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  1. CouesFanatic

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Gunna be tough to prove they were hunting in a spot they had a camera. Running cameras will still be legal after this passes. Good luck knowing who's camera is who's and who is using that info for the take of game. Exactly why people smearing peanut butter or saying they will take cameras down is garbage. It could be Joe Wildlife Watcher 's camera from Scottsdale. Now if they post a trail cam picture they are are another level of dumb and deserve to be caught.
  2. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    I agree with you. Its difficult to know the genetics of an animal. Thats why I think point restriction programs struggle. I think the point of the thread is that we are killing too many deer and would like to limit NR's if we have to cut tags somewhere.
  3. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    It's not about who breeds more its about what age class is out there. A spike is a future 120 buck. If we shoot too many deer, nothing gets old. 1.5 year old spike or a 3.5 year old 70 inch buck. who has the better genetics? I don't know, but older bucks breeding more does doesn't equal better genetics.
  4. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    Let us know. I'de be happy to email/call.
  5. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    I agree 1000%
  6. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    No, there's been years and years of studies that prove that doesn't work. Plus a lot of deer get killed and left because its one point short or different than they thought.
  7. CouesFanatic

    Over the counter tags

    I wouldn't mind all the archery deer hunts going to a draw. Its headed that way. Every year there's a couple more that are draw only. We need less tags in this state. Quality is down a lot lately.
  8. CouesFanatic

    Any lab pups?

    search Cole VanWinkle on instagram. He has a pregnant chocolate lab
  9. CouesFanatic

    Rutting 2020

    Seen a little forky mule deer acting rutty but that's it
  10. CouesFanatic

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    The fact that the state agreed to build a bridge should help the parents case hopefully. I don't see how an accident like this could be classified as child abuse.
  11. CouesFanatic

    There will always be Cameras on water!

    Agreed 100%. I have seen the same thing with cameras in other units.
  12. CouesFanatic

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    SirRoyal this isn't a pissing match. Ive killed a lot of big animals and I'm sure you are a good hunter as well. I've seen some of your pics and I know we both know what we are doing when it comes to finding big animals. We can agree to disagree on who is the main culprit. I've met good guides and some real bad ones. It's just unfortunate it's coming to this where the average Joe can't run a camera or two anymore in a mediocre unit where it isn't affecting anyone. Thats the real issue I see here.
  13. CouesFanatic

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I'm against the ban and I don't see the g&f's supposed fair chase issue or hindering wildlife issue. But the G&F has this rule in their sights and is going to pass this. Everyone should be able to run as many cameras as they want, it's just the guides that are running 100X more than the average hunter or even hardcore hunter, drawing the attention and driving the complaints to the G&F. G&F is sick of dealing with it and is going to ban them completely. Thats my thoughts anyway.
  14. CouesFanatic

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    So as long as we are courteous and don't check cams early in the day we can put as many cams out as we want and it makes no difference? This is exactly why they are going to pass the camera ban. Guides have no clue that they are ruining it for the rest of us.
  15. CouesFanatic

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    exactly. good luck regulating this