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  1. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We got another good rain early this morning.
  2. peckl1

    Solar power for your RV

    Need some info on Solar power. Has anyone set their RV up with solar power?
  3. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We got a real good rain this morning and it looks like we will get more today.
  4. peckl1

    The moisture creeps in.

    Well in 36a we have started getting some rain. This morning we had a real good rain for about an hour.
  5. peckl1

    Finally rain

    The last couple of days we have had spotty rain around the ranch. Not enough to fill the tanks but it has been good for plant growth,
  6. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We got a little more rain today. We have a few puddles on the road but not much to fill tanks.
  7. peckl1

    Finally rain

    It's been raining off and on for a couple of hours so far. Not hard but pretty steady.
  8. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We finally got a little rain in 36a today. Enough to have several puddles around. We could use a lot more.
  9. peckl1

    The moisture creeps in.

    Still very dry in 36A.
  10. peckl1

    What is an MFA code

    Well yesterday was the end of this past Fall and Winter season. Here are some stats: I visited with approximately 65 different campsites during the season. We had more but I didn't visit unless it was daylight and there was at least 1 adult man outside. So I missed talking to those who left before dawn and didn't get back to camp before dark. I found 21 campsites that had been abandoned after their hunt that still had hot coals in the firepit. We had locks cut 6 times at the our corrals and one incident where someone cut the chains with a grinder. I filled up 2 of those blue buckets (25 gallons) with beer cans and bottles left in fire pits. I almost filled one 1 full of shot gun shells. It seemed to be duck hunters were the worst offenders. The first day of hunting we had someone set up a blind inside one of our posted corrals! I found unlocked and shut gates were left open 6 times. We had 9 people park on the east side of the locked gate at Botamote Corral in the private property area. We need that area free of vehicles to allow for truck and trailers to be able to back up to the loading shoot. Noah Silva, the Game Worden, provided us with a lot more signs to inform people of the rules. Thanks Noah! I did not see all of the game that was taken but we had a few better than average animals taken. That is all I will say about that, but I will say y'all didn't get several better than average bucks I know about. I sure hope I get drawn later on this year.
  11. Just give me a heads up on when you will be out Lee
  12. I live in 36a. If you're interested I will show you around if you want to come out sometime. Lee
  13. peckl1

    View from my office window

    very nice! !
  14. peckl1

    30-06 ammo

    I have 4 boxes of ammo to sell. Federal Premium 30-06 nosler partition 165 grain $50 per box or $ 180 for all four. Thanks for looking