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  1. lcyardball


    Where are you located?
  2. Got some info to share if anyone has this tag.
  3. lcyardball

    How to price trophy coues deer

    Yeah, it is worth far more than any offer provided thus far.
  4. Perfect condition, see pictures let me know if any questions. Located in Gilbert Arizona.
  5. lcyardball

    Do bears affect coues

    Two years ago on the San Carlos res I was bear hunting and watched a bear kill a fawn with ease. Later I saw a post on Facebook where someone shot a bear while it was eating a baby fawn. After this experience I am convinced bear hammer the deer population, especially the fawns because they are easy pickings. With that said, I have certainly seen whitetail and bears in the same canyon but generally speaking I do not see a lot of deer in bear country.
  6. lcyardball

    3/17 CC Hits?

    That isn't true. It happens long before the official release of the results.
  7. lcyardball

    G7 Ballistic Ranger Finder - Newest Model

    Item is SOLD
  8. lcyardball

    Gunwerks G7 Rangefinder - 2015 Edition E1011

    Item is SOLD
  9. lcyardball

    OTC Spring Bear

    Someday I will come across a spring bear Kidso, when I find that unicorn it is dying even if it is the size of a bath mat once all rugged out, haha.
  10. lcyardball

    OTC Spring Bear

    It is
  11. lcyardball

    OTC Spring Bear

    The reality is, spring rifle bear is terrible, they just do not move much until mid to late May. With that said, there are always a handful of guys that kill bears and when I say handful, one, two, maybe three. I always go in late April then wonder why I wasted my time.
  12. Virtually brand new G7 rangefinder that does MOA or Mil readings. Please PM me with additional questions. I have reduced the price to $1350.