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  1. Couestracker

    2019 National Call Making Contest

    Good luck Ammon, you have my vote!
  2. Couestracker

    Tag #1

    I promise I'll only shoot 1. 😂
  3. Couestracker

    Tag #1

    I wish I could draw first choice and tag #1 for the rest of the season. 😎 Good luck to all who will be chasing javies this weekend.
  4. Couestracker

    Handgun calibers for javis

    I've used several different handguns, .44 mag Redhawk, .44 mag Desert Eagle, .45 Win Mag L.A.R. Grizzly, .223 AR-15 pistol, this year will use a .357 Mag Coonan 1911. Plus I alternate daily carrying either my bow or muzzleloader. Good luck on your hunt! Post pics and a story!
  5. Good hunt, congrats to all!
  6. There were 5 in our group, only 4 hunters. A friend bought his son this hunt as a college graduation gift. We Saw lots of bucks, mostly 90-95", some 100" plus and a couple of giants that we caught glimpses of. Brian shot first, but his gun was off, so he had to sight it in again later. We spotted a nice buck on the next ridge, 500 yards away, so I got as close as I could from the ridge we were on, which closed the gap to 300 yards. We watched them for a couple of hours, either feeding behind shrubs, or they'd bed down in the thick stuff. That gave me time to find the best way to setup for the shot. Ended up using a nice V-notch in an Oak tree. There were two other bucks with the one I was after, so we really had to keep an eye on them. They got up again and started feeding, the bigger buck disappeared behind a large bush. Watched it for about 40 more minutes on and off through my scope. I could only see the Bush in the scope at 16x, so I radioed Brian, who was still at the top of the ridge, to tell me if he saw it step out. My eye was starting to twitch from looking through the scope so much, lol. After a while more, I looked over my scope and saw a deer behind the Bush walking away. Quickly getting back into the scope, I saw it was my deer, and about to disappear over the top! Figuring it was now 350 yards, I put the second crosshairs on the TDC reticle behind the front shoulder, as it began going behind another bush. After firing I heard the "whack", then I hoped I had a good hit. Wondering what happened to my radio spotter, I took the radio out of my pocket to check. I somehow had turned it off! I turned it back on and was told I dropped him in his tracks. After climbing up to him, he wasn't as big as I thought, or wanted, but it's a cool looking buck. Hit him right where I aimed, bullet lodged under the Hyde opposite side, in front of that shoulder. Later, I recovered the Nozzler accubond bullet and the yellow polymer tip! The rest of the hunt went well, everyone got a nice buck, but all under 100 inches, in fact mine turned out to be the biggest at 96 1/8. Frank the grad also shot a huge female mountain lion! Weird thing, when we looked in its mouth to see the teeth, there was a whole, unchewed eyeball in there! Smaller than our bucks' eyes, could have been a fawns or a javelina. Nice crested saguaros we saw. Frank holding the eyeball. The eye that was in its mouth. Big paw and claws. My buck had a white nose. Oak tree I used for the shot. My deer was on that far ridge top.
  7. Couestracker

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Congrats to your son, and you!
  8. Couestracker

    2019 hunts

    Why are some of you talking about elk in the antelope forum? It's confusing enough as it is. 😳 Where's bonecollector when you need him?
  9. Couestracker

    20 points

    A Rocky antelope? I miss out on everything! 😂
  10. Couestracker

    Tag number 1

    Good luck Casey.
  11. Couestracker

    Tag number 1

    I'm going to alternate daily between my muzzleloader and bow, but will have my Coonan 357 magnum on my hip.🐗🔫😎
  12. Couestracker

    Tag number 1

    They're all good!
  13. Couestracker

    Tag number 1

    They're all good!
  14. Couestracker

    Javelina #20

    Congrats on #20! Cool pic of the "pile".
  15. Couestracker

    Free javelina hunting seminar Tuesday 1/15/19

    You're very welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. I go every year and enjoy it every time. Great lead-in to the hunting season!