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  1. Garryett

    Kifaru Hoodlum vs 44 Mag

    I have a 44mag and really like it but the Hellbender or Stryker Xl are also on great picks!
  2. Garryett

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    One could buy almost 6- Slik 733’s for the price of that thing…. 🤡
  3. Garryett

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    🤔 typo?
  4. Garryett

    Monsoon Rain

    No deer in those units 🙈
  5. Garryett

    Best recommended PLB or satelite communicator

    Big fan of my Zoleo. Used it for 2 plus weeks in a remote area of the Yukon last year and it worked flawlessly. Seemed to work better and quicker for messaging than my dads garmin.
  6. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35

  7. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35

    Southern California
  8. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35

    Price drop. $500 shipped
  9. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35

  10. I also think this will lead to more hunter “conflict” in units with low OTC thresholds. You think guys with a few days to hunt to make the 5 tag threshold won’t be trying to screw others over on a stalks…
  11. They are going to loose a lot of money on this. Tag numbers are crazy low.
  12. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35

  13. Garryett

    PSE Evoke 35