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  1. She’s got a cooch of steel! I’ve torched more than a handful of t-shirts with cut off wheels! Guess I need to be protected from myself!
  2. Sky Island junkie

    Federal 209a primers

  3. Sky Island junkie

    Federal 209a primers

    Overpaid for 1500 of these just to secure them. I’m going to keep 500. $150 for the brick or I’d be willing to separate for $15 a sleeve. It’s what I paid. East of Benson.
  4. Sky Island junkie

    Frustrated By Potential Buyers

    All my dealings with members of this site have been positive. FB and Craigslist not so much. I sold a Sportsman 500 a few years ago that was listed to sell at $2500. Had many calls right away and the first guy was from 45 miles away in Tucson. The second guy lived only 2 miles away but I told him I’d let him know if it didn’t sell. The guy from Tucson decided my price was negotiable and wouldn’t give any more than $2000. I sent him on his way and called the second guy. The first guy showed back up without calling while I was doing the deal and then was willing to give full price. His wife proceeded to cause a scene calling me a dik and then he and his wife got into an argument over the whole deal. Then asked if I’d air up a trailer tire for them which I did but made them wait a good half hour while I was helping the purchaser. If you’ve had much experience selling online, you’ve probably met some real winners! If you’ve dealt squarely with someone then both parties know who the dik is and nothing more needs saying!
  5. Sky Island junkie

    2024 season dates?

    Guessing a week earlier than last years except for the late hunt
  6. Sky Island junkie

    Federal 209a primers

  7. Sky Island junkie

    Federal 209a primers

    Correction. West of Benson.
  8. Sky Island junkie

    4B OTC elk

    Dude you crack me the heck up! You’ve got to be the only one on any forum I’ve seen that doesn’t have spell or punctuation check! Or is it part of your shtick?😂
  9. Sky Island junkie

    Coop Coyote

    I would have been having to do some repairs to my shed!
  10. Sky Island junkie

    Credit Card hit thread

    heck yeah! I got 22 points!
  11. Sky Island junkie

    Alignment shops on the east side of town?

    I let a Big O in Phoenix do brakes on my 98 Chevy 2500 over 20 years ago. They’re the reason I’ve done my own brakes on every vehicle I own ever since as well as everything I can do myself. They didn’t install caliper bolts on driver side. Thank goodness the keepers kept the bolts on the caliper and i had the right tools to properly cinch them down 20 miles away.
  12. Sky Island junkie

    Let's see those side by sides!

    Back to air bags and lift kits!!
  13. Sky Island junkie

    Let's see those side by sides!

    Clutch kit?
  14. Sky Island junkie

    Let's see those side by sides!

    Mines the cabelas double rifle bag. I strap it to the back rack with 2 rubber bungees after gun goes in. Very secure and guns don’t move
  15. Sky Island junkie

    Let's see those side by sides!

    2018 General. Installed Super Atv offset A arms shortly after getting it so the 30s would fit. Built the rack and bumper. Love this thing. Does everything I need it to do.
  16. Sky Island junkie


    Biggest mistake I ever made as far as vehicles go was getting rid of my 69 bronco 25 years ago. Bought one last year for quadruple what I sold mine for in 98!
  17. Sky Island junkie

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    I definitely saw a reduced number of fawns in 2020 in my home unit. This last year’s monsoon for us was very similar to 2020 but our winter moisture was pretty decent last year so all the protein plants did very well all the way through fall. The mesquite put on a 3rd crop of beans and they along with all the acacia and fairy duster seemed to not miss a beat. Very deep rooters. I saw a pretty normal fawn drop this year in here
  18. Sky Island junkie

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    Ebbs and flows. The whitetail are more than fine. Very resilient. The side x side numbers and what some are doing with them sucks for sure but the critters are still there and probably very close. Just sneaky bastards. We were in an area 2 years ago 3 canyons and 2 miles over from the closest two track. One of us spotted 3 decent bucks feeding on a slope 200 yards below a road. Nothing we could do but glass them every once in a while. About an hour goes by and an atv pulls up on the road above them and they all three bedded. There were 4 guys who all set up no further 20’ from the rig. Those bucks just sat there the whole time.
  19. Sky Island junkie

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    Definitely an odd year as far as activity goes. We saw a normal number and age class of bucks,doe and fawns but had to find them. What was really strange to me was the high daytime activity during daylight hours during the full moon phase in October though. Despite the poor summer rainfall all the perennial shrubs and trees put on normal growth and podding where we were hunting. This winter precip is a life saver!
  20. Sky Island junkie

    Rocky point pier fishing advise

    I’ve fished salt water a whole 3 times so not real experienced. Twice off shore and one of those days was Rocky Point. Both times though I used like a 1 oz Kastmaster and had a ball. Nothing big but caught quite a few and felt I was somewhat ready with 20 lb Pline on a Calais and 7’ flippin stick. I don’t really have the patience for bait so can’t help there. Good luck!
  21. Sky Island junkie

    Classic car insurance

    We are insured by State Farm. I thought I’d have to go elsewhere for classic insurance for my 76 bronco but they insure it for a stated value of 45k and it costs us like $280 every 6 mos. Stipulations are had to have historic plates and can’t drive over 1000 miles a year. Have to take a pic of odo and sent to them once I year. FWIW
  22. Sky Island junkie

    Sprinkler System Installs?

    I referred Darren Spicer (Spicer Sprinkler works) for years when we got too busy. I always got good feedback from people he took care of for us. I haven’t talked to him in years but look him up. Worth a try unless there’s a member on here you can give the business to. Good guy
  23. Sky Island junkie

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    I’m not completely against the idea of the E tag but to me an “E” tag should be just that, totally electronic. I’m not sure how that happens? Maybe taking identifying pics and uploading to the app? I don’t know but this making our own tags out of whatever we have and affixing however seems like they don’t really care about the shenanigans that can happen in the field with tagged animals and more about saving money on postage and printing tags.
  24. Sky Island junkie

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    Not sure how “to eat “ came out as earring??
  25. Sky Island junkie

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    Go back to these. Tougher earring tag soup though!