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  1. Cowman

    Coues pics

    Beautiful bucks thanks for sharing. Hope you can get those follow-up pics to share but.... Trail cams... on the Rez....Hmmmm..... What am I missing here Dan?
  2. Cowman

    Anyone seen this bull? 436" velvet

    Haven't been on here in a few months because it's summer time and like many of you we are hard at work around this place. But I couldn't resist logging in just to see who would be the first to whimper and try to take something away from Wilbur the GIANT typical. Well Johnnie I don't think you need to get warm and fuzzy about the hunter in order to appreciate one of the biggest typical elk ever killed. Anywhere. Ever. Many a good man tried to get this bull on the ground the past few seasons and the stories behind those efforts will be told around many a campfire to come. As someone who excitedly got to stay "hot on his trail" last year and tried to help get him harvested, I can tell you I am thankful he lived another year. He absolutely blew up this year. He was big last year but far from where he ended up this summer. What a flipping stud. Thankfully he was harvested and we all get to admire the tremendous trophy that he is. As a final note and to echo Beckers sentiment... Most of us may never have the money to afford that tag- but we lace up our boot straps every morning and give er heck each day trying. Cause it's 'Merica and we can. And I celebrate those who have been successful enough to be able to donate to conservation. Never met Mr. Barrett but from what I read he's just another hard working American who worked his way to the top and I applaud him for it. Somebody gets to buy that tag and support our wildlife. Frankly, it's refreshing to hear it involved a man who earned it, appreciated it and respected the opportunity. Congrats to you sir. Glad all my chik-fil-a sandwich purposes went to a good cause. Thank you for spending your money in Arizona and to support conservation rather than supporting some hippie group like the Sierra club. Please bid again next time and if I ever get the chance I hope to bid against you.
  3. Wmathern, All the best to your son. Will the tractor start and run? Where is the tractor located?
  4. Bump for a commendable move. Worth the sacrifice. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Cowman

    Wtb half a beef

    I'm with Flingingarrowsbro on this one. ^^^what he said....
  6. Cowman

    January San Carlos Unit D

    It was made clear to me at the San Carlos office last week that a "companion" pass would be available in "D" next year (although I have heard this before). It was also made clear that said companion must be present with hunter at all times. The companion can not be on the other side of the ridge or mountain but must be with hunter at all times and should not be glassing which was referred to as "illegal guiding." The companion pass is completely for hunter safety since you are only allowed in unit D with a big game tag. There is some beautiful and very remote country in D. Roads are rough but there is a lot of coues country. Good luck and be safe!
  7. Cowman

    Results are Out

    Becker- dad and I will have a spot for you in our camp. Will be in the same place as last year.
  8. Cowman

    Mexico was good to us

    Well done. Lots of character from start to finish.
  9. Cowman

    San Carlos

    Thanks HOSS. Hope thats true, I called the office again this week and they are still saying $2800. Thanks again!
  10. Cowman

    2013 Bowtech Experience $600 bare bow.

    Sweet bow. I borrowed one for an Illinois hunt this past year and shot about 500 arrows through it. If I was ready to pull the trigger this would be a no brainer. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Cowman

    San Carlos

    Thanks Kaffer62
  12. Cowman

    San Carlos

    That's a heck of a cool 2 pt Apache7mm. Saw more than one big old regressed 2 pt up there this year. Guessing old....or maybe there's just a crappy 2 pt gene floating around. Any update from a reliable source on the price and tag allotment changes would be appreciated before the apps are due. They are gonna push a lot of people away with those changes.
  13. Cowman

    2013 Bowtech Experience $600 bare bow.

    Throw out a starting price for the bare bow. What is a "reasonable offer?" Nobody wants to offend you.
  14. Cowman

    San Carlos

    Heard the price was going up quite a bit this year for the January non-member coues tags. Also heard they added a January tribal hunt during the non-member hunt. HOSS or Apache7mm can you guys shed some light on this for us...I heard it from the sales office but we all know that doesn't necesarily mean anything. Have hunted it a few times but this would definitely change my appetite for doing it again.
  15. Cowman

    Illinois hunt

    I spent 6 days in Southern Illinois for the archery hunt and came home right before the gun opener... That is one heck of a deer you harvested sir. Easy for us desert dwellers to think there is one like that in every Bean or Corn field back there but it's not that easy. Congrats to you on a tremendous deer.