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  1. 520HUNT

    Desert Landscaping Question?? HELP PLEASE!!

    Real landscapers dont use plastic!
  2. 520HUNT

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    You can get a replica that will be hard to tell the difference
  3. 520HUNT

    Found blind and camera in unit 33

    I've seen that blind before... at least I think it's the same spot
  4. 520HUNT

    Second day success

  5. 520HUNT

    Got tickted by azgf

    I'm just blown away by 3 things... 1.) You saw a game warden 2.) He got out of his truck 3.) He had a range finder Are you sure this was AZ G&F?
  6. 520HUNT

    22S Last Night

    No! I'm being serious. If you want someone to call Game & Fish, we cant just call and say we dont like the way he is hunting, we have to be able to give facts of laws broken. Now if he knows the location of one of these dead bulls and still keeps hunting, then I say he has broken the law. But if he is just a horrible tracker and never finds any of these bulls, who is to say these bulls actually died? And even if they die and he never finds them, there is no law that requires you to spend a certain amount of time looking. Just thinking out loud and realizing as bad as this situation sucks, there isnt much we can do under current law. Just in this thread there have been opinions of how long to look for a dead bull. 4 hrs? 1 day? 48 hrs? 72 hrs? 1 week? Until the hunt is over? No matter what your personal ethics are, someone else has different opinion, and guaranteed not all ethical hunters will agree with you opinion. And the Game & Fish regulations definitely dont spell this out. I'm not in anyway sticking up for this guy, just thinking in reality.
  7. 520HUNT

    22S Last Night

    I'll volunteer to call Game & Fish... can you give me a list of what laws hes broke?
  8. 520HUNT

    Wounding bulls

    I just got back from 6A helping a friend on his archery bull tag. We found 2 dead bull elk with arrow wounds. My buddy got cords and gave to G&F.
  9. 520HUNT

    22S Last Night

    So if I shoot a bull and cant find it, how long do I have to wait to shoot another bull? Dont want opinions, was wondering what the law or G&F regs say??
  10. 520HUNT

    After work success

    Well done, congratulations
  11. 520HUNT

    Tree Stand Recomendations

    I found a solution to most of the noise. I replaced the nylon washers with heavy duty felt washers. Every stand is going to make noise.
  12. 520HUNT


    This is the perfect title for this post. DELETED! That's what many of the people in this country want us to do, delete 911 from our memories. We cant forget, we cant delete this tragic day if we want to continue as a great nation. It's just the easy way out, if we just delete it! I will never forget 911!
  13. 520HUNT

    fake turf installer

    This is typical homeowner. I ran into them all the time in my 20 years of landscape installations. I turned down alot of jobs cuz guys like this arnt worth the hassle
  14. 520HUNT

    fake turf installer

    That takes all the profit out of it for installer...no thanks
  15. 520HUNT

    Gov tag buck