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  1. Track_R6

    Game cam stolen

    Pretty lame if you ask me. Not anywhere cool, and just a cam I take my kids to so we can see if anything is on it. And def an area I do not hunt in except for sheds. Noticed someone put a drinker nearby it too. Owell. Just wish folks would leave other stuff alone.
  2. Track_R6

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Sorry to hear that misfortune!!!! Hopefully some good luck will come your way in penance for that one
  3. Track_R6

    Silencer wait time???

    I was one of the last paper folks and it was 14 for me. My buddy did the electronic and it’s been 7 months for him so far
  4. Track_R6

    Kelty perfect fit elite kid carrier

    Oh and here’s a link to specs https://www.kelty.com/journey-perfectfit-elite/
  5. Selling a kelty perfect fit elite hiking kid carrying backpack. Asking $150 obo. I’m located in payson. Used a few times, and worked great. I think it was near $300 brand new.
  6. Track_R6

    Kids First Knife

    He needs the knife of Rambo!!!! lol, but honestly that buck is a good choice. For me my kids I would go with some sort of old timer packet knife with smaller blades u til they display they can handle them. But if your kid has shown that then heck yea get him a nice knife he can use on the hunt! Good luck and hope he likes it
  7. Track_R6

    22S Lost bino harness and binos and rangefinder

    Yes he had some pig and lion tags in there so his name and address are in the harness
  8. My buddy lost his bino harness, binos and rangefinder in the buttes area of 22S. Here’s a pic. If anyone finds them please let me know and I will get you in touch with him. It’s an Alaskan big game bino harness or something of that sorts I believe and vortex razor 12’s and a vortex 4000 rangefinder. Thanks
  9. Track_R6

    School me on getting suppressors

    Well paperwork finally got approved at 14 months!!!! Lol now hopefully just a week and it will arrive at my door. Hopefully the next one o bit won’t take so long with the eforms
  10. Track_R6

    Sig Zulu Binoculars

    I have a pair of the Zulu 9 15x56 and I love them. I went from vortex diamondbacks to them and the difference is great. Also just got a pair of the Zulu 6 image stabilizing binos. They are gonna be a game changer for shed hunting and bow hunt spot and stalk. I recommend both, disclaimer though is I got them on a pro deal so they were def worth the money for me.
  11. Track_R6

    Rim country guns Payson

    Yea they have had it intermittently up here at rim country. Hate paying that much a box but is what it is I guess
  12. Track_R6

    Rim country guns Payson

    They have some 6.5 creedmoor 143gr eldx in stock if anyone is looking! oh and forgot the price. They want $54 a box I believe…..
  13. Track_R6

    Why do they keep doing this?

    I just can’t understand what would possess Someone to go after little kids like this. It absolutely infuriates me. And scares me a little as well. Having 3 boys under 10. My heart hurts for all those families. And the surviving kids there I hope they aren’t scarred and get the help they might need.
  14. Track_R6

    First set of the year

  15. Track_R6

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    Yup you can shoot there currently no fire restrictions or closures on the tonto yet this year!