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    9mm for Coues Deer.

    You asked for opinions so hear goes. 9mm is weak at best, 357 would be a way better choice. Not saying you can’t kill one but the probability of wounding one and losing it is much greater. Not trying to talk you out of it. You do you! It’s legal! I have shot both a ton and even had a lion crouched down at 25 feet with a tag in my pocket and my 9mm aimed at him for quite a spell while he sized me up. I didn’t shoot as I didn’t want to maim him and he run off to die somewhere. If I had my 357 mag I would have drilled him. 9mm works on people as they give up. Coues don’t give up. I have seen some hit hard with rifles that just amazed me how tough they are. Good luck whatever you decide! Nice pig btw!
  2. 105Coues

    Night hunting lights

    I thought it was always just yotes? Been wanting to try it for years. Just never had an open unit close.
  3. Chest with fmj. If you head shoot they are so bloodshot it makes it a beeeeaaattccchhh to skin without cutting holes. Hole will be small enough you shouldn’t have to sew. 22 also works great btw.
  4. 105Coues

    Night hunting lights

    I have never done this but any thoughts on the red lights?
  5. 105Coues

    20 Grays the past 3 weekends

    Dang you guys are killin it! Are the fur prices enough to cover gas?
  6. 105Coues

    Grand Canyon NP Bison Control/Hunting

    Fat chance! This has been ongoing for years and still nothing..... Az resident with 35 points lol
  7. 105Coues

    3 bucks down early hunt

    Well done gentlemen! Congrats!
  8. 105Coues

    Early Nov buck

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  9. 105Coues

    Coues in the Oaks

    Cool video! Thanks for sharing
  10. 105Coues

    Trail cameras and wildfire don't mix

    Grew up on those mountains. Sad to see! Cool video though
  11. 105Coues

    Elk kill range

    Accuracy is key! Sounds like you practice a lot and that is awesome! A marginal hit is never a good time. Knowing your effective range and using a cut on contact broadhead which is new or resharpened before shooting is equally important. Expandable broadheads are generally not as sharp and use too much energy entering the animal. I used slick tricks on my bulls and shot through my 373 6x7. I shot a spike bull with the same and hit ribs and the arrow breached the other side but did not exit completely. 430 grn arrow at 278 FPS. 53 yds and 38 yds. Now I am sure someone has shot a book bull at 183 yds with an expandable and things went perfect but for every one of those there are thousands of bad experiences on elk and smaller critters. I am sure there are a lot more experienced peeps on elk than I am but this is Just my .02. Good luck my brother! If you can, go to 3D shoots and/or join a local club. The shoots are phenomenal practice and guys and gals at a club will help you big Time!
  12. 105Coues

    Short Cow Bison Hunt!!

    That is awesome! Congrats on a great hunt! I hope to experience it some day!
  13. 105Coues

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    Good job! Cool video, congrats !
  14. 105Coues

    Daughter's October White Tail

    Great buck! Congrats! That is an awesome pic. What software did you use?
  15. 105Coues

    Massive Coues Buck

    Thick! That is awesome.
  16. 105Coues

    What number is max. bonus points?

    Apparently not! Lol Not drawn with 35
  17. 105Coues

    CC hits?

    Had 35 and nada
  18. 105Coues

    Tagged out

    dang! I wanna hunt with you. I will only shoot the back up bucks.....Congrats!
  19. 105Coues

    My sons 1st coues

    Congrats! Good times there with the kids!
  20. 105Coues

    Wifes 1st coues

    Great buck! Congrats
  21. Sounds like a great time with a great family! Congrats on a very successful hunt!
  22. 105Coues

    2019 fall cow bison hunt in the books!

    Well done! Thank you for being considerate of our brothers in arms! My hat is off to you!
  23. 105Coues

    She calls better than I do

    Way cool!