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    Engineer by necessity, welder by choice.
    I believe in Gun Control
    Gun Control: The Ability to consistently hit what you are aiming at.

    If you're sittin' on the couch, you ain't hunting. Sittin' on the back porch, now, that is a different matter.

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  1. arizonian

    Any suggestions for RV gate install

    Smells like spam.
  2. arizonian


    Lee, Thanks for the tour and the conversation. We didn't knock any birds down, and it is disrespectful to talk about dead soldiers with the 9/11 anniversary upon us and Slo Mo Jo and the Ho pulling out of A-stan in the manner they did, but we left a few empties in the bin with room for a few more. Bill
  3. arizonian

    Caught peekin

    Once Joe is gone, we get the garden utensil (hoe).
  4. arizonian


    Red Budweiser is the best, followed by Tucson Blonde from Barrio Brewery.
  5. arizonian


    A bottled beer you are not familiar with. Honey, han' me som of dat Kuurs Laat.
  6. arizonian


    Don't have a smart phone so no apps, ON X or otherwise. I'd like to come out Sunday after church, probably would be there around noon. I'll be bringing red bud. Bronze 03 F250 Superduty. On edit, been most of the day w/o internet. Comcast screwed up somewhere and finally got us back on line 5:30.
  7. arizonian


    If I may be so bold, do you work for/on the Marley Ranch? Is the ranch controlled by the Pima County NR now? I have a few other questions that I will PM you if you see this post. Back on topic, I saw tanks with a lot of water and tall grass everywhere on the Marley Ranch today. Knocked down one dove, couldn't find it in the grass, so I put my gun away. If I continue dove hunting in these conditions I'll need to get a bird dog.
  8. Terry,

    Dove hunting tomorrow?


  9. arizonian

    Artificial velvet Application

    Does it look like Elvis?
  10. arizonian

    Looking for a new sleeping pad

    I just use a mattress from an old hide-a-bed. Sleeps two comfortably, me and my wife. Roll it up with two bungee cords. It's the last thing to go in the truck because it takes up a lot of room.
  11. arizonian

    Some prepper troll chit

    Anybody wanna bet how long before that "structure" rusts out and collapses? I'd give it 10 years tops.
  12. arizonian

    Chevy troubleshooting

    Check compression and connections at the coil(s) and at the injector(s) and look for corrosion (green crusties). I have used two bottles of Techron in a quarter tank of gas to help clean out the injector(s) and have had the money light go out. Doesn't work all the time, tho. Can you see the short term and long term fuel trims?
  13. arizonian

    Tree ID.

    Yup, I are an injuneer with an ideer. In a previous career, I was an arnworker.
  14. arizonian

    Where Am I?

    Got nothin for this one. Those are Joshua trees if my memory is correct. Close to Ajo? Why?
  15. arizonian

    Tree ID.

    Can't say for sure, reminds me of a sumac tree. I have plenty at my house and they are hard to kill. They send out rhizomes from a parent plant and pop up where you least expect them. If they find any source of water, good night!! I replaced an inground repipe repair, the old gray butyl tubing, with pex last year and the parent sumac sent rhizomes along the butyl tube all the way back to it's source. Since my rework, the parent sumac is suffering from drought because pex don't leak, pex don't weep, pex is here to stay and all the joints are tight. If it didn't rain, the sumac wouldn't survive, but you can say that of all trees. Thank God I don't have a septic system to worry about because a sumac will invade the leachfield and make your life miserable.