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  1. These are perfect for a back packing rifle. Bump for a nice scope.
  2. D4HighDesert

    For sale Hoyt RX-1 Turbo 29” 70 lbs RH Buckskin

    I’ll dm it to you
  3. Selling my Hoyt RX-1 Turbo. 28-30” draw, currently set to 29” with 60-70 lb limbs currently set to 70 lbs. Comes with tight spot 5 arrow quiver, bee stinger 9” stabilizer, QAD drop rest, and a Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL 5 pin (also have a single pin housing that I’ll send with it). You’ll also get the Hoyt Redwerx case, 4 VAP TKO elite 350 spine arrows and a spare string with maybe 100 shots on it (Hoyt recalled the cams about as quick as I got it so they threw on new strings when they replaced them). It’s been a great bow for me and has taken a couple nice animals. My chrono puts it at 303 FPS with a 425 grain arrow. I noticed it was pretty dirty while taking pics so I will give it a good wipe down. $1100 located in Buckeye but regularly visit parents down south of Willcox. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. D4HighDesert

    WTB Sierra Pro-hunter 100gr 6mm and Reloder 17

    Responded to all. Thanks guys that should set me up nicely!
  5. As said in the title, looking to buy some Sierra pro hunter 100 gr spitzer in 6mm/243 and Reloder 17. I recently started developing a load for my grand fathers Rem 788 in 6mm Remington and I had a friend loan me some of these bullets to try and they grouped very well with Reloder 17. I know pickings are slim but it’s worth seeing what folks have. Thank you. Randy
  6. D4HighDesert

    ISO gunsmith around Phoenix

    Thanks for the responses
  7. D4HighDesert

    ISO gunsmith around Phoenix

    Im looking for a reliable gunsmith to do some work on an old marlin 22 lever action. I’m located in buckeye and would like to stay roughly in the valley area. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with someone local they’d recommend. Thank you. Randy
  8. D4HighDesert

    Water Skeeter fishing pontoon SOLD

    Price drop, $150
  9. D4HighDesert

    Water Skeeter fishing pontoon SOLD

  10. D4HighDesert

    Water Skeeter fishing pontoon SOLD

    For sale is a Water Skeeter River Guide fishing pontoon. It has a lot of accessories such as storage bags for each side of the pontoon, cooler/tackle box for back platform, stand up platform, anchor and one Scotty rod holder. Comes with two paddles and a 30 lb thrust Shakespeare trolling motor that works fine. One of the pontoons leaks at the valve and I have two replacement valves I’ll send with it. No air pump included, I dropped it and broke it. I bought this used for a trip last June and didn’t even end up going so I never used it. The straps that bind the pontoons to the frame were frayed and rotten so I replaced them with new cam buckle straps. Obviously it’s not in outstanding shape but I feel it’s priced accordingly at $150. Located in Buckeye but I make regular trips to my hometown south of Willcox. Randy L
  11. D4HighDesert

    WTB Powerbelt ELR .45 Cal bullets

    Don’t know what your timeline is but sportmans guide has them on back order, available 8/31
  12. D4HighDesert

    Outcast Fish Cat pontoon SOLD

  13. D4HighDesert

    Outcast Fish Cat pontoon SOLD

    Shoot me a message
  14. D4HighDesert

    Outcast Fish Cat pontoon SOLD

  15. D4HighDesert

    Outcast Fish Cat pontoon SOLD

    Selling a 9 foot Outcast Fish Cat inflatable pontoon. No leaks in the bladders and skins are in great shape. Platform has a good deck on the back that can hold a 65 qt cooler if needed. Comes with storage pockets for each side and the back of the seat, two Carlisle oars, manual air pump, all the lashing straps and a Scotty rod holder mount (only the mount, not the rod holder itself). I bought this about 4 weeks ago for a Gila float trip and didn’t end up going, now it’s just in my way. The bladders have been aired up since I bought it and haven’t lost any pressure. It’s not fully strapped in the pics, just have the platform laying on the pontoons but it includes everything it needs. Asking $450 and located in the Buckeye area but visit my parents back home south of Willcox regularly and could meet along that route. Thanks folks. Randy