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  1. Couestracker

    Turkey mounts

    He's done 7 full sized and 7 fan/wing plaques for me. Driving the wife crazy! 😂
  2. Couestracker

    Turkey mounts

    Sven Eberson at Wildlife Wings and Design
  3. Couestracker

    Turkey mounts

    Finally set eyes on my Arizona Gould's from 2018 and my San Carlos Apache Merriam's from 2019. Gould's mounted strutting from the roost. I asked if the Merriam's could be mounted taking flight from the ground. I've actually seen a bird do that. Well, they both turned out awesome beyond expectation. Can't wait to get them home soon.
  4. Couestracker

    Draw Results

    Actually, this thread was about New Mexico results and when they would be posted.
  5. Couestracker

    Draw Results

    "Results" aren't out officially, but credit card charges are hitting.
  6. Couestracker


    Screen shot........
  7. Couestracker

    Hello fellow hunters

    I've got some to sell. JK Welcome to the site.
  8. Couestracker

    Draw Results

    New Mexico draw results WILL BE April 28th. You're welcome.
  9. Couestracker

    Tick Tock

    Maybe we should call 3 on your side.
  10. Couestracker

    New Mexico apps in

    True, but I've drawn 15 years in a row for deer, knock on wood.
  11. Couestracker

    New Mexico apps in

    Wow, didn't hear about that. Let us know if you win anything.
  12. Couestracker

    We need a new topic-AGFD complaints

    This isn't a complaint. It's a fact!
  13. Couestracker

    New Mexico apps in

    You're kidding of course.
  14. Couestracker

    We need a new topic-AGFD complaints

    Well, it would fill fast I guess.... If only they would learn something useful about running a decent application system and a decent draw process from our neighbors in New Mexico.
  15. Couestracker

    New Mexico apps in

    Got all my NM apps in with 20 min to spare. Was hoping to find out about Arizona draw, but we know how that is a sh_t show right now. 😞 This is my 2000th post, wanted it to be about getting an Az cc hit.....oh well. 🙄 Good luck on all your hunt apps! 😎