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  1. campmeat

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Love the write up, and amazing photos . thanks for sharing !
  2. campmeat

    Bino Chest Pack Recommendations

    I second the marsupial harness .
  3. campmeat

    Assault weapons ban? Really Joe.

  4. campmeat

    Spring bear

    These are the memories he will never forget ! Thanks for sharing.
  5. campmeat

    Gas Prices, how high will they go?

    I don’t know about you , but that Keystone pipeline is sure sounding pretty good right about now!
  6. campmeat

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    this feels like some kind of fed post.... lol I lost all my guns on a boating accident!!!
  7. campmeat

     Big Curl

    That hunt sounds like a dream ! Thanks for sharing.
  8. campmeat

    how do you display your sheds

    I decided to use my very first deer I shot antlers and put them as zipper pulls on my Bino harness. What do you all think?
  9. campmeat

    Got My Buck Back...

    Always nice getting them home where they belong! Great looking buck !
  10. campmeat

    Hornady 6.5 Bullets for Sale

    ill take the federal 215 primers
  11. campmeat

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    beautiful bird! Really enjoyed the write up. congrats
  12. campmeat

    First one of ‘22

    that thing has mass! nice find
  13. campmeat

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    I had my last truck completely spayed by inyati and it turned out amazing ! They also beat linex on the price by 1000 bucks. Inyati is more like a hard rubber coating and linex is like a hard shell that Ive seen crack and chip.
  14. campmeat

    Desert toad shed!

    Was out chasing mule deer this January and came across this shed! I spent a couple hours looking for the match but no luck.
  15. campmeat

    Desert toad shed!

    Id love to see this photo as well
  16. campmeat

    Desert toad shed!

    Anyone got a video of this buck you guys are referring too?
  17. campmeat

    Desert toad shed!

    Yeah it looks about two years old for sure. What unit was the buck that was killed in?
  18. campmeat

    how do you display your sheds

    I love this thread! I alway like bringing my sheds home and let my lady to decorate with them . Makes them as excited as I was about finding them. You know what they say “happy spouse, happy house” !
  19. campmeat

    Glock 19 (9mm)

    Looks to be a gen 5 with the rounded barrel end , and the finger groves gone on the frame.
  20. campmeat

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Thats so awesome brother! Love seeing the same passion in her eyes that you have. This is how you raise them right!
  21. campmeat

    Woman hunting packs

    So my girls birthday is coming at the end of the month . I've decided since she loves the outdoors and wants to start hunting I'd buy her a good pack. I've in the past have bought numerous packs I didn't end up liking and would like to like to save the hassle of going through packs for her. Does anyone have any good pack recommendations for a small waist woman , or a pack that worked well for woman's build . Thanks
  22. campmeat

    Woman hunting packs

    Thank you guys for your input my girl loves her new pack. The Valkyrie and her New Ariat boots will be getting broken this weekend!
  23. campmeat

    Woman hunting packs

    Thank you everyone for you input , I will be order the Valkyrie for her .
  24. campmeat

    Desert toad shed!

    I hardly find sheds when shed hunting… Almost always come across them when I’m out hunting deer .