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  1. muley224

    North of the ditch

    Good luck to the lucky hunters that drew a late tag. Should be great weather up north. Post results !
  2. muley224

    Cool find

    Found this GVWR tin plate for a Chevy truck in unit 10. 7000 lbs. Thinking 20's or 30's.
  3. muley224

    23-24 regs up online

    23-24 regs online.
  4. muley224

    Confused on when elk drop.

    Going to do some elk shed hunting this year for the first time. I usually go up north for Mule Deer and know when to go up there. In the past, an outfitter told me that the elk start dropping after Valentines day. Game and fish say March and April. Just don't want to go too early. Thanks.
  5. muley224

    Tag arrived

    Tag arrived yesterday. Should start getting solicited by Outfitters soon.
  6. muley224

    Arizona Top 20 Non-Typical Coues Whitetail

    Az Wildife Trophys. I believe Robin and Billie Bechtel had several in the top 20.
  7. muley224

    Utah case

    Any word on the Utah case with Hatch? Last I saw was sentencing in Feb.
  8. muley224

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Avondale Toyota. My friend is the general sales mgr. John Rondo I have sent 4 family members there for new Toyotas. Good people.
  9. muley224

    Results are up.

    Flying across in front of the truck !
  10. muley224

    Results are up.

    Had this tag in 2013 back when there were 100 tags. Filled 7:30 opening morning.
  11. muley224

    Results are up.

  12. muley224

    Results are up.

    I checked my bank account for 3 days, saw nothing. Just checked portal and DRAWN ! 2 tags early rifle Bull !! Still shaking !
  13. muley224

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Credit Card update is March 6th.
  14. muley224

    target shooting in the desert

    I have not been out in the desert pistol Target shooting for thirty years. Lots of places close to town then with no people. Got the wife a new 22 Semi and don't want to mess with Ben Avery. We are in the northwst valley and was wondering if you can shoot in the desert north of the 303 and south of 74. Don't know if there's alot of dirt bikes and off road in there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. muley224

    Official scorer ?

    I know Tony Grimmett was, don't know if he still is.
  16. muley224

    Auction tag

    Jimmy John bought the Antelope Island tag. $500k. Nevada hunter paid $725k for the Az. tag.
  17. muley224

    Anybody use Butler Bags

    I have had my Butler for 20 years. Still like new. Never been cold.
  18. muley224

    North of the ditch hunts

    Good luck to the early Bab Hunters. Be safe and shoot straight. Post pics when you can.
  19. Think that's a fair deal. I don't think though you can get close to 500lbs of meat off a Bull. Most I ever got off my biggest bull was around 260lbs boned meat.
  20. muley224

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

  21. muley224

    How'd You Get Your First Buck?

    Also Western NY outside of Rochester. { Bristol Mountains} Ithaca Model 37 pump. About a 6 in. spike. Good eating !
  22. muley224

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Me. Sunday happy hour they are 1/2 price. Awesome burger with shaved prime rib and onion straws on top !
  23. muley224

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    AG Burger at Arrowhead Grill..... Harveys..... Zipps.