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  1. Garryett

    Bear cub or no?

  2. Garryett


    Love my Lowa Camino GTX’s. But I wear a very large size and only have a few options to chose from. Heard about a lot of durability problems with Crispi’s lately... Can’t go wrong with Salomon’s great for most of AZ hunting.
  3. Garryett

    Post up your success in tags

    6a early archery.
  4. Portal is up for me now.
  5. Garryett

    Credit Card Hit

    Early archery 6A or 10 tag for me! Time for redemption of 2018
  6. Garryett

    Hoyt Double XL

  7. Garryett

    Tan Quivalizer

  8. Garryett

    Tan Quivalizer

    Tan Quivalizer for sale. $120 shipped. Paypal or Venmo
  9. Garryett

    Hoyt Double XL

    Bump $600
  10. Garryett

    Hoyt Double XL

    Bump, $650
  11. Garryett

    6b muleys

    Unit has severely declined in the past 4 years...
  12. Garryett

    Hoyt Double XL

  13. Garryett

    Hoyt Double XL

    Hoyt Double XL (BAREBOW) 70lbs 31-33” cams Minor scratches from regular use $750 tyd
  14. Did you get rid of this bow?

    1. Garryett


      Still available 

  15. Garryett

    FS-2017 PSE Decree HD Ti

    Still available, $425 no trades.