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    Engineer by necessity, welder by choice.
    I believe in Gun Control
    Gun Control: The Ability to consistently hit what you are aiming at.

    If you're sittin' on the couch, you ain't hunting. Sittin' on the back porch, now, that is a different matter.

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  1. arizonian

    Seemed like a good day

    I got a chance to work on the Bima, an ocean going dredge based in Nome, AK back in '90-91. That dredge delivered some gold. Owned by Westgold, the bottom shaft broke and they scrapped it. On edit, The Bima
  2. arizonian

    Streams of NM

    Supreme Court Won't Hear River Access Case. If you fish and hunt in NM and walk a stream into private land, the Supreme Court in on your side.
  3. arizonian

    Shipping container garage

    This guy must be the king of container building. Andrew Camarata Container building. A full blown castle from containers. Neighbor has a shop, one side is the conex, the other side is stick built, roof is sloped to the rear.
  4. arizonian

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    Lil' Abners is way overated for their prices. El Corral for prime rib is a much better deal for the money.
  5. arizonian

    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    Guillermo's Double L if you like Mexican. Another Mexican restaurant, El Guerro Canelo, for Saguaro Dogs. Great for a lunch. Taco Fish on 12th just North of Irvington. Great ceviche. Silver Saddle for an affordable steak, lunch or dinner. Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley.
  6. arizonian

    New world record long shot

    A dozen monkees on typewriters...
  7. arizonian

    Custom Holsters?

    Wade's Custom Kydex. Good ol' boy from Lubbock, TX
  8. arizonian

    Died and Went to Hillbilly Heaven

    OK, Tex Hillbilly Heaven
  9. arizonian

    The Myth of the Corn Fed Deer as Good Eats

    Processing! Don't include any bones in the meat, don't cut into the marrow and you will have a less gamey meat. Strip the carcass of meat (debone) and leave the bones for the coyotes. I'm not anywhere near an expert, just my personal experience.
  10. arizonian

    Calling Peckl1

    Just happened to see this before I start my chores. Heading that way tomorrow morn.
  11. arizonian

    Calling Peckl1

    Thanks , Lee. I'll give you a call tomorrow.
  12. arizonian

    Calling Peckl1

    Thanks, man.
  13. arizonian

    Calling Peckl1

    Terry, had to get a new phone, you know, the Gen3 thing being discontinued. Also, the Ford is in the shop with a faulty injector so I'm left with a 2wd Toyota. PM me his number and I'll put it in my contacts. You interested in heading that way?
  14. arizonian

    Calling Peckl1

    Lee, Are you still out on the Marley Ranch? Dove season is just around the corner and I thought I'd wander out that way. Bill
  15. arizonian

    Badgers, anyone?

    How 'bout a link to the story if it's on the net.