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  1. D4HighDesert

    Craftsman air compressor $100

  2. D4HighDesert

    Craftsman air compressor $100

    Selling a Craftsman 150 psi, 1.5hp, 26 gallon air compressor. Comes with 25ft hose and air nozzle. I bought it brand new about 5 years ago and it has maybe an hour run time on it if that, looks new. Its a little noisy being oil free but its been a great compressor. Only selling because I upgraded. $100 located in Buckeye.
  3. D4HighDesert

    Reloading Items for Sale

    I’d be happy to go second on rock chucked if it falls through.
  4. D4HighDesert

    AR-10 in 308, for sale or trades listed

  5. D4HighDesert

    Trail Camera Question

    The vague nature of the rule allows you to interpret it as a full ban or as a completely arbitrary and unenforceable. I've got to imagine that was by design so that they could chose to prosecute the high profile hunters that helped motivate this rule or ignore the average joe getting wildlife pics. Personally, I read it the way Creed does and I think they AZGFD would have a real fight on their hands proving in court someone broke the rule without the violator being completely blatant. My kids and I will still be enjoying what we find on them.
  6. D4HighDesert


    These are great little pcc’s
  7. Thank you both for the input. I’ll try each.
  8. I really appreciate the info. Maybe I am better off just finding a decent factory load it likes. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  9. D4HighDesert

    AR-10 in 308, for sale or trades listed

  10. Well the family and I finally got around to the bitter task of parsing some of my grandpas things this weekend after his passing last year. I ended up with a his Model 94 30-30 and an 1873 single action army revolver replica in 45 long colt. I used ogle these guns in the cabinet as a kid and Id like to do well by them now by shooting both regularly. I am just looking for some common loads or materials that do well for others loading these calibers. The 30-30 is going to be used for coues deer so Id like to get a quicker, flat load that has decent accruacy to 300 yards or so. The 45 will be a range gun so I am just hoping to save some cost by reloading, if that's even possible anymore. Any insight is appreciated. I have found info elsewhere on the web but would like to hear from CWT and the search bar didn't bring up much. Thank you. Randy
  11. D4HighDesert

    SBM4 pistol brace sold

  12. D4HighDesert

    SBM4 pistol brace sold

    I can hold it for you
  13. D4HighDesert

    SBM4 pistol brace sold

    Selling an SBM4 pistol brace, comes with the buffer tube. $40 located in buckeye but will ship for $10.
  14. D4HighDesert

    2011 Can Am Commander 1000XT drop $7000