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    Medium and Large Marsupial harness

    I'll take em! PM inbound
  2. I just got back last week from Idaho. Helped a friend on a sheep hunt in the Bruneau wilderness! I took my 5200 as a carry on with a few things in it. Important optics, emergency kit, book, some food and one change of clothes. I checked all my other backpacking gear in a roller duffel. Its not a big deal. Just use common sense and don't try to carry on obvious stuff like stove fuel cans, trekking poles and knives and ammo. I've flown ALOT, never had SW Air loose a checked bag. (Had Spirit loose one tho). Good luck on the Sheep Hunt hope you find a good ram. on another note TSA is a joke these days. They have some real winners working the checkpoints. Last time I flew I felt like I was going through security at a county jail.

    WTB Foam sleeping pad

    Look in the bedding section at Wal Mart or wherever......... You can use buy a foam mattress topper for way less than foam at fabric supply, and cheaper than a camp pad. I've made several beds on the go (boat and Truck Bed) this way......cheap and quick!
  4. Looking for a someone to lay some tile. I'll demo, just need someone to lay and grout. Small job 650 sf. Does anyone do side work or have a flooring business. Thanks Jason 602-292-9264 Job is in-between STV and Florence. THX

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    So this is ALL True....AZGFD compensated certain groups out of UT to make YouTube Videos and Promote AZ. I know this because I sent a message to one of the groups after they posted videos promoting AZ really hard. I asked if they would promote their state and honey holes like that............ their response was they got paid for AZGFD and to not be selfish. They said they hunt multiple states and promote good hunting opportunities. They also said they got paid. Now............I enjoy watching Youtube......we all share info and learn from and get some entertainment from Social Media. I don't blame the Boys making the videos, they are just doing what they do.....bring us content and entertainment..........if you don't like the videos, don't watch. But the Crook here is the none other that our government the AZGFD, I'm sure someone had good intentions but this smells funny.

    Polaris 90 Quad Price Drop


    Polaris 90 Quad Price Drop

    Price drop

    Polaris 90 Quad Price Drop

    For your Consideration.........2009 Polaris 90. Outlaw edition in good condition. Cranks and fires but floods right away. Needs carb adjustment. New battery. No Title. Located in-between Florence and STV. $600 or Best

    FREE Stuff

    Interested in thrower and ranger bag. PM sent

    Bumper hitch vs 5th Wheel

    I've had both. used them for work and hunting/camping. Depends on what your use is. Fifth Wheels might be better if your planning on living in it part time. The Gooseneck offest adapters help with how they hook up, but most compromise stability. I had an 9"offset gooseneck adapter for fifth wheel. BUT, I prefer bumper pull overall. I've got a 32' BP Toy Hauler now and its about right. Has plenty of sleeping space bedroom up front, two drop down queens, generator, fuel tank and can fit my ranger crew! no need for a monster fifth wheel. Fifth Wheel Pros: Can pull faster and more stable down interstate. Usually more room once set up. Usually some more storage. Cons: Loose room in bed, pain in butt to level and unhook, higher ain't always better. Taller hits trees. Bumper Pull Pros: Way easier to hook up (I even have sway bars to hook up). no loss of truck space, no risk of denting bed rails, easier to maneuver at gas station. Cons: Can't go 80 down I-10 as easy. (Still does 70 well w/sway bars). NO Other Cons for a BP IMHO.

    2007 Bass Tracker Pro Team 170 50hp Merc

  12. You know you wanna get outa da house and go to the lake! This 2007 Tracker Pro Team 170 won’t let you down. 50 HP Mercury Runs Great. Needs someone who’s electrical savvy to get gauges working. I’m sure they are simple fixes. Navigation lights work. Rod storage, #40 thrust trolling motor. Live well (rock stuck in pump need someone with small arm). Two bank Battery maintainer/charger, just plug it in wait a bit n’GO. Spare tire and canvas cover included. Fun boat for 1-2 ppl. Good condition. $6,700 text602-292-9264 thx Jason

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Well Tag soup again 4 me. 😔

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    Yes upgrade! Timneys are Sweeeeet

    Paying Children Allowance

    Thanks for all the input. Some great ideas and different opinions here. Kids need to learn how money works first hand. I got some allowance when I was young, not much but enough to give me the taste of $$ and want more. I also got my A$$ to work well before I was able to drive and have always had a job ever since. They need to learn how to spend some and save some, They also need to learn that some of what they earn is theirs to keep! Problem we were running into was staying consistent about paying them. That's why I was asking about an app. its 2021 makes sense to me. You could pay them through it or deduct payment if they didn't do the chores, would show % going into savings.....could be a great tool I think. Anyhow after hearing ya'lls input, I'm thinking 50% of their weekly allowance onto Roth or ESA account and the remainder in cash IF the chores get done. My kids are 8 and 11. I like the idea of them working for other people (I did when I was about their age). Just too many weirdos out there these days to cut them loose just yet. Thanks JS