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  1. Brian Fahs

    Swarovski 15HD’s----SOLD

    Nice deal here.
  2. Brian Fahs

    Swarovski EL 8X32 Field Pro $1500

    Since I got my 8x32s my 10x42s sit.
  3. Brian Fahs

    Outdoorsmans Micro Pan head

    Message sent
  4. Brian Fahs

    Remington Model 600 243 reduced-price

    I killed my first deer with that same set up. Tack driver that my cousin still owns.
  5. Brian Fahs


    Intersting. Care to explain?
  6. Brian Fahs

    Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head

    Pm sent
  7. Brian Fahs

    Outdoorsmans Panhead, Pistol grip and 2 adapters

    I will take the 2 adapters for $20. Does the price include shipping?
  8. Brian Fahs

    Cabelas stand hunter gloves

  9. Brian Fahs

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Great deal on phenomenal glass. Love the set I own.
  10. Brian Fahs

    Outdoorsmans Window Mount

    I'll take the one on left if still available. Pm your paypal.
  11. Brian Fahs

    For sale. Outdoorsman pistol grip head

    Yes it is in your picture
  12. Brian Fahs

    For sale. Outdoorsman pistol grip head

    If it includes the 3/8 adapter I will do $150
  13. Love my slik 634. Have 2 of them.

    I'm partial to outdoorsmans heads. Regular pan head for the spotters and my pistol grip for binos.