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  1. peckl1

    30a info

    I am more of a meat hunter than a trophy hunter. I prefer mule deer.
  2. peckl1

    30a info

    I have known the rancher for 30 years. I have done some work for him in the past. We just recently talked about hunting. Turns out he never told me about all of the property he has,. He controls a lot of land out there. Heading out there soon.
  3. peckl1

    30a info

    I have been invited to hunt on a ranch in 30a. So I'm looking for advice/info. thanks
  4. peckl1

    Any Good Bucks?

    Well we have had some good rain, but not where we needed it most. It is still pretty green around most of the ranch.
  5. peckl1

    Any Good Bucks?

    I have seen a few Bucks with good potential both mule deer and coues in 36a already.
  6. peckl1

    Calling Peckl1

  7. peckl1

    Calling Peckl1

    Are you still coming out
  8. peckl1

    Calling Peckl1

    just saw this. my number is 520 300 0691. I do not always answer. just leave me a message. Yes still out here on the Marley, but I have moved my trailer.
  9. peckl1

    What Boot Covers?

    I use a pair of carpet shoes the illegals leave in the desert. Not so much for being quiet but not leaving tracks of where I have been.
  10. peckl1

    Parking on State Land

    The only real issue in 36a is the number of people that come out to target shoot on State Trust land. When you point out that its illegal they get pissed.
  11. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We got another good rain early this morning.
  12. peckl1

    Solar power for your RV

  13. peckl1

    Solar power for your RV

    Need some info on Solar power. Has anyone set their RV up with solar power?
  14. peckl1

    Finally rain

    We got a real good rain this morning and it looks like we will get more today.
  15. peckl1

    The moisture creeps in.

    Well in 36a we have started getting some rain. This morning we had a real good rain for about an hour.