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  1. ronk

    Legality of Orders

    I don't see it as a conspiracy theory, I see it as it showed how easily we gave in and surrender many of our constitutional rights. In some cases without a whimper. Next time it may be worse.
  2. ronk

    horses in elk unit

    Typical government, throw money at the symptom rather than solve the underlying problem.
  3. ronk


  4. ronk

    New pup outings

    Cool, nice looking dog. Nothing like hunting quail behind a dog.
  5. ronk

    Unit 10 Bull

    I wouldn't gut him until G&F says it is okay. My father-in-law saw a nice bull jump a fence and caught the top wire and broke it's neck. He called G&F and they said don't touch him until they showed up. Unfortunately, they never showed and the meat went to waste.
  6. Lance, Dude, I wasn't referring to the product, only the Customer Service. I like my Uncle Mike's holsters, among others.
  7. So I called Uncle Mikes about the availability of a replacement thumb break strap for one of my holsters, what I got was totally unexpected. After being placed on hold for over thirty minutes waiting for an agent, I got a recording saying all agents are busy and I was disconnected. This happened four times over the next two days. On the fifth try I asked the operator to connect me with a supervisor or someone in authority. I was connected to the Manager of Customer Service. Naturally all I got was his voice mail. That was Tuesday of last week and still no call back. In addition, over a week ago I sent an email via their website asking the same question. Still no reply (sound of crickets). This is the type of customer service that puts companies out of business. I don't know what kind of customer service experience others have had with this company but this is totally unacceptable.
  8. ronk

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Oorah!! Thank her for her service. We appreciate it every day.
  9. That's cool. Anytime I had bears on my camera they were chewing on it.
  10. ronk

    Kids are growing up quick!

    How nice! They do grow up fast, one of my grandsons had his homecoming dance last weekend.
  11. ronk

    Curious little bear

    Nice, he hung around a long time.
  12. Great story, loved following along with pictures and all. This thread makes all others look pale in comparison. Thanks for sharing. I know some will say hey your giving up too much information on spots and all but it made for a great read, I loved following along for the ride.
  13. ronk


    We should never forget. Yet Representative Omar refers to 9/11 as "some people did something".
  14. unreal, truly a fabulous place. keep after 'em
  15. ronk

    Dream Buck

    wow, truly a buck of a lifetime. way to get it done