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  1. CouesFanatic

    7E Kachina Peaks October Hunt

    Watch the Randy Newberg video on youtube in there. That should give you a good idea of how that hunt is.
  2. CouesFanatic

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    If I had land in 33 I would close it off too. 33 is ridiculous, there is hunt after hunt with 500 plus tags in the unit. There is 9 rifle and muzzleloader hunts in a row. That doesn't count the over the counter archery tags in august, September, December and January. Signs shot up, trash left out, people not closing gates, people not signing in at locations the Game and Fish is trying to work with the landowner. Most people have no respect these days, I'd close it too if it was my land. If people respected private land maybe things would be different. I'm not saying that's why this specific case is closed, but we would be a lot better off if we closed gates, stayed on the roads and picked up our garbage and casings. The bad apples are hurting our access all over this state.
  3. CouesFanatic

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    If they didn't have 12,000 tags in there every fall this stuff wouldn't happen as much. That unit is the G&F's cash cow.
  4. CouesFanatic

    Woodbury Fire

    113,000 now
  5. CouesFanatic

    New Fire on the Rim

    Inciweb has been a little slow on getting new fires up. Any info?
  6. CouesFanatic

    Fire between Horseshoe and Bartlett

    The one by Superior had a huge plume of smoke tonight, I could see if from the beeline.
  7. CouesFanatic

    Checker Board Land Access

    Private means private. The government should have little to no say in what I do with my land. Requiring access is over the line. Working with landowners to obtain access is the proper way to go.
  8. CouesFanatic

    Regs are out

    The managing for quality works yes. Is that the right thing to do is the real question. Most of our units are over hunted, but I see tags getting harder to get each year. It's a tough situation. I like the idea of keeping some units for quality and some units for opportunity.
  9. CouesFanatic

    Unit 21 herd

    Be ready to shoot some coyotes. They are everywhere in that unit.
  10. CouesFanatic

    Trail Cam BAN

    There is no good cutoff for this. Which season is the cut off? There are seasons year round. Deer, Elk, Sheep, Bear? I don't see a cutoff date as a reasonable alternative.
  11. CouesFanatic

    Trail Cam BAN

    I realize that, I don't think I've even seen a tank even on the strip with more than 10-12 cameras on it. How often do you need to check them? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? It's not like all 10 guys are checking them daily. Even if they were, it's not rear round, probably right before or during the hunt. Don't you think waterholes get that much pressure from archery elk hunters anyways even if cameras were banned? A guy sitting the bank of the waterhole for the two week archery hunt puts more pressure on the game than 10 guys driving in for 10 minutes and checking the cam.
  12. CouesFanatic

    Trail Cam BAN

    Yeah lets ban laser range finders, long range guns, wind meters, turrets, scopes, 4x4 trucks, utv's and compound bows. Be a real man and shoot them with a hand made bow and arrow with a rock on the end! ....it never ends
  13. CouesFanatic

    Trail Cam BAN

    Prevents or alters how wildlife accesses water sources. One could argue cameras do not do this. There is no way even 50 cameras on a water hole change wildlife behavior. Cameras do nothing but good for the wildlife.
  14. CouesFanatic

    Rimfire Guys!!

    The CZ cannot be beat for the money