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    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Go crypto, F air b&b's kids cant find a place to rent up here , do to 160+ up here, and Ross glad to here your with the high rent cowboys who jumped on the California rent hike ban wagon, my son can't find a place he can afford with 2 kids for a year now, but glad to here your getting richer and your intitlement daughter has a free place to live. Ya I'm pissed herring stores of the rich and ahole air band b owners who want you to work weekends because they can't get there asses up here. Don't want to inconvenience the rich. Just my rant. Just bought more doge..
  2. wildwoody

    Learning Taxidermy

    Doing great.
  3. wildwoody


    Chit, little ears big bear, tiny ears huge bear. Huge bear..
  4. wildwoody

    Road to Big Lake?

    Hawley was alittle slow but 2 4 pounders
  5. wildwoody

    23 North Early Archery

    Giants everywhere
  6. wildwoody

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Probably gave him a bell ringing and lost his means , seen it many times with Jack rabbits.
  7. wildwoody

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    CJ your back
  8. wildwoody

    Unit 23

    Yup I thought AZ.
  9. wildwoody

    Jim Jones Shooting Range

    Come on up, no fires here yet..
  10. wildwoody

    Unit 23

    Heres a wee one
  11. wildwoody

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    I've seen albinos' in the bab, but you can still some light color variations in the tail and wings, looks like a real clean domestic turkey. Just me
  12. wildwoody

    Early fire season

    Why December 1st forest police, kinda agree but why the 1st of December ?
  13. wildwoody

    Road to Big Lake?

    Hitting Hawley tuesday?? Cant wait for them big browns
  14. wildwoody

    New Member

    3 weeks, you got months to wait.
  15. wildwoody

    Rim road open?

    Hawley lake on Tuesday, heck ya
  16. wildwoody

    New Member

    Not sure who that skinny dude in pic is but trophyhntr is in shape, got muscles this dirtt bag needs to move on. New troll. This place has gone to shoot, I believe trophyhntr ram is a desert, not a high fenced petting zoo ram. Ya a real hunter.
  17. Loved taking the kids back in the day to 4a tons of birds..
  18. wildwoody


    Its not coming, its here.
  19. wildwoody

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Slow yesterday, 8 dinks
  20. wildwoody

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Tomorrow can't wait, herd there still moving up..,
  21. wildwoody

    Alamo-any reports

    Come on, hitting Roosi Wednesday on there beds, gotta try Alamo sun.,
  22. wildwoody

    Air Gun coming to archery seasons in AZ

    Love my air bow, miss Delw..
  23. wildwoody

    The Oscar’s

    If that was real it was a bitch slap. His face doesn't even quiver.
  24. wildwoody

    Coconino road closures

    April 15th
  25. wildwoody

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Dats a nice one..