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  1. ronk

    WTB 25.06 bolt action

    looking for a 25.06 bolt action for my grandson. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Prefer stainless with composite stock but willing to consider others.
  2. ronk

    Power tool clean out.

    sorry, meant makita grinder
  3. ronk

    Power tool clean out.

    i will take the dewalt impact and milwaukee grinder will send pm
  4. ronk

    NRA and gun control

    http://WWW.youtube.com/embed/9RABZq5IoaQ?feature=player_embedded This is interesting I did not know this and I have never heard the NRA espouse this.
  5. ronk

    Looks like your going hunting.......

    sounds like the last election, all screwed up and they don't want to look into it or correct it. Just go about business as usual and move on
  6. ronk

    2021 Draw

    I heard from a friend of a friend that the system is so screwed up that they are going to issue tags to everyone that applied!! IF they can figured out how to do that.
  7. ronk

    "went with the old 30-30"

    nicely done. I shot my first pig many years ago with an open sight 30-30. Traded it off and wished I still had it.
  8. outstanding, way to get it done!!
  9. that is a lot of ammo. I better get started. LOL
  10. ronk

    RIP Rush

    he will be sorely missed. RIP Rush, a true American.
  11. ronk

    Bobcat Vs Rattle

    that is way cool. Trail cameras can very entertaining NOT JUST for taking game
  12. ronk

    Anybody recognize this magnet?

    very interesting, never heard of it either. Learned something new today.
  13. ronk

    You see this Colorado rep?

    we need more elected people like her representing us. Not just protecting the 2ndA but protecting all our rights, and following the Constitution.
  14. ronk

    Elk application not on record

    I think they use Dominion Software. That way they can take your money and throw out your application. Therefore they have a better chance of drawing a tag.
  15. ronk

    Elk application not on record

    my applications don't show up either. Also missing the Hunter Education bonus point. Called them last week and was told it would be corrected the next day. NOT. Called them again and was told it would corrected by Monday, yesterday. NOT. They create too many problems.