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    Shade structures for the hunt

    So over the years the oaks that provided shade have declined / died from drought and stress from whatever caterpillar that denudes them in 36B. On top of that we had a herd of cattle turn our spot into a barnyard when the ground was saturated and left the ground unusable for camping on. So we shifted 20 yards and have next to no shade. Wondering what portable shade you use and those who hunt 36B in October know how the wind blows. What stands up to it? Thank you in advance for comments.
  2. NYAZHunter

    36B success

    Arrived Tuesday , got set up , and then the rains came. Quite the downpour , some moisture inside as well. Wednesday morning sunshine . Coyotes were heard frequently and on a morning sit, 5 went by me about 20 ft away. The last one stopped to look at me. Sorry I didn’t get a pic. Ran into a herd (?) of coatimundi, 20 plus. Was surprised that the east side of 4186 burnt again. Had not known of a wild fire there this summer. F 35 flying , A10’s and border patrol helicopters. Spectacular moon rise and sun sets. Always a treat and pleasure to watch . Does were everywhere. Did not see a Buck until day 5 of my 6 days to hunt. 8:45 , he is walking down a draw and put him down at 174yds. As I watch him drop, I see a much larger /wider Buck go back up the mountain. Lesson learned, maybe glass behind the 1st Buck you see. My Buck was a 3 pt with a kicker on the right side on front side of brow tine. Drug him down the wash , about 3 hours back to camp and butcher up. I love this unit with or without a harvest. BTW, that is my happy , excited look.
  3. NYAZHunter

    Another year passed……

    I lost a lifelong friend in September of 22. He owned the cabin / property in New York with me and some others. We hunted New York together for 50 plus years and Arizona for almost 30 years. We saw the same things in the woods, the same references to places and things. We talked hunting 24.7.365. This past New York season was the 2nd at the cabin without him. It was not easier. There is an emptiness, a hole that memories do not quite fill . I’ve attached a few pix from this year in New York . Apologies for turned photos. May the new year be heathy and happy !
  4. NYAZHunter

    36B success

    I’m looking to be a paid endorser. After seeing Mikes trophy room , not much else to say.
  5. NYAZHunter

    Auto detailing

    Thank you. I’ll give him a call.
  6. NYAZHunter

    Auto detailing

    Some months ago someone posted referring an auto detailer would like to connect thank you
  7. (Disappointment) Well, no tag after 28 years. Other than a lucky as heck 36C, December tag for my 1st AZ hunt , they have all been early hunt ( Oct) in 36B. By choice as I love the unit , my friends come from the east coast and as a rule it is a 100% 1st choice and have often been left over tags . Been hunting with the boys for over 40 years on our acreage in the Catskills Mtns, NY. So imagine my surprise as the minutes became hours and then days and not getting that longed for credit card hit.. WTF. Me and 2 non res on the app ,first 2 choices with over 700 tags. So , I am in disbelief and then find out ( ignorance) that only 10 % of the tags can go to non res , Oops, how did I miss that ? ( sour grapes) Oh, it is buried in the fine print on page 96 at the end of the regs pamphlet. I see that was or should have been required reading for a dumb sh-t like myself. So , Ok ,it's all on me , you know, the need to take personal responsibility . Better fortune next year , however , ( the money grab) our fine AZGFD has made the non res hunters purchase a license for $160 that is worthless and non refundable . WTF x's 2 . Imagine , paying for the privilege for an opportunity to get a tag. There is no place in my mind that makes this ok. When a non res hunter comes to the state , he leaves a lot of dollars here. I guess that won't be happening with my friends again as I can't imagine they will be stupid enough to apply again and support the AZGFD cash grab. Sad for us to not share in the beauty of hunting Arizona again. New Az hunting motto for the non res : We are happy to take your money for the license and we do not care if you aren't drawn , cause we got your money anyway. Question: how long has the 10% rule been in effect?
  8. Gentlemen / Ladies , Remind me to think things through before posting. Mea culpa . Sad to sound like a petulant spoiled child . My apologies for coming off like a whiny a--clown. Good luck to all who drew.
  9. NYAZHunter

    Royal Slam Done!

    Congrats Bob, let me know when you get back.
  10. NYAZHunter

    Glassing w/ Duwane Adams

    Finally availed myself of Duwanes's glassing class this past Saturday with Duwane and son in law Nick. Great lessons learned and information taken in. Was amazed with the enthusiasm shown by the 2 of them. 3 plus hours of glassing deer , telling stories and talking hunting. I can't wait to put it all in practice. Put me down as a highly recommend.
  11. Not sure if true, heard Bass pro bought them. If so, sad. They’ve gotten my business since they opened. Not a fan of really big box stores
  12. NYAZHunter

    Looking for Sako .270 full stock

    Looking to take a step up from my Ruger RSI Thanks.
  13. NYAZHunter


    Yes, surprising quite a number
  14. NYAZHunter

    Vacation done.

    Bob, glad you had a great trip.
  15. NYAZHunter

    Polaris SxS tune up / service

    North phx. Any suggestions for service. Been told too busy. Not booking repairs rd/service for another 2 weeks. Shade tree mechanic okay as well . Heading for 36B on the 19th and would like to have it checked out. thanks in advance for any help. jim
  16. NYAZHunter

    Polaris SxS tune up / service

    . Spoke with him, all set for him to service. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. Never used chains- $75 Grill for camp chef cooker - $40 Turbo side burner /wok Burner -$40
  18. NYAZHunter

    Chains , grill &sideburner for sale

    Thanks for the follow up
  19. NYAZHunter

    Chains , grill &sideburner for sale

    I have used it on both. It goes over one burner north phoenix
  20. NYAZHunter

    SOLD PF --Vintage Spyderco Clip Knives

    Tony, I’ll take the straight blade if not spoken for.
  21. NYAZHunter

    Knife Recommendations

    I’ve had a Dawson for 20+ years. A great blade. $70 then, More than $300 today.
  22. NYAZHunter

    Red Letter day , a viable tag

    Tag arrived today. Always a moment of excitement thinking of the impending scouting and hunt. Sorry AZGFD litters the tag with paid advertisements. Good on them ?
  23. NYAZHunter

    Red Letter day , a viable tag

    Bob, hoping you are well. 2 guys coming.
  24. NYAZHunter

    Pool deck resurfacing

    Imagine Architectural Concrete 489-557-5533 i use them often peter is the owner. Tell him Jim from Sonoran Landesign recommended