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  1. QCcoueshunter

    Unfired Browning X-bolt hells canyon LR 6.5prc

    I am interested pm sent
  2. QCcoueshunter

    Badlands Bino XR harness

    Pm sent
  3. QCcoueshunter

    Hoyt carbon defiant 34

    I would consider trades for another bow.
  4. QCcoueshunter

    Hoyt carbon defiant 34

    Hoyt carbon defiant 34 70-80 lbs currently set at 28" DL. DFX 2.1 cam. Brand new string and cables just installed by Archery Headquarters less than 20 shots on string. Bow has 80 lb limbs installed but I will include the 60-70 lb limbs also. Will include 3 Easton st axis 300 arrows, trophy taker smackdown rest, and Hoyt soft bow case. Will not include the sight in the picture. Asking $850
  5. QCcoueshunter

    Wtb bow Mathews or hoyt

    I bought one already thanks for the replies
  6. QCcoueshunter

    Wtb bow Mathews or hoyt

    Looking to buy a used bow prefer hoyt or Mathews. I would also prefer 80# draw.
  7. QCcoueshunter


    Pm sent
  8. QCcoueshunter

    WTB 15x56 zeiss or swarovski

    I have been taken care of i worked out a deal with joelbiltz to purchase his swarovski binoculars.
  9. QCcoueshunter

    WTB 15x56 zeiss or swarovski

    I sent you a pm joelbiltz
  10. QCcoueshunter

    WTB 15x56 zeiss or swarovski

    Joelbiltz are you located in az I would rather have a face to face transaction
  11. QCcoueshunter

    WTB 15x56 zeiss or swarovski

    Looking to buy used 15x56 zeiss conquest hd or swarovski slc non hd not interested in vortex
  12. QCcoueshunter

    Manfrotto pistol grip tripod head

    Pistol grip head for sale $50 sold pending funds
  13. QCcoueshunter

    case length

    i am new to reloading i started resizing some of my old brass from factory ammunition but have not yet reloaded any yet. my question is on the hornady cases i have the length of the case is on average .010 shorter than the trim length specified in my manuals is it ok to reload these cases or could it create pressure or any other problems? i am reloading for a .300 win mag.
  14. QCcoueshunter

    300wsm or 7MMwsm?

    i have a 7mm wsm i have been shooting for 5 years i just bought a 300 win mag to replace it. I dont reload and dont like the factory ammo selection for the 7 and 300 ammo costs me 10 dollars less a box.
  15. QCcoueshunter

    Making room for a new project

    pm sent