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  1. So this short term disability. Is it a something you apply through the State of Arizona? Or is it something the human resources people would work out with the Feds?
  2. Sir

    Would you be interested in Quail hunting with my son and a new puppy this winter? I"m still training the puppy and of course waiting for the fall. A teenager with a Dad would be a big plus.


  3. latinheat

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    My experience with my son has been this: If you blade your body to shoot a rifle or a bow, the eye from that side automatically dominates over the other. The only way it becomes an issue is if you are pistol shooting with your sighting system directly in front of your body, or, centered. Try it. My son is left-eye dominant and shoots a right-handed bow just fine. Same with his rifle shooting.
  4. latinheat

    Exterminators - ticky this season

    Also, every inch of floor to baseboard contact needs to be cleared, cleaned (vacuumed) and sprayed. Treat the house as if it is moving day, and clean every inch of it. Furniture will need to be treated as well. Include dog beds and anything they like to lay on top of. Beds and sofa's are notorious for infestation centers. All it takes is one tick to blow-up with eggs and you have thousands of babies waiting to crawl on something and feed. The trick is to get ahead of the cycle. Good Luck.
  5. latinheat

    Exterminators - ticky this season

    Make sure the first treatment does not contain repellant. Straight poison with IR regulator (insect birth control) should work with two follow-ups.
  6. Enjoyed the video. Looks like Northeast Molino Basin.
  7. latinheat

    Fitness- Natural vs. Synthetic Nutrition

    Is there a multivitamin product that fits the chelated/natural definition?
  8. latinheat

    cleaning deer - need help please 6A

    Reference the 7-minute video, What exactly did he do with the "boy parts"? I'll try watch it again.