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  1. az rancher

    Sitka ascent pants, 30mm rings

    I will take the Leupold scope. Text sent. Thanks, Fred
  2. az rancher

    Glock or Kimber

    I’ve got a Kimber classic custom with under a hundred rounds through it. $800 Fred
  3. az rancher

    I phone 6s Verizon

    If your buyer backs out I’ll take it. Need one badly. 6s is the only one that fits in a shirt pocket. Thanks, Fred
  4. az rancher

    Winchester pre 64 Model 70 270 Win

    Any interest in trading on a Winchester 62A in 90+%. Thanks Fred
  5. az rancher

    2007 Yamaha Rhino only 253 Actual Miles

    That is 1.38 miles per hour. Cautious driver.
  6. az rancher

    WTS Steiner 7x50 binoculars

  7. az rancher

    Browning BLR 308

    Do the magazines fit flush or hang down a little ?
  8. az rancher

    Looking for New Tires

    Have been very happy dealing with Big O. If you buy their brand the road hazard is free. No B.S. I ruin a few with mesquite thorns in the sidewalks and Discount is no up to around $50 for the warranty. I've had a set on my dually about 8 months and ruined 3. Three new tires mounted and balanced : no charge. Lasts three years. Works for me ymmv Fred
  9. az rancher

    SOLD, $25, 270 WSM Brass

    Ok you talked me into it. I'll take them. Do you take PayPal? Fred
  10. az rancher

    SOLD, $25, 270 WSM Brass

    If that is shipped I will take them. Thanks Fred
  11. az rancher

    Browning A-bolt 300 wsm

    How many rounds through it? How does it shoot ? Did you shoot reloads or factory ?
  12. az rancher

    WTB Trailer (Utility or Car Hauler)

    I've got a 20' all steel gooseneck. Ramps,8 hole wheels, brakes on all four wheels. $3000 firm. Pm your phone # and I'll call if you have any questions. ps. Not painted so doesn't look new
  13. az rancher

    Browning 6.5 creedmoor

    Any interest in trading towards a Kimber 300wsm ?
  14. az rancher

    Fujinon 15X60 HB's

    J_rod, Thanks for the fujis. Just as described,fast shipping and great packaging. I couldnt tell any difference between them and my minox 13x56 untill i put up a resolution chart at 100 yards and 2 of us could resolve either 1 or 2 more squares with the fujis.