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    Engineer by necessity, welder by choice.
    I believe in Gun Control
    Gun Control: The Ability to consistently hit what you are aiming at.

    If you're sittin' on the couch, you ain't hunting. Sittin' on the back porch, now, that is a different matter.

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  1. arizonian

    Cowboy games

    Sure looks like the Rincons. Maybe a bit too much water, but I haven't hiked the whole mountain range. There is a post about the last grizzly in AZ killed by Ben Lilly in 1913. Wonder how much of Mutual of Omaha was staged. Coues Whitetail.com On edit, the last one may have been 1935. Tracking the last grizzly
  2. arizonian

    Getting into welding question

    CAID Industries in Tucson has there own "school". A lot of their projects need certified welders and walking in off the street with certs in hand means nothing. Any project that needs certs, and there are a bunch of different certs, the man will have to test and pass before they are allowed to strike an arc on a job. One nice thing that CAID does is allow the weldor to practice after work, they will supply all the material and have guidance from a CWI (Certified Weld Inspector) providing the welder has done the schoolwork and can pass the written test. Also, a welding test that has been passed means a bump in pay. Each upgrade, same thing. There are as many different types of certs as there are parent organizations (API, ASME, AWS to name a few) and types of welds (pipe, structural, pressure vessel, MIL spec, nuclear) and thicknesses. If you are welding for a living on any major project or series of projects, you will be tested again and again, so make peace with that and don't get frustrated. Even the best hand can have a bad day and blow a test. One part of welding that gets overlooked is vision. A vision test sometimes is required by an employer because if you can't see, you can't weld.
  3. arizonian

    Truck Paint Coating to Help Prevent AZ Pinstripe

    Wax it right before your trip for the best protection will help some. I finally gave up on mine.
  4. arizonian

    Where am I?

    Cuz I'm an A$$...
  5. arizonian

    Where am I?

    A pic like that and a story on... Farcebook? Sorry, not interested.
  6. arizonian

    Hiking boot selection, heel issues

    Heal: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/heal Heel: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/heel So, your heel won't heal?
  7. arizonian

    AC maintenance?

    One word... well, maybe two. Dog hair. We have two dogs and the "filter" didn't catch the dog hair and it got into the coils. What a freakin' nightmare. I built a box to install pleated filters that sealed around the edges and we have not had a problem since. I change them at least every two months. I'm not worried about a little dirt that gets past the filter, I'm worried about dog hair. Same with your refrigerator, clean the dog hair out of the coils and all is good.
  8. arizonian

    Where Am I?

    Yes. According to wiki, the bars were removed in '38 for a new jail in Benson. Courtland
  9. arizonian

    Where Am I?

    You are thinking of this building in Courtland.
  10. arizonian

    Where Am I?

    Bingo. I was born and raised in Tucson and I have never taken that road before. Willow Springs Rd. to Freeman Rd. to Camino Rio and points north. Talked to a rancher for a bit, that was the old school house.
  11. arizonian

    Where Am I?

    Where am I? Maybe 200 yds apart.
  12. arizonian

    Garage Door Technician needed

    Had a leaf dangling from a spider web that would kick the door back up when it got close to the bottom. That was the day I was educated about sensors. Could be something simple as that.
  13. arizonian

    Any suggestions for RV gate install

    Smells like spam.
  14. arizonian


    Lee, Thanks for the tour and the conversation. We didn't knock any birds down, and it is disrespectful to talk about dead soldiers with the 9/11 anniversary upon us and Slo Mo Jo and the Ho pulling out of A-stan in the manner they did, but we left a few empties in the bin with room for a few more. Bill
  15. arizonian

    Caught peekin

    Once Joe is gone, we get the garden utensil (hoe).