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  1. azmetalman

    CHAMP Hunt.

    God bless you brother. What a great experience for this man. I commend you for this kind and generous act.
  2. azmetalman

    More of this

    I remember reading Amanda's post a few days after it was up on the forum. I've read it a couple of times since then and just enjoyed it again. Thanks Amanda and friends. I too miss hunt stories but surely can't blame anyone for not posting a hunt story. The nit pick police have multiplied and are everywhere. They can spoil most anything good.
  3. azmetalman

    Prayers for my son

    Praying for an accurate diagnosis and recovery/cure plan. Also praying for you and your family. May you find peace in his word.
  4. azmetalman

    FOR SALE Brass and Bullets

    Brass 1 Lot .44 Magnum & .44 Special - $26.00 1. New Winchester – 99 in 2 original boxes 2. One Time Fired R-P – 65 in bag .44 Special 1. One Time Fired R-P – 42 in box Bullets I Lot of .44 cal. Bullets - $45.00 1. Hornady - 240 grain lead SWC, 60 in original box 2. Hornady - 200 grain JHP, 49 in original box 3. Sierra – 250 grain FPS Silhouette/ Hunting, 100 in original box 1 lot of .38 cal. Bullets $25.00 1. Winchester Western – 158 grain factory lubed lead SWC, 250 in 5 original boxes. 2. Winchester Western – 148 grain factory lubed hollow base WC midrange match, 82 in 2 original boxes. 3. Maker unknown – 160 grain lubed cast SWC, 36 in box. Bullets - .270 Winchester SOLD Winchester Western 130 grain Power Point (SP) – 10 original boxes, 100 bullets each - $10.00 / box with 2 box minimum or $85.00 for the lot of 10 boxes. Local pickup in Fountain Hills, AZ or other NE Valley locations by arrangement. Cash only. Will ship USPS Priority Mail purchaser pays. ***Send PM with contact info.
  5. azmetalman

    ATV Tires - Where to buy

    Rocky Mountain ATV. I just purchased my 3rd set from them. Their prices are hard to beat, shipping paid and fast delivery. The last set arrived in 2 1/2 days. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/
  6. Here is a link to a non technical discussion of this testing. After reading several discussions/opinions on other sites it appears that there is no concrete consensus among engineers, long range hunters and precision shooters. http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f19/ai-tests-fluting-barrel-reduces-its-accuracy-147285/index4.html
  7. azmetalman

    Steve Rinella-MeatEater

    American Buffalo is jammed with facts. Great book that my daughter gave me for Christmas. Wish I hadn't read it so fast. I agree it is hard to put it down.
  8. azmetalman

    Leica 1600b- Want your feedback

    Everyone has their favorite. Nothing is better than the one you are using and comfortable with. Personal preference and practice in the field has a lot to do with it. I had a Leica 1000 for a number of years and sold it when I purchased the Leica 1600b last year. I have never looked back. Leica optics and glass are some of the very best out there and have worked well for me. This particular range finder is my 3rd in 20 years and to date is the best. It is compact and easy to use. As for the question about the Leica ballistic program it uses a specific data set that probably won't match your load. I don't use it. Like many others I tape a range card on the stock of any rifle I plan to use. That is quicker and easier than running through an app when it comes time to shoot. As a backup I carry a laminated card in my shirt pocket that also holds the 1600b. There are many apps for smart phones that work well. I use the Shooter app most of the time but run calculations for typical situations in my chosen hunting area long before the hunt. This method has never let me down. As mentioned by lancekenyon the 1600b will reach out and accurately range targets further than you will be shooting. The narrow laser beam is a big deal. It will save you a lot of grief at long range. Hope this helps.
  9. Many of us have transported firearms on the airlines. Whether you have or have not or plan to do so this link, http://tinyurl.com/htsopwx, is a very good condensed version of how to avoid problems. My personal experience over the years has been very good but I always check and recheck the specific regulations for the particular airline that I will be using. I make a copy of that airline's current policies and keep it with me as I travel. This has helped me twice when I had loaded ammunition properly boxed in the gun case.They do change from time to time so don't assume the regs will be the same as they were the last time. Be sure to follow the airline regs for size of your gun travel case, especially if you have a long case for long range rifles. If a porter is assigned to accompany you and your guns to the appropriate TSA location please understand that this person is your best friend that day and treat them as such. http://tinyurl.com/htsopwx Happy Hunting
  10. Best "CAMP" in Unit 22. Speaking from personal experience.
  11. I just returned from 7 days at the JLG Star Valley abode. I can't imagine "loaning out" my 2nd home to someone I have never met. This man is a gentleman and his home is a perfect spot for a weekend getaway to fish on the rim or a hunting trip. What did I like? Actually there's nothing to dislike but here are a few things that come to mind; Very clean, easy access, minutes to your chosen "hot spot", I didn't need to cut wood so no chainsaw, no need for a tent, no sleeping bag, 2 real bathrooms so porta potty stays home, hot shower every night, no need for multiple ice chests, no camp kitchen in the rain, dishwasher, washer and dryer, comfortable beds, very quiet location for a great night's sleep, television if you like that on hunting trip. This isn't a paid advertisement. Far from it. Otherwise I wouldn't bother to post. Thanks JLG for all of the above and more.
  12. azmetalman

    Prayer Request for My Mom

    Prayers from his forum were very important for me last year. I pray for your mother and your family. Keep the faith and May God's Will be done.
  13. azmetalman

    Huge cat on the Navajo?

    Update From The Rez Bill: here is the info on the lion. Tom Re: Navajo Lion Tom, I talked to Steve xxxxx about the Navajo lion in the pic. He says its legit. Indian’s name is Yazzie. He just happened to see the cat from his car—out near Shiprock! Shot it and took it to the wildlife office whole. Wt. 209 pounds. That pushes up against Teddy Roosevelt’s 229 pounder. Truly a big cat.
  14. azmetalman

    What was your first hunting rifle?

    Model 99 Savage, .250/3000. Killed my first Coues buck with it in the Santa Rita Mountains in 1958. I still have it. Great gun, great cartridge.
  15. azmetalman

    Tough Bow Case

    I agree SKB is hard to beat.