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  1. Wnn135

    New fire

    New fire just started a little while ago on the 403- 403f road, just south west of alpine. Putting out some good smoke. Had a small storm go through, must be lightning strike.
  2. Wnn135

    Mandatory reporting

    Just wondering how many think that there should be mandatory reporting of kills, like in new mexico, no report, no putting in for tags. I know they have the archers doing it now, but this year I have seen a lot of posts of people with rifle tags saying that they had multiple tags in the family, some 5 and 6 tags and they all tagged out. Most people don’t return the survey.
  3. Wnn135

    Sunrise 3d

    Looks like they are having the sunrise shoot, looks like they dropped the price from when they tried to get more a couple years ago. They sure didn’t advertise, I looked a couple weeks ago abd there was no info on the website
  4. Wnn135

    point guard

    Do you guy's think that with the lack of rain, and now the forest closures it will effect how many people use point guard this year? I was thinking that the longer the closures go and the closer the seasons get that more people will start to turn in tags.
  5. Wnn135

    Coconino NF to fully CLOSE Wednesday 6/23/2021

    looks like Apache Sitgraves is closing now, as of thursday 6 am
  6. I just got done watching a video on you tube where the two guys are hunting javelina in Az. In the video they both have ear pieces coming from their ears and it then shows one stalking and you can hear the other one talking to him on a radio guiding him in on the javelina. I just wonder how long it will be before they say you cant have any electronics such as the radios when you hunt.
  7. Wnn135

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    I agree that people will start to damage any cameras they find, but I do like to set up cameras even when I am not hunting just to look at the pictures I get. Guess we will see what the final rule is, but I'm sure like everyone else they have made up their mind.
  8. Wnn135

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    I would not be hunting in unit 27 as I don't have a tag there, but if I put up a camera just to get pics of animals how could they say I was hunting, or using the camera to aid in hunting.
  9. Wnn135

    Friday in Payson Trail Cameras

    So say I have a tag for unit 1 and not for 27, this means I can go set up a camera in 27 as I am not using it to aid in the take of wildlife. There is not way they could say I was using it to hunt as I don't even have a tag for that unit.
  10. Has anyone heard if they are having the Sunrise 3D shoot this year. I haven't heard anything, and I know it was getting really expensive to go, I was thinking if they go back to regular prices I might go.
  11. Wnn135

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Glad to see, with no rain and more hunters I am glad to see it. Just hope they would put a mandatory report like new mexico so they can track the harvested animals.
  12. Wnn135

    Results are up

    Unit 1 archery bull
  13. Wnn135

    Over the counter tags

    I think archery will go to a draw also, just don’t know when. But I wonder if you will be able to put in for rifle also or will you have to choose to hunt rifle or bow.
  14. Not to start an argument, but I was talking to a friend about the number of hunters out this year. It seems they are everywhere, seen more hunters from out of state than I ever have and just more archery hunters in general, so how long do you think arizona will keep the over the counter tags if this many people continue to archery hunt?
  15. Wnn135

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    Just tried mine and it won’t let me in, guess I get to call