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  1. aggiejake

    Arbys Wagyu buger sucks

    Probably not the only person that thought it wasn’t good. Last few Arby’s commercials I’ve seen no mention of the burger.
  2. aggiejake

    Synthetics vs wool

    The best socks I have found are the bass pro redhead brand. They are the real thick ones. Gray in color. I know a few years ago they were 9.99 a pair. With a lifetime guarantee. Not sure on price now. Only have had two pairs go bad on me and that was from a puppy getting ahold of them. The rest I still wear and I can barely tell the difference between the ones I got 9 years ago and the ones I got 5 years ago. And for quite a few years pretty much wore them year round. And comfortable enough to not have to wear a liner. Googled the socks after posting this. The socks are 11.99 a pair now. 81% wool 17% stretch nylon 2% spandex.
  3. aggiejake

    Unit 32 Deer

    Sounds like you have the Jan. archery tag for javelina. If that's the case your not stuck only hunting pigs in 32. With that tag you can hunt 28, 29, 30a ,30b ,31 and 32. All those units are open for OTC deer in January to. Though 29 is only open for deer from the 1st to the 15th of January. Lots of good opportunities to hunt both species in all those units. I have the same tag and will be chasing pigs and deer to. Good luck.
  4. aggiejake

    Need opinions on a new sidearm

    I would recommend a revolver platform for self defense. Main reason is if you want it for self defense and actually have to use it, all you have to remember is pull the trigger. I agree on the Ruger SP101. I have the 4 inch barrel. I am 5'6 and it's very comfortable for me to shoot. I shoot 38's when I am plinking and carry 357's in it when I am out and about.
  5. aggiejake

    Not a bad day at the office

    I am pretty lucky and work on a ranch. Not a bad gig since I love hunting so much. Pretty much always in the woods.
  6. aggiejake

    Not a bad day at the office

    Thanks everybody. Just got in to turkey hunting the last few years. This was my second bird. My first was a fall turkey also. Hoping to get drawn this spring and take part in that excitement.
  7. aggiejake

    Not a bad day at the office

    Was able to harvest my turkey this year. Kind of got lucky. Turned out to be a pretty good day though. Had been seeing a lot of turkeys over the last couple weeks. Once turkey opened I really hadn't been able to get out and hunt except for Sunday a little. On Monday was heading out to work on some fence and as we were heading up had a group of turkeys cross in front of us. At first we were just watching them and then it hit that oh ya I have a tag. Got my shotgun out and it was unloaded. So loaded it up. Turkeys were still just slowly working their way up the hill. Got to the base of the hill and waited for one to separate himself and then the hunt was over. Got a quick pic and then went back to the house and dressed him out. Then we headed back out to work. As I was finishing up my day walking a stretch of fence to see what it needed done for repairs I was able to find this decent but older coues set. Then got to finish the day with this view. So not a bad day at the office.
  8. Got a couple more bucks on my cams this past weekend. This camera is about a mile from where I got the pic of the buck that is under the topic Decent Buck.If you look close there is another deer behind the antlers of the buck in the first pic.
  9. aggiejake

    Decent Coues Buck

    I still have the one camera out and moved two others hopefully I can get some more pics of him for you to compare.
  10. aggiejake

    Decent Coues Buck

    Thanks everybody. Ya was pretty stoked when I scrolled through the pics. I set that camera just on a whim after I saw that bull in the area. I knew there were some bucks in the area but didn't know he was there. I set the cameras up to see what else was up there for me and my brothers Oct tags. I never got up there for the archery hunt kind of kicking myself a little now. Had a plan on another area but now I think plans are a changing.
  11. aggiejake

    Decent Coues Buck

    Got out Sunday and braved the rain and checked a few cams I had out. A bear knocked one off to the side where it just took pics of the ground and had a smaller coues buck and some does on my second one. Rain started coming in and was almost going to turn around and head back down the mountain but I am glad I went on. Had it set up to try and catch a nice bull I have seen up there but got this guy instead.
  12. aggiejake

    Theyre hitting cards

    Got hit for a coues tag either early or late 27 and I know I got a 27 turkey tag since I only put in for the one hunt. And for charges to your account it would be 265.00 for a sheep tag 34.75 for a deer tag and 18.00 for a turkey tag because that is what you owe the Game and Fish for your tag that you draw minus the 7.50 processing fee you were charged when you put in for your hunts.
  13. aggiejake

    The defination of a "Premium Hunt"

    Thank you for the info Kent. Appreciate it.
  14. aggiejake

    The defination of a "Premium Hunt"

    I have a question on the fee structure that is proposed. It has probably been answered in one of the topics already so I apologize if this is beating a dead horse. But does the new premium fee include archery deer hunts during December and January? And if they don't I am glad but if they do would we buy a OTC deer tag for August and September and then have to purchase a stamp for Dec and Jan if we wanted to hunt those months like we do for waterfowl? Just askin.
  15. aggiejake

    Am I missing something???

    Redman: I know you did not make the rules. But first because we all know how forum talk can be misinterpreted I am not attacking Redman.He is just paraphrasing what is on the AZGFD's website. What I am saying is that lets change the rules. I know I am not going to get back my points. What I want is somebody else to not have to be in my position or that of those that were denied there points. What I want is that the next guy doesn't have to go through what I and others are going through. Just because rules are made does not mean they are right. This country was founded on and has survived by the changing of rules.That is why we vote. The people are the real voice in this matter. When we are asked we answer. Right or wrong we answer. That is all I am asking for, to consider changing the way points are given out a tiny bit.