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    Browning Huntin Boots Size 9 1/2

    Where are you located? I'm interested. Thanks JS


    Looking for a youth compound bow for my 9 year old......hopefully something he can hunt with in a few years. Please let me know is someone here in the Phoenix metro area has a bow that they can sell. Thanks JS 602-292-9264

    Boat Mechanic East Valley

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good outboard boat mechanic in the east valley? Have a bass tracker that needs to get tuned up. Thanks in advance for the help! Jason 602-292-9264

    Tikka T3 Superlite .308 Mountain or Youth Rifle


    Unit 32 Deer

    I'd turn in your tag! terrible unit!
  6. Alright! I'll be that guy!!!! With almost no rain for three months and high temps what's everyone's thoughts for the start of the Coues rut in Central AZ units? Elevations from 3,000-5,000'. In past years its cooler and we have had a few fall and winter storms by the end of the year, usually a pretty good storm right a round Christmas and the New Year, then Bucks following the ladies shortly after! I personally think its going to kick off later in January this year! Just not sure how much weather has to do with when the doe's come in? What are your thoughts?...................Hey Look a Deer!

    WTB .22 rifle with scope

    Looking for a .22 for my son. Preferably a good starter gun, bolt action with a scope. Something not too expensive. If anyone's got one they are selling or if you know where to get a good deal on one, I'm all ears! Thanks Jason 602-292-9264

    Queensland heeler

    Yep he's gonna be blue! Some of the best family dogs! Just lost my male last year to old age. Loyal and hard headed as heck! Bet he'll be a good strong dog if he's the only one who made it.

    WTB Kids Saddle

    Looking for a 12" (or similar size) buckaroo style saddle in decent shape. Something with a higher cantle. Willing to drive a few hours from the valley if needed. Let me know what you got! Thanks Jason call or text 602-292-9264.

    Eberlestock Dragonfly J107

    I'll take it

    Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack

    Would you be willing to ship?


    This is a very controversial topic, and you can beat it to death and probably not get anywhere. American society! Outdoor activities are no different than any other scenario in life. IMO most people think "whatever I'm doing is more important that what ever anyone else has going on". Its natural for us to think this way. The OP had a very good example to start this discussion. I think he was in no way in the wrong. If he intentionally started shooting prairie dogs when a deer hunter was there in plain sight then that's a different topic. They were on public land and both had the right to use it for their desired use. Here's another scenario. Say I only have one weekend to take my grandson squirrel hunting and it coincides with archery deer. I choose a spot up in unit 7 where I know there are a lot of squirrels and love to squirrel hunt, we go hunting and I'm teaching my grandson how to hunt. After a while we happen to walk by a tree stand or blind where someone has been salting and scouting for months. The archery hunter gets pissed and tells us it's his spot and we need to go hunt squirrels in another unit. Whose in the wrong? Am I because I should have chosen a unit where there was no archery deer hunt? Even though this spot was "my squirrel hunting spot". Or is the archery hunter in the wrong for jumping our butt for squirrel hunting in his spot? I would say he was...........I'm out there with a kid and had no intention of going to the "archery hunters spot". The reality is we live in a great state with tons of public land that is everyone's to enjoy, hunters and non-hunters. With the state growing and tons of new people moving here and getting into hunting its not going to get any better as far as "having the woods to yourself". I try and choose activities and places to go where there are naturally going to be less people. Best advise I have is be courteous to others and conscious of your activities and how they effect others! Go out and do your thing! "There are two types of hunters the ones in your group and the A** HOLES"! Steven Rinella

    Coues/Javelina Unit Advice

    All those units have good populations of deer and pigs. Go to the AZFGD website and click "Where to Hunt" it sounds simple and dumb, but as stated on here numerous times its a great place to start. Hunt apps are due in October for the Spring/Winter hunts so if you are planning on hunting pigs and deer in January you need to enter that draw. Units closer to the border will have more illegal drug runner activity. You can go to http://gis.azland.gov and turn on the land owner overlay and see if land is private, BLM, Nat Forest, State, etc......... Good Luck!
  14. Looking for a nice pair of 12x50 razors. Also need a QAD or similar rest for my bow. Let me know what u got! 602-292-9264

    SWAROVSKI 15x56 SLC $1,400

    We'll that didn't take long........ SPF