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  1. ronk

    Found 2 cameras in 23 caked with mud

    Unfortunately, probably a forerunner of things to come. Nice of you and your boy to take the time to try and correct someone else's inexcusable actions.
  2. ronk

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    that is awesome. Even better that your daughter goes along. What were you using for bait?
  3. ronk

    Bushnell Bore Sighter

    For Sale Bushnell Bore Sighter with 15 arbors, .177 to .50. Comes with case and instructions. Very good condition. $40. Located in Mesa.
  4. ronk

    hunting/camping solo

    I started out hunting solo, then hunting with my son, then hunting solo again. Now I enjoy hunting with my grandsons. All good memories.
  5. ronk

    The other draw (The Grand)

    went on a commercial trip nearly 50 years ago. Trip of a lifetime. Crystal and Lava were huge at the time. Some riders chose to hike around. As mentioned was very hot. Enjoy yourself.
  6. ronk

    Solo hunt rewards

    Nice deer and nice writeup. Thanks for sharing
  7. For Sale: Primos Trigger Stick Gen 2 Bipod, 39" collapsed. Never used was a gift. $50. Located in Mesa. Sold, thanks to everyone that responded.
  8. ronk

    Sold FS 44 MAG ammo

    44 mag ammo for sale. 20 cartridges 240 gr. JSP. No longer hav e the pistol so don't need the ammo. $20 Located east Mesa. Thanks to everyone that responded.
  9. ronk

    30-30 ammo

    I will take both boxes. sent you a pm
  10. ronk


    I had one of those when I was in high school, many years ago. Mine was a '47 CJ2A. 4 cylinder was way under powered, but fun to off road in.
  11. ronk

    WTB 25.06 bolt action

    looking for a 25.06 bolt action for my grandson. Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Prefer stainless with composite stock but willing to consider others.
  12. ronk

    Power tool clean out.

    sorry, meant makita grinder
  13. ronk

    Power tool clean out.

    i will take the dewalt impact and milwaukee grinder will send pm
  14. ronk

    NRA and gun control

    http://WWW.youtube.com/embed/9RABZq5IoaQ?feature=player_embedded This is interesting I did not know this and I have never heard the NRA espouse this.
  15. ronk

    Looks like your going hunting.......

    sounds like the last election, all screwed up and they don't want to look into it or correct it. Just go about business as usual and move on