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  1. CouesFanatic

    WTB compound bow 70lb@29”

    I have a black Hoyt carbon element 29 inch draw 60-70 pound bow I'd sell. Has a drop away rest, tight spot quiver, spot Hogg 5 pin slider sight. Would sell together or bare bow.
  2. CouesFanatic

    Motivate Ducey

  3. CouesFanatic

    ISO bow for a buddy

    Ive got a Hoyt Carbon Element I'd sell. 60-70 pounds 29 inch draw
  4. CouesFanatic

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Can anyone explain me this? 4A, 6A, 17A, 20A, 22 and a lot of other units will now not be available to archery hunt in December or January, only in August. Why are these hunts not going to draw when units like 7 or 11M? Seems like the dec/jan is going to disappear and the august/sept hunts go to draw (see units 1, 27, 2ABC, 3a/3c). So this means in a few years there will be no dec/jan archery hunts? Why don't they convert the dec/jan hunts to draw instead of eliminating them?
  5. CouesFanatic

    New WR Non-typical P&Y

    World Record and still can't take a decent picture
  6. CouesFanatic

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Exactly, what are they doing in 33? I'm happy to see tag reduction but that's pretty aggressive. Curious to see how this goes.
  7. CouesFanatic

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    You don't need a guide in that unit
  8. CouesFanatic

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I got a charge and no portal changes yet
  9. CouesFanatic

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I got a hit, no jokes
  10. CouesFanatic

    I heard the hits are coming.

    You used 7 points on that hunt?
  11. CouesFanatic

    Card Hit

  12. CouesFanatic

    Black River Small Mouth

    Are they still requiring a covid test within 72 hours?
  13. CouesFanatic

    Tick Tock

    April 2nd
  14. CouesFanatic

    Tick Tock

    Wait a week most likely
  15. CouesFanatic

    Trail cam update

    Convenient timing to send that email huh