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  1. I have for sale a brand new in the box unfired Weatherby Vanguad S2 chambered in 6.5 x 300 WBY Mag. I bought this and items listed below a few months ago I was going to set up as a Coues rifle but ended up winning a nice carbon barreled rifle so I have no need for this anymore. Asking $500.00 for the rifle. I also have 3 full boxes of Weatherby Select Plus ammo 140 gr. Swift A Frame and a particle box of 127 gr Barnes LRX 8 rounds in box. I got this off another member, asking $150.00 for all SOLD 5 boxes of Weatherby Select Plus factory once fired 6.5 x 300 WBY brass asking what I paid for it $150.00 OBO 1 box of 100 each Hornady SST 6.5mm 129 gr bullets $30.00 1 box of 100 each Nosler Accubond LR 129 gr, bullets $45.00 Hornady Reloading Die Set Custom Grade New 6.5 x 300 WBY $70.00 If you are interested in the entire lot let me know we can work out a package price I'm located in Maricopa but work in Chandler, I can meet within reason, call or text 480-797-9282
  2. I have for a sale a used but in good working condition Outdoorsmans Optic Hunter Pack in True Timber camo, all buckles and zippers work flawlessly, I also have the buckle replacement kit that will be include with the pack, it does have a couple of small holes at the top of one side pocket see pics. Asking $250.00 I also have a Brand new never used Ourdoorsmans Accessory Pod in True Timber camo asking $50.00 I am located in Maricopa but work in Chandler, I can meet within reason. Call or Text 480-797-9282
  3. sebhunter

    WTB IMR 8133

    I sent you a PM
  4. sebhunter

    WTB swarovski 80mm sts or 85mm STX

    STS 80 was posted a couple of hours ago by Bonnsaw
  5. I'm looking for a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader if anyone whats to parts ways with one let me know. Thanks I FOUND ONE, THANK YOU!
  6. sebhunter

    Reloading Bullets and Ammo

    I will take the 4 boxes of 30 cal and all the 45 ACP
  7. sebhunter

    Skull cleaning

    Like others have said Draysen at Great Hunter Skullz does an excellent job. He has done 10+ skulls for me in the past, excellent work every time!
  8. sebhunter

    WTT for H1000 and/or ELD-X Bullets

    Sent you a PM
  9. sebhunter

    "Sold" Kodiak 10 X 14 Flex Bow Tent "Sold"

    I tried to send you a PM, says you don't accept messages. I will take the tent. Cell #719-200-4276 Thanks Eddy
  10. sebhunter


    I will take it, I sent you a text message
  11. sebhunter

    Left Overs

    Just checked my portal, my son and I both got 36A Early November tags!
  12. sebhunter

    Kuiu ultra 3000/6000 package

    Thanks again! Packs are in perfect condition!
  13. sebhunter

    Kuiu ultra 3000/6000 package

    Sent you a PM
  14. sebhunter

    6.5 -300 Weatherby ammunition

    I will take it, Sent you a text