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  1. Couestracker

    Coyote Hunters, AR 15 Opinions Needed

    I have used several different calibers and barrel lengths, longest shot on a coyote (with an AR) was 86 yards, same distance as I shot a javelina with a .44 Desert Eagle. Point being......shoot them with what you have, and like. 😎
  2. Couestracker

    Slik Tripod Panhead

    Ok, no problem. How about a pic of how it attaches to a tripod, and does it have a quick attach plate for optic? Thanks!
  3. Couestracker

    Slik Tripod Panhead

    Do you know if it has sealed bearings?
  4. Couestracker

    Slik Tripod Panhead

    Would this be good for a spotter Brian?
  5. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/breaking-tourists-carjacked-by-armed-cartel-members-near-u-s-border/
  6. Couestracker

    Tag in mail yesterday

    Is this in the Bradshaws? Seen some in there once, quading from Prescott to Crown King.
  7. Couestracker

    Tag in mail yesterday

    Wow, 1 of 10! Congrats!
  8. Couestracker

    Javi tag in mail

    Received my 37B HAM tag in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to go find some critters!
  9. Couestracker

    Tag in mail yesterday

    Got my early hunt unit 27 tag in the mail yesterday. It's one of my favorite units, where I got my first bird, and many more since. Haven't hunted there in about 8 years, had been putting in for Gould's hunts exclusively until now. Anxious to get back out there!
  10. Couestracker

    Winchester M70 Coyote Outback-ANOTHER PRICE DROP-New Pic

    The original sales literature says it's controlled round push feed.
  11. Couestracker

    Looking for a pistol smith

    Magnum Mike is the man! He smoothed my trigger in my Desert Eagle. Nice guy and does great work foo.
  12. Couestracker

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    Also have the big Kodiak tent, use buddy heater only while getting ready to go to sleep, or in the a.m. to warm tent up before getting out of sleeping bag. 2 things I did to improve the situation even more, was I cut a piece of carpet from lowes, the thin cheaper tan stuff, to fit the tent floor. Really makes it cozy inside, plus hated cold plastic on feet. To store it, fold in thirds long ways, then fold ends to center of length, then roll from one end as tight as you can. Secure with a cut piece of thick rope or boat dock line, and carry by that. Actually winds up smaller than tent in storage bag. The other is longer 12" stakes and aluminum large "fender" washers from finer Ace Hardware stores for anchoring the tent down. Hate those plastic hook things on cheaper stakes. Also get a old style shower curtain hook, that clips closed on itself, for keeping all the washers together in your stake bag.