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    I highly recommend the system. Install is a pain, but only because of the wire running. Once it's up you will have 24/7 recording even if the internet goes out. Clarity is great, mine are 1440P but they have some clearer ones now. Everyone I've shown mentions how clear it is. DVR is rock solid. I've had several other brands and its always the DVR that goes out. Ive been running both of mine for 4-5 years and haven't had a single DVR or camera issue. I have 2 dvr's and 8 cameras. I tried other wifi brands before this brand and the clarity was horrible compared to Reolink. No monthly fees at all for local recording. App is user friendly. I can pull video and save to my phone easily. I can set up motion alerts. For $400 I don't think you can beat this: https://reolink.com/us/product/rlk8-510b4-a/
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    I do. I'd be happy to answer any questions
  4. CouesFanatic

    Pointguard Plus

    Maybe I'm dense but I don't understand why instead of a $5 fee for regular point guard, now for $25 I can cover 3 draws in a row. G&F likes loss of revenue? Are there really people going to buy regular point guard when pointguard plus gets first dibs to tags surrendered?
  5. CouesFanatic

    Electric F150

    Feds are working on EV taxes with registration and taxes per mile. Its just a new technology, taxes will catch up. Times change and so does technology. Businesses need to adapt or get left behind. Look at blockbuster, change with the times or go bankrupt. Both Ice and electric both pollute the earth. I don't personally believe either is better for the earth. If you live on earth you will destroy/consume things, its part of life. We support a lot of local gas stations still and mom and pop stores. I don't feel one bit bad for Chevron, QT or any of the big oil companies, they have enough money.
  6. CouesFanatic

    Electric F150

    The misinformation in this thread is amazing. I laugh the whole way through. 10-12K hahaha. I too was misinformed until we test drove a few and found out the real numbers. We paid $500 for the Tesla charger and $500 for the install. Arizona has a $1K rebate that we received so the charger was a wash. We spend $35 a month extra on our electric bill to charge the car and we drive a lot. We can get a full charge in under an hour in the garage that happens at night while we sleep. No more oil changes, no more stopping to get gas in the morning and being late for work. We bought a Tesla model Y that was 3K more than the Toyota Highlander we were going to buy. Bought the vehicle in a few clicks rather than dealing with turbo salesmen at the lot. We paid 166 for 5 years of registration btw. The amount of money we are saving on gas and registration alone makes it worth it. Plus the car is very very fast and extremely fun to drive. We drove to California and back and I didn't steer or use the gas/brake pedals the entire time, and we spent $35 total to charge it both ways. My wife will not go back to ice vehicles. I wasn't a fan until I actually did the research and experienced it myself. It has a 8 year bumper to bumper warranty including the battery and the batteries are supposed to last 200,000-250,000 miles. Tesla comes to my house and does anything I want to free while I'm at work. If you need a car for driving around town its a no brainer. It's cheaper, faster and more fun to drive. That being said I'm keeping my Tacoma for hunting/fishing/camping. The electric thing isn't far enough along for that yet.
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    First one of ‘22

    How many snakes did you see?
  8. CouesFanatic

    23 North Early Archery

    Don't hire a guide. If theres any elk hunt in the state that you don't need a guide, thats it. Enjoy success from your own hard work. I can't stand dragging a guide around with me on an archery bull hunt. From your profile pic it looks like you have a lot of experience hunting, you should be fine if you can put some time into it.
  9. CouesFanatic

    New Mexico draw

    Can't even draw the poverty tags! Glad we could in the past. My kids have no hope of getting tags which is really unfortunate.
  10. My concern is where this is going. LE hunts may turn into hundreds of auction tags like Utah. Why have them a draw when you can get 10X or 100X the money with them all being auctioned? Its a slippery slope.
  11. What did he say about his reasoning? $$$$?
  12. CouesFanatic

    OTC hunts for 2023

    From what I've heard it would start Jan 1 through Dec 31st. So January would be guaranteed open but August and December could close. I could be wrong though. Anyone have good info in this?
  13. CouesFanatic

    Polaris extended warranty and service plan

    No. Extended warranties are where the dealers make most of their money. If you can do the basic stuff on your own occasionally you will save money without it. How much is your time worth?
  14. CouesFanatic

    Leftover tags

    When does it get put on the portals?
  15. CouesFanatic

    ASNF Removal of Feral Horses