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  1. 520HUNT

    Hunting theme masks

    Hunters actually wear masks?
  2. 520HUNT

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    we predator hunt up there every year, and lead bullets seam to work just fine on the 100s of coyotes and bobcats we encounter.
  3. 520HUNT

    West coast fires

    the third world country to our west is burning...
  4. 520HUNT

    Give it your best shot

    wait until that buck gets the milk off his lips
  5. 520HUNT

    A sad dry summer

    When are you going? You need help?
  6. 520HUNT

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    since we are guessing, I'll say 164" but with that said, that's a good desert buck!
  7. 520HUNT

    Auction tag coues

    if you got the goods on him, let me know. ill call the game thief hotline and collect the reward! I ain't scared! I'm an equal opportunity reward collector.
  8. 520HUNT

    Auction tag coues

    I saw a pic of a nice velvet coues killed in December a couple years ago. apparently it had no nuts and carried its velvet year round. a Cactus Buck i believe they call it. anyone still have pics of it?
  9. 520HUNT

    Auction tag coues

    if thats not a pretty buck, I must be doing something wrong!
  10. And child abuse/endangerment charges
  11. 520HUNT

    Bear cub or no?

    It's a blue dress
  12. 520HUNT

    Costco is getting emptied

    Walmart in tucson, no TP, except the $20 packages
  13. So a FFL can determine what the gun was first recorded as, pistol, other, or rifle?
  14. Good info... I was going to buy a AR pistol from a local gun shop but now I'm not taking that chance!
  15. 520HUNT

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    It says "for any reason" That sounds like bad antler growth to me