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  1. SOLD Used Velbon Sherpa 600 R (A) and PH-157 head. 75.00. Located in Chandler. Has been a great glassing tripod for years. has some wear and nicks in the aluminum, but still fully functional. Great back up or if someone wants to learn glassing without breaking the bank.
  2. AZP&Y

    Happy Birthday AZP&Y "DOUG"

    Thanks so much everyone! Nice day and great week in San Diego!
  3. AZP&Y

    Got my 2014 Archery Deer Back!

    Great buck! Love it! The trip to SF Paul is a bonus entertainment trip to the Taxi! AZP&Y
  4. AZP&Y

    Savage 6.5 Creedmoor CUSTOM for sale

    Tack driver folks. I can attest. Great Coues Gun! AzP&Y
  5. Thanks guys. I will let you know , right now they are SPF. Yes Ernesto these are some GOOD Coues DVD's!
  6. $30.00 TYD FOR ALL 4 DVDS I have 4 coues DVDs for sale. All are excellent coues action from long range rifle to some nice Coues Bow action. Some real big bucks taken too 115+ and the A-W-E-S-O-M-E vapor trail action & HORN PORN! There is also some good quality elk hunt action from Arizona. They all play fine and the cases are all intact. · DEAD ON ELK and COUES- Over 2hrs 23 kill shots · COUES VENTURES- Huntn coues with Brian Easton · EXTREME COUES- 130 AZ MONSTER on DVD- WICKED VAPORTRAILS · RELENTLESS PURSUIT- Whitetail Mule Deer Coues- Over 25 hunts Multiple Bow Kills
  7. AZP&Y

    Results are up

    24a ham!
  8. AZP&Y

    KUIU "Sale" is a joke..

    KUIU Nuyarn - merino - comes from New Zeland. It's the most comfortable merino on the market. I've tried them all. Oh and the guide jacket brings In bobcats. Az
  9. AZP&Y

    illegal Aliens poaching deer

    That's why there's no trout over 9" in that g dang lake. Lol
  10. AZP&Y

    Any credit card hits?

  11. AZP&Y

    Big Coues

    Duwane knows how to glass em' and brass em' Az
  12. AZP&Y

    first bobcat

    What a fantastic Saturday morning. Loved it, talk about happening fast! Great job! Thanks for letting me tag along! Azp&Y