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  1. Looking for a Tenzing 1215 Woman's backpack. If you have one you are looking to get rid of let me know. Thanks. Located in Mesa.
  2. ronk

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    Same thing happened to me, the tag was in my wallet and the ink was all worn off. I called G&F to get the tag number, etc. and wrote it on with a felt pen. He said it has happened alot.
  3. still available, fits nicely inside night stand drawer, readily available
  4. For sale: Liberty biometric safe model HDX-150 comes with AC charging adapter, lock down cable and key. Open with fingerprint or backup key. $75 Located in Mesa
  5. Crosman air rifle Model M4 177 shoots BB's and .177 pellets with Tasco Scope and pellet clips Pump up air power Great Christmas gift $75 Located in Mesa
  6. SOLD Selling American Security (AMSEC) gun safe Model 67FDBG. 60" tall, 22" wide, 16" deep. Mechanical combination lock, very dependable, adjustable shelves and removable divider. $575. Located in Mesa .
  7. ronk

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    wow, nice flathead
  8. ronk

    2023 Kaibab Bison Success!

    that's way better than awesome!! And thank you for your service.
  9. ronk

    Cinco de Mayo Gould’s- 4 bearded tom

    beautiful bird and way to go getting it done. Isn't it rare for four beards. I've heard of two or three, but not four.
  10. ronk

    Navajo sheep

    very nice ram and nice taxi work. congrats.
  11. ronk

    Horseshoe Dam, lake, river video

    Thanks Adicted, we will give it a shot. Appreciate the info. Love the pictures.
  12. ronk

    Horseshoe Dam, lake, river video

    Adicted, is there an accessible route to get to that area of the dam. Was thinking of taking someone in a wheelchair there if I can. Thanks.
  13. ronk

    Son's Opening Morning Archery Gobbler

    nicely done, congrats. Big smile, beautiful bird.