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    Bowhunting,fishing,3d shoots
  1. Wnn135


    Anyone who went have any pictures? Curious to see the vender area, and parking lot to see how many people went.
  2. Wnn135

    Bergara Rifles

    Supposed to say 140 eld match. Auto correct sucks.
  3. Wnn135

    Bergara Rifles

    Factory, hornady 140 elk match.
  4. Wnn135

    Bergara Rifles

    Really like my hmr 6.5 Creedmoor. Only about 12 shots through it getting it sighted in. This is a three round group at 100 yards.
  5. Wnn135

    Pig tags

    Just wondering, who thinks they should stop giving out two pig tags a year? I havent seen as many pigs as in years past, seems like the population is declining a lot.
  6. Wnn135

    Garmin Xero Bow Sight

    Just another thought. We have archery seasons that are longer, and at optimal times of the year because it is supposed to be harder to harvest an animal with a bow. With all these new gadgets and people taking shots over 100 yards, the harvest will go up, and with more people bow hunting it will go up. It is just a matter of time until you will have to draw archery tags,or the seasons will get shorter. Or you will have to choose hunting with rifle or bow, you wouldn’t be able to hunt both.
  7. Wnn135

    Garmin Xero Bow Sight

    This could be great, or not. Az has already shortened archery hunts when the success rate is above %20 I believe, so if these kind of devices help the rate go up, it’s just a matter of time until we will have a draw for archery tags, and not over the counter anymore.
  8. Wnn135

    Results are Posted on AZGF

    Second choice, 27 early archery bull for me.
  9. Wnn135

    3/17 CC Hits?

    Hit, unit 1 or 27 early archery.
  10. Wnn135

    Javelina Bag Limit

    In the units I hunt them, pig sign ang the numbers seem to be way down. Hardly seen any sign this year deer hunting, and only saw four pigs during the deer hunt. Haven't found any yet to use my pig tag on.
  11. Just got a call from az elk society rep, cant believe I won, can't wait to get the binoculars. I have the dec rifle hunt in 31. Thank you az elk society, great organization.
  12. Wnn135

    Need a New Pack???

    Bia website shows tickets sold out, anyone know if they have drawn yet.
  13. Wnn135

    An incredible elk season!

    Great Bulls. I have a question, how were people poisoning the water tanks?. Never heard of people doing this.
  14. Wnn135

    Need a New Pack???

    Anyone know how many tickets have been sold, or when the draw is?
  15. Wnn135

    Safford where are you?

    My white truck looks like a golf ball from the hail damage.