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  1. And child abuse/endangerment charges
  2. 520HUNT

    Bear cub or no?

    It's a blue dress
  3. 520HUNT

    Costco is getting emptied

    Walmart in tucson, no TP, except the $20 packages
  4. So a FFL can determine what the gun was first recorded as, pistol, other, or rifle?
  5. Good info... I was going to buy a AR pistol from a local gun shop but now I'm not taking that chance!
  6. 520HUNT

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    It says "for any reason" That sounds like bad antler growth to me
  7. So if you're buying a used AR Pistol, how do you know if it's legal? Is there a way to research what the original 4473 listed the gun as?
  8. Is the FFL at fault (breaking the law) by issuing a legal document 4473 saying it's a pistol?
  9. 520HUNT

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    Does G&F give any guidelines on when or why a tag can be turned in? Besides "before the hunt begins".
  10. So if I have a lower that was sold as a rifle and I change it to a pistol by putting short barrel and a brace on it and then sell it to a friend thru a FFL who fills out a new 4473 for the transfer, is it now considered a pistol since I have a 4473 that says pistol?
  11. 520HUNT

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    If mom and dad are in heaven...I'll take the millions... Heaven is such a more wonderful place than this nasty world.
  12. 520HUNT

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    They will move on fine with millions$$$
  13. 520HUNT

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    The Suns still have a team?
  14. 520HUNT

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    Was Kobe a hunter? I thought this was a hunting forum.
  15. I've heard they have had a bunch of problems with homeless living on the forest and bothering campers and recreationalists
  16. 520HUNT


    Who left a gate open? Who trespassed? Have you been drinking the retarted juice again?
  17. 520HUNT

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    My son used a 700 remmington 7mag with a break for his first coues deer at age 10. Still has and uses that rifle now that he is 21.
  18. 520HUNT


    Lots of experience arresting those on the wrong side of the fence I worked with him, good dude
  19. 520HUNT


    We need to find out which ranchers were pushing this... we need to know whose gates to leave open!
  20. Can we find out which ranchers were pushing this? I want to know who's gates to leave open
  21. 520HUNT

    Uh oh...

  22. 520HUNT

    Uh oh...

    Or just a bullet in the head would be easier
  23. What is the max number of points for each species currently?
  24. 520HUNT

    Max point number for each species?

    I guess its time I start building my javalina points!