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    Hog hunt help

    Dunton Ranch in-between Kingman and Seligman.

    When did arrows get so crazy expensive??

    You get what you pay for when it comes to hunting gear..... including arrows. I used to shoot the basic Sportsman’s Vital T arrows or whatever they are like $70 per dozen. Seemed like I was always having flyers and looking for lost arrows a lot. Struggling to get better...... I started drinking the Dudley cool aid bought a jig and started building arrows. There was a learning curve when I started, but after about 2 dozen I started getting the hang of it and can now make a consistent quality batch. I shoot Easton axis 5mm with brass inserts and AAE Max Hunter veins (4fletch). Material cost is about $13 per arrow, that’s b4 I screw a broad head on. About $18 per shot on animals. One thing I think is very important is a heavy front of center. The weighted inserts helped just as much as good shafts. I loose way less arrows because I don’t miss the target as much. I’ve had less missed and more kills, partially because I’m shooting better quality more consistent arrows. You get what you pay for.

    Wtt vortex razor 12x50 hd for razor 10x42 hd

    I just bought 18's and was thinking the same thing …..Might trade my 12's off for 10's...………...

    Ted gets his shot

    You bring up some good points. Yes there are too many rifle tags as well. To fix this all AZGFD needs to do is cut tag numbers and raise the price of the tags. Same revenue, less hunt pressure. I didn’t think they’d make it to where I hunt either, until this year.....ran into a dude from back east..... he was planning on being here all month long camped out with his bow..... Yes, broadcasting the AZ OTC hunt to the world is a concern. Pressure in January is getting out of hand. Trphyhntr, I agree seems like more Carp deer are killed during the archery season, bigger dumber target........

    Vortex scope Sold

    Yes Please!! I'll be by later to make it rain!!

    Ted gets his shot

    I believe this is true. A crew out of Utah told me in that "they were hired by the AZGFD to showcase Arizona OTC opportunity", and that they weren't the only ones hired. Social media, You Tube, and Podcast are cool to listen to and watch but the repercussions from the exposure will ultimately end up ruining the quality of the OTC hunt in AZ. The pressure will get too high and the deer will wise up to what's going on and be tougher to hunt than they already are..... What pisses me off is these guys wont showcase their own states. Yeah they will put out a few videos of them hunting other states or their own spots, but I guarantee they don't have their State flag flying on the tag for the video, they don't mention anything about the tag process in their state, they don't show the roads on the videos. I have yet to see any information on Utah deer hunting in the Wasatch mountains, or deer opportunity in Idaho. Its apparent that the AZGFD has ONE objective in mind and that is to generate revenue regardless of the impacts it has on the quality of the OTC hunting. The federal lands are everyone's to enjoy and I think the nonresidents have a right to come hunt. They spend their hard earned money and pay their way. But I think it needs to be managed a little differently. I know more regulation is never a good thing but AZGFD has showcased AZ and changed the amount of pressure so they need to deal with it! Maybe have a limited number of OTC tags available for residents and nonresidents? Maybe have the nonresident tags available through a draw process? Maybe raise the price of OTC tags across the board? Maybe implement mandatory harvest reporting, and close units when the quota is meet? Maybe have people select a hand full of units they can hunt when buying their OTC deer tag, and limit the number of hunters per unit (have this on a first come first served basis, in person)? Something to regulate the hunting pressure………. Just MY $0.02

    Swaro 15's HD VS Razor 18 UHD

    I figure I'd follow up on this topic incase someone else was in the same boat...……..I ended up getting a good deal on some UHD Razor 18's from Scott at Liberty Optics (referred by Doug at CameraLandNY). It took a few weeks to get the binos because of high demand, but the deal was worth the wait. scott@libertyoptics.com , libertyoptics.com I used them on one Couse hunt earlier this month and was blown away by the quality and overall performance of these binos. For the $$ you cant beat them. We were looking at deer 2 miles away and with 12's you couldn't tell if they were bucks or doe. Quick glance with the 18's and you could clearly see what they were. Tough to freehand but if you have something to lean on they aren't bad. I would recommend having a pair of 8's or 10's for quick scans and close (within 150 yard) glassing. I haven't had them side by side against Swaro's but would be willing to do so if someone on the east side of the valley wanted to compare. Good Luck!! JS

    Heads up ref: Zoocityarmory

    Sent me a PM for some binos for sale......I’ll pass....

    horses in elk unit

    Hey, azbirdhunter88 I know livestock as well and I hate to burst your bubble but horses are harder on the landscape than cattle. muledeerarea33 is right. If you put a horse in a corral with nothing to eat but a mesquite tree, it would eat that tree down to the stump before it starved. Put a cow in the same corral and it will starve before it eats the tree (other than the leaves). They are harder on the landscape. Take a look down by the Salt River and try to find a mesquite bean lower than a horses head (can't). Try and find a decent group of Mule Deer down there (can't). Horses have pushed them out........This was not the case 5-10 years ago. Those Feral REZ Pony's need to GO. Horses are nonnative they were brought by the Spaniards


    Green Bullet, I dealt with the same issue on one of my sights. I contacted the manufacture (PSE in this case) and ordered a smaller diameter pin for my last 2 pins and replaced in my sight. I'm a big fan on getting ahold of manufactures for gear issues, you'd be surprised at how helpful they can be.

    Free bags

    People Helping People! I love it!! I'd be interested in the smaller one with the orange "T" on it for my 10 year old son. PM sent.

    KUIU pack

    Someone got a pretty good deal

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    Dudley jumped ship and signed on with PSE. Anyone know why? Doesn’t make much sense to me why a legend like John who has been beating the Hoyt drum for so long would switch....... seems like a bad move by Hoyt? Ive heard other grumblings that other archers have been dropped as well..... anyone have facts?

    Vanguard tripod

    Where are you located?

    Swarovski SLC 15x56WB Habicht Binoculars

    Are these Binos the new HD's?