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  1. sebhunter


    I will take it, I sent you a text message
  2. sebhunter

    Left Overs

    Just checked my portal, my son and I both got 36A Early November tags!
  3. sebhunter

    Kuiu ultra 3000/6000 package

    Thanks again! Packs are in perfect condition!
  4. sebhunter

    Kuiu ultra 3000/6000 package

    Sent you a PM
  5. sebhunter

    6.5 -300 Weatherby ammunition

    I will take it, Sent you a text
  6. sebhunter

    New Mexico draw

    Muzzy Bull Tags for me and my son
  7. sebhunter

    Remington 700 Timney Trigger W/ SAFETY

    I will take it. I tried to sent you a PM but says you can't receive any. Here is my work cell 480-797-9282
  8. sebhunter

    Outdoorsmans Medium Tripod SOLD

  9. Up for sale is a Outdoorsmans Medium Tripod with the Center Post Extension. This tripod is used but in excellent condition, it only has a couple light scratches on it. I have had it for 2 seasons. Great tripod only selling it because i recently bought their tall tripod. Asking $350 OBO. SOLD!!
  10. sebhunter

    Med outdoorsmans tripod

    I might have one available! I will text you later today.
  11. sebhunter

    Swaro ATS 80 20-60x80 *Price Drop*

    sent you a pm
  12. sebhunter


    No Excuses are great bullets! I have used the 460 grain in 50 cal. Shot a mule deer buck in NM at 90 yards he acted like he got hit by a truck! My son also dropped a big cow elk in NM at @110 with the same bullet.
  13. sebhunter

    CO tags

    My son and I drew 3rd Season buck tags for our usual area.
  14. sebhunter

    WTS: A few barrels

    PM sent