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    I was there and saw the same thing. That sure was interesting. Must mean I was near the elk lol
  2. dcshorthairs

    Phoenix Suns Parking

    Headed to the Suns/Warriors game this next Wednesday. Looking for a good deal on parking. We don’t mind walking a little. Any recommendations? Also any recommendations on where you can take kids in the arena for pregame activities like practice? Can you get near the floor before the game starts? Thanks fellas
  3. dcshorthairs

    Phoenix Suns Parking

    Thanks fellas. Did they allow you to take your kids to the lower level during practice?
  4. dcshorthairs

    Wtb Kodiak canvas tent

    10x14 is awesome. We put 4 people in it comfortably. Little snug but I can stand up inside it at 6’4”. You can’t go wrong here.
  5. dcshorthairs

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    Buy the Yoder and don’t look back. I have the 640 and love it
  6. dcshorthairs

    FS: Swarovski 15x56 SLC WB

  7. dcshorthairs

    FS: Swarovski 15x56 SLC WB

    Swaro SLC 15x56 WB. Original owner, purchased in 2020. Glass is near new condition only cause they aren't brand new. Used on 4 hunts and the occasional coyote calling mornings. Caps always on and kept clean. Im kinda a glass freak and dont like them getting dirty so very well taken care of. Outdoorsman stud already installed. I can transfer registration from Swaro to you for the warranty. Not a mark on the outside either. $2200. Have original box and case as well. Brand new these appear to run around ~$2600+tax. Located in Northern Arizona. PM if interested.
  8. dcshorthairs

    2016 Ram 2500 4x4 $32,000

    😎 Somebody please buy this so I don’t keep coming back….
  9. dcshorthairs

    FS: Marsupial Bino Harness Large

  10. dcshorthairs

    FS: Marsupial Bino Harness Large

    Seen 1 year of hunts. In excellent shape. Usually sits in the safe. Multicam color. $70tyd. https://www.marsupialgear.com/products/binocular-chest-harness
  11. dcshorthairs

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Still for sale?
  12. dcshorthairs

    6.5 ELD-X and ELD-M

    how much for just the 2 eldx?
  13. dcshorthairs

    2006 Jeep Wrangler

  14. dcshorthairs

    New fire?

    1250+ acres. Out by the new wind farm and chevlon canyon
  15. dcshorthairs

    Wanted: pigeons

    I have a contact if you are ever in northern Az. $3.50 per bird
  16. dcshorthairs

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    7 for 3a3c.
  17. dcshorthairs

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    3a3c here. Hit yesterday and this evening. Wife drew as well
  18. dcshorthairs

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Just drove by his place. Several vehicles parked outside. Knock and talk might be a good first step
  19. dcshorthairs

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    It took me a while to graduate. They will soon see the light lol
  20. dcshorthairs

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    Haha. Amen. Yoder is built to last a lifetime and then some 😁
  21. dcshorthairs

    Turkey Decoys

    I use a hen and a jake. It’s a lot to carry in but does usually pay off.
  22. dcshorthairs

    Scheels has 6.5 ELD-X

    143 grain in stock 😁
  23. dcshorthairs

    N565 8lb

    Too far away eh? Unless someone is making the trip up north. This would be nice to have. Would like to try some 565 in the prc.
  24. dcshorthairs

    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX Motherlode

    Thanks anyways! Great find!