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  1. ronk

    Unprepared and Overwhelmed

    Unprepared and overwhelmed is an under statement. Where is the training and preparedness, especially in this day and age of whackos.
  2. ronk

    tenacity of life

    Or the squirrel you shot out of the top of the tree, he falls all the way to the ground, you put him in the bag stone dead only to have him jump out the next time you open it up to put another in.
  3. ronk

    2018 Colorado Bucks

    Very nice bucks, congrats to all.
  4. Usually they are impaired drivers. Maybe in this case coming from the Casino. Scary indeed.
  5. Great job, way to stick with it. I've seen and heard too many times where guys give up too soon. Nice hunt and bull.
  6. Tenzing TZ 93o Lumbar Suspension Hunting Pack for sale. New never used, was a gift. $50 located in East Valley.
  7. Looking for a youth 20 gauge or .410 shotgun for my grandson. Nothing too fancy. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks
  8. ronk


    Yeah!!, I finally graduated from Newbie to Member today. Happy days.😀
  9. ronk

    Forum software upgrade

    I see it too Amanda. Looks great and thanks for all your hard work on this great site. Hope your finger gets a rest and gets better.
  10. ronk

    Forum software upgrade

    when I click on the Theme button on the bottom of the page all I see is IPB Light Blue or Dimension 4.3 options.
  11. ronk

    Danner Pronghorn 8 inch size 11D

    Dang, when I read the title I thought this was about some dink 8" antelope causing problems in the herd. Lol . Great boots by the way. Good luck on the sale.
  12. If it is only a matter of fair chase, then why not ban them all together not just at water sources.
  13. ronk

    Cut Resistant Gloves for Field Dressing

    I ordered some more also. I've had these types of gloves for years and they have saved several trips to the ER.
  14. ronk

    Wild Horses???

    The feral horse issue is like most all other issues. A few activists playing on the emotions of the ill informed and dictating what should happen. Just like gun control, illegal immigration, save the cats and bears, health care and on and on.
  15. ronk

    Wild Horses???

    These horses are feral not wild. They need to be taken out or at least managed not given water that needs to go to the native animals. The herd is exploding in size. There used to be just a few small pockets of feral horses in the area but have grown to unacceptable numbers.