited as the reason recovery is not faster.
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    Ted gets his shot

    Any good videos as a result?
  5. NewlyMinted

    Ted gets his shot

    These guys are who got me excited about hunting in the first place. Was so happy they came out to AZ the last 2 years.
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    SOLD Please Delete

    I'll take it.. will send a PM
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    I think it just suggests to anyone seeing a camera or blind near water that they can cut it down or remove it because it's not legal. I read he is running for a different office since his term limits in the House are up, maybe his new next role has more sway over these things? Hope not.
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    26" utv wheels and tire takeoffs

    Thanks for measuring! I have a CFMoto unit and they need 4/110 wheels.. these'd be perfect
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    Did he tell you why they were being written? Is it related to particular incident or area of the state, or just campaign donation nonsense?
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    He's up for election in November....
  11. NewlyMinted

    26" utv wheels and tire takeoffs

    Are these 4/110 studs? Can you measure the distance between two opposite ones?
  12. You headed to Tucson anytime?
  13. Same Representative that tried to convert public land to state land last year.
  14. NewlyMinted

    WTB binos

    As a new hunter without that kinda budget, I've been told that too. I have some Vultures I bought from a cool member on here, and a razor spotter from another great CWT member, and my optics won't be upgraded until I have put aside the cash (maybe 2025? 🤣) to get some 15x56s. I've already bought twice on the scope and other equipment that I thought i could get a decent knock-off that ultimately failed. I'm a broken record in mentioning this, but I was able to get a side by side comparison between Swaros and Vultures when I went on my glassing lesson with Duwane Adams, It knocked my socks off how we could be looking at the same hill. The Vultures are great, everything is clear and there isn't any edge effect. The details on the mountain and animals were good BUT colors, contrast, brightness, fine detail were nothing when compared to Duwane's Swaro setup. I know I'm going to be buying twice (but hey, my kid will need optics too), but I'm not buying 3 or 4 times.
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    Opinions on vortex spotting scope

    Can't beat their fully transferable, not receipt need, amazing warranty. I'm sending in some vultures I bought on here that became damaged. Everything was cool.
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    Mule Deer 33/37B

    How'd it go today?
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    Popcorn thread

  18. NewlyMinted

    Gen2 Vortex Razor straight 27-60x85 (price drop)

    Bump for a good person!
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    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    Congratulations!! What a beast!
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    Page 25 of the idfg talks about the area. Apparently The winter of 96 was awful for mortality and the current population is way below expected. Page 25 talks specifically about the Lolo Zone and wolves feature a starring role https://collaboration.idfg.idaho.gov/WildlifeTechnicalReports/Elk Statewide FY2019.pdf Predation is acknowledged.. interesting read.. Further down..
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    Misc. gear: game cams, meat slicer and bipod

    PM sent
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    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

  23. NewlyMinted

    Ruger 10/22 Take Down

    I don't blame you. I have the same Magpul on mine!
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    Checking In

    Hi everyone! I'm just checking in to say hi. I'm a new hunter starting a few decades after most people do, and after quail 2 seasons ago, I bought an Accura V2 LR and did the hunters ed and drew a 36A tag this year. I've read a ton online, about a dozen books, listened to podcasts and watched Youtube psyching myself up for this season. I've been hoofing it routinely in the area I think I want to be in 36A. I've driven the quite a few of the dirt tracks and have a ton of questions, a few concerns for my first hunt. So before I launch in to all of those, wanted to quickly say hello! Excited for October! Ed